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A Bit About Me

Hi I'm a university student entering into my 5th year of a 6year double degree. I'm Canadian who is stuck on writing and reading as such expect to see Canadian spellings such as honour and colour and the posibillity of some slang you may or may not recognise slipping in.

I'm studing physics and geology and it takes up a lot of my time as the courses are quite rigerous. Thus, please forgive me for slow updates. I will be spending the three months of my summer school break (June-August) working in South-Eastren Brittish-Columbia doing some geological mapping in the mountains. We will be moving around lots and will only rarely have an internet conection as such I will not be posting at all through those month although I hope to get some writting done for Stillness which I have been neglecting through out the school year. I also hope to work on A Not So Robin Hood.

Some Favorites

Favorite books of all times: Anything from Middle Earth!

Favorite series of all times: Symphony of the Ages (Elizabeth Haydon), Chronicles of Narnia, Cosmic Trilogy, O.R. Mellings' Chronicles of Faery

Favorite Movies: LotR (of course), The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Spectacular), Ever After, Princess Bride, Phantom of the Opera, the Anne of Green Gables Movies, New Waterford Girl,

Favorite T.V. Shows: Royal Canadian Air Farce, This Hour has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report, Rick Mercer, Talking to Americans

Favorite Tea: Mint

On the Harry Potter Front

General Notes

Lily Evans and Hermione Granger are my favorite Harry Potter characters.

With the 7th book's release I was very disappointed with the H/G and Hr/R pairing. There is no way Ron is good enough for Hermione, yes sometimes opposies attract but seriously this is rediculous. I have always liked H/Hr because Harry is just barely good enough for her. I loved the idea of Ron/Luna because Luna has an obvious crush on Ron in book five and she could be able to handle him I think without constant arguments as is seen with him and Hermione. I also love Ginny/Draco because Ginny like Draco has been forced to work for the dark side against her will and I always thought that she could bring Draco to the light side. Also I thought they were a bit well matched in terms of vanity.


As of May 2008:

I have recieved a number of reviews expressing a displeasure about my discontinuation of my story Invisible. I started writting this story before Order of the Phoenix was published. The last two books in the Harry Potter saga through me through a loop. Also, at 17 I looked a the world in a very different way then I do now at 22. Actually, to tell you the truth I find Invisible rather shallow now that I look back on it. In the end Lily and James will get together (they have to don't they) and be very happy, at least for the time they have left. I don't intend on starting this story again although if someone really wanted to adopt it let me know.

A Shadow of A Story

As of April 2007:

I hope to continue this story although at the moment I am way to busy with "In the Silence Between Moments" and "A Not So Robin Hood". I will work on it from time to time though, however it will probably be edited and change to include the information from the sixth book as well as that in the seventh when it is released before it is done so once again I ask for you patience. I have begun to work on it but nothing very concrete has yet been put on page.


As of June 2006:

Linked is a one-shot fic and will not be updated. I hope you enjoy it and you are free to imagine up what Hermione might do with Sir Nicholas's advice.

On The Middle-Earth Front

I'm a Tolkien purist who will quite happily dig through the Histories of Middle Earth books to find little facts if it will keep my work closer to canon. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the movies as they deviated from canon so much however I do understand the film makers necessity