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Hey! I really don't know what to put on my profile... So I guess the usual will have to do. I'm 14, and you can call me Hannah... And I'm a girl, if you haven't guessed already... I enjoy drawing, reading, writing and playing MMORGs... Thrilling right? I am in no way the life of the party, as they would say. My sense of humor is rather... odd. I have a few close friends, and I tend to stick to myself at school. I stand out, because I'm 5 feet and 11 inches... Can't really hide that, can I? I'm really a rather boring person, which as times is rather depressing... Can anyone say pathetic? I can! I like writing poems, and short story's, mostly about my dreams. I have odd dreams, like walking with my crush... and then I fell into some cactus which just happens to be in the middle of the road... Mortifying... and it was a dream! Anyway... I was home schooled for 3 and a half years, skipped a grade, and now I'm in high school! Soooo much fun... Really... My life is just thrilling...

Quote: You call yourself crazy, others call you insane. Fun right? :P

Quote: You have to stretch reality to make it believable.

Quote: I reject your reality, and substitute my own. From Myth Busters.

Skeleton Man

Skeleton Man you’re a skeleton key to the heart of me

To love you is to lay so still you are without a breath

Without a breath without a beat as I lay at your feet

A key to an open door also locks it tight

Skeleton Man, Skeleton Key, where can you be?

To open up my door again and let me free

Can you love a Skeleton Man, without a beat or breath

He waits for you with hollow eyes, never to say the words that bind you

Never to say the words that send you…

Hollow ribs hold no heart, empty voice does not sing

Loving is not for Skeleton Men and Keys alike

There is a door that only he can open for a mortal key is doomed to

Fail for no mortal may pass through the Skeleton door, to the plain

Where bones are like grass…

You do not wish it you do not see

What will be set free by that horrid Skeleton key…

You wish to see a Skeleton Key, hidden in plain sight?

Then look to his left hand three fingers to the right and you will never

See such a fright…


That was a poem I wrote about a necklace I found. I need help, don't I? Originally I wrote it on a type writer, but once I got back home I re-typed it on the computer...

The Color of Your Soul… Hannah

Blue- Calm, mellow, collected. Quiet and calm, a Blue Soul doesn’t need a large amount of people by their side constantly. A Blue Soul is mellow and collected by being quiet and respectful to others, and themselves.

Red- Haughty and loud. Rambunctious and arrogant. A Red Soul loves to have others around them, and enjoys being the center of attention in any crowd.

White- A White Soul is the color of a child’s Soul. Innocent to the core and they seem to see the world through ‘White Eyes’ meaning they see only the good, and can’t understand the bad. A White Soul is something so precious, and yet, it is lost to everyone someday.

Black- A Soul lost to feeling.

Yellow- Sunny and bubbly, a Yellow Soul is always slightly foolish.

Crimson- Consumed by lust, the Crimson Soul thinks only of themselves.

Brown- A Brown Soul can only admire the good in others, and can never see it in themselves. Therefore, a Brown Soul is always jealous, and constantly looking for a way to fit in. They never see that they are perfect just the way they are. Sadly, a Brown Soul is often prone to hating other Souls, feeling intimidated by their confidents.

Purple- A slightly depressed Soul; Purple is constantly seeing the bad in themselves and has a very hard time finding good in the world.

Pink- Bubbly and kind, and Pink Soul loves to make friends, and almost never has a negative thing to say about others.

Turquoise- A mischievous Soul, Turquoise loves to play pranks, and has a very sharp wit; often leaving their victim’s to wonder what just happened. A Turquoise Soul is the luckiest of all the Souls, and they are often confused with Purple Souls, because their wit can often be very dry or dead pan.

Maroon- A Soul slightly mixed with Red and Brown, this Soul is just confused, and needs a guide in the world. A strong hand to lead them on the right path, otherwise less pure intending Souls will come along, and guide this Soul onto a Purple Path.

Dark Blue- This Soul has a dry wit, often dead panning. While some Souls do not understand, there are a few, such as a Rosy-Blue Soul which will come along, and get along almost perfectly. A Dark Blue Soul tends to keep to its self, preferring to watch, rather than interact. They hate having the spot light shine on them, and prefer to remain in the shadows. Sometimes a Dark Blue Soul will have a strong will, and assert their preference’s/dislikes. Most of the time, a Dark Blue Soul is painfully truthful, and often very blunt. Because of this, many Souls get the wrong impression.

Rosy Blue- A calm and collected Soul, the Rosy Blue Souls do not need many friends, and are content with the ones that come along. But, they happen to be very friendly, and are wonderfully social. Even though they happen to make friends easily, they stick by their true friends, often forming bonds that last through their life time.

Rust- A Soul that is rustic, and truthful. They are always strong, mentally and physically. They don’t promote friendly behavior, and often frighten passer-byers. They enjoy asking questions about others, while keeping their past a mystery. Not particularly social, this Soul likes to be the center of attention, while at the same time, reveals nothing about themselves. Often frustrating, a Soul that wants to get close must work hard to get through that hard ‘Rustic’ exterior. Almost always, this hard, Rustic exterior is hiding a soft heart.

Light Blue- A light and airy Soul, a Light Blue loves to be around others, but is always the quite one, listening and nodding. They often help other Soul in feeling good about themselves. A Light Blue Soul is a perfect Soul to help a Purple find their way.

Hot Pink- A Soul that is conceded, but in truth, just hasn’t found their way, and isn’t sure what to do. So, they often follow others, and learn from the examples that their role models set for them.

Green- A Green Soul is also a very lucky, and enjoys being around nature. While they keep to themselves, they still have friends, and enjoy hanging around others and making them feel good.

Orange- This Soul is always confident, and helps others through hard times. They provide with excellent leaders, and inspire many with their ideas and confidents.

Magenta- This Soul is always loud, demanding attention. While they may get the attention that they desire, they often come by it in a way that shuts them off to other Souls, making it hard to understand them. While there are a few Souls, such as the Light Blue Soul, that can stand to be around them, it is still hard. They often brag about themselves, and sometime copy other Souls, taking on their facial expressions and body language, trying to fit in.

Carmel- This Soul is sometimes hopelessly romantic, and sweet. They often switch crushes from one person to the next, never really making up their mind.

Skeleton- A Skeleton Soul is a Soul who has had their heart broken, and has a hard time feeling anything. Although some people would consider this Soul a Purple, it is not. They are so past feeling, that they can’t even feel depressed. Blank and monotonous, this Soul has a hard time trusting and is afraid to feel the love of friendship of another, believing that they will one day betray or leave them.

Dog- A Soul that is so loyal, it’s laughable. They will stick by your side to the bitter end, never once wavering. They always have the utmost faith in their friends, and endeavor to better themselves, and the world around them. A Dog Soul is the perfect match for a Skeleton Soul, for they will make them feel wanted, and safe. A Skeleton Soul may eventually open up to this Soul, provided it is given time.

Another thing I wrote... Which one are you? I own it, I didn't copy it and it came from my mind only! Now, if anyone really reads profiles (I do, but I'm weird...) then congratulations on reading through all that, and there's more to come! Yay! >.>

Dreams are Fake

Oh, the dreams I see, the dreams I feel…

Why can’t they be real?

If only I could escape

Into a dream of wondrously magical proportions…

But I can’t, much to my everlasting disappointment

So I must stay, and face the World, who is forever trying to tare me down

But in this World, I may find magical things

Friendship… Love… Family

Those things can never be found in a dream, no matter how they are thought up

Or how gifted the dreamer is in dreaming…

So I shall persevere to endeavor

And forever look to the good in the World, which can only be found by seeing the bad

No matter how one may hurt me, I must always stay on my feet, lest I give the World a chance to tare me down, when I am oh-so ready to move forward…

So what can I say besides I shall stay

In this World of pain and sadness… But it is also a World of love, and happiness

And that alone can give me the will to go on and take my breath…

But that is what a Young and foolish woman has to say on the matter of living and breathing

Only you can truly say how you feel, and know what is going on in your life… How will it help, if you can only see the bad? In people and the World…

A amount of patients and confidants is needed in any life, no matter how small…

So always remember what a foolish young woman said, in the matters of life and love

And one day you to

Will find love and happiness

Hannah. To anyone who is still reading at this point (which is highly unlikely) Thank you.

Girl: Do I ever cross your mind?

Boy: No

Girl: Do you like me?

Boy: No

Girl: Do you want me?

Boy: No

Girl: Would you cry if I left?

Boy: No

Girl: Would you live for me?

Boy: No

Girl: Would you do anything for me?

Boy: No

Girl: Choose--me or your life

Boy: My life

The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says...

The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind.

The reason why I don't like you is because I love you.

The reason I don't want you is because I need you.

The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left.

The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you.

The reason why I'm not willing to do you anything for you is because I would do everything for you.

The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.

If you find this incredibly cute and touching, copy and paste it into your profile

98 percent of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy and paste this in your profile

Now then! Everyone having fun? No? Well, to bad for you...

Your favorite type of music... I don't have a fav type.

Your favorite color... Clear. (I got called into the principles office for saying that on a Student of the Month form.)

Your sign... Stop. (I haven't had a chance to use that one yet... But I will! You should to ;P)

What you do under pressure... I get all cold and icy towards people... Weird right?

Your favorite quote... You call yourself crazy, others call you insane. (Favorite quote of all time! Made up right here in my very home! I'm so proud!)

You are best at what... Oh gosh... I'm not sure I'm best at anything... Maybe listening?

What makes you weird... I'm 5'11, calm, I don't need to talk to people non-stop. I have an odd sense of humor...

How people react to your humor... Most of the time they sit there looking at me like I was crazy, or as they think, insane. Then I explain, and there's that moment of awkward silence when they get it and laugh... Yeah...

What people do when you become hyper... They look at me funny. I'm very calm and collected most of the time. When I get hyper, I wiggle my foot really fast, and tap my hands on my desk... I did that today (2/9/12) I'm sure I was twitching... Just to top it all off.

Animal you became obsessed with... Shark. Which one? All of them. I have three shark teeth (at least) on my person at all times.

Weirdest moment that happened within the last 24 hours... (2/9/12) Someone asked the teacher if they finished their homework early, if they could turn it in. I turn around, and said with a dead serious face, "NO! You have to wait until Tuesday!" Tuesday is when the homework was due. He just looked at me, and I said I was kidding, and he laughed and said I had a serious joking face. I told him that was the point.

What you said when someone asked your name... An almost-conversation at school, it went like this! "Your name is Hannah, right?" "No! Its Bob!"

How old you feel, v.s how old you are... I feel like I should at least be 15, but nooooo, a higher power decided I should be 14.

Have you ever had surgery... On my toe... Oh yeah, they have that. Hurt like hell, I can say that much. Seven needles to one toe never, ever feels good.

How someone mispronounced your name... H-o-na... I mean really? Where did they even get that?

What people thought you were named... Rebecca, Becky.

What's the oldest people believed you were... Collage age... You do the rest. A friend of my friend thought I was her friends counselor...

Your favorite(s) MMORPG... Lord of the Rings Online, Perfect World International and Dungeons and Dragons Online. (I don't own them, or the names.)

I love music. I listen to music when I read, when I draw, when I do homework and when I'm gaming. I love to draw, and I've got some talent, I guess. When I paint, its always abstract.

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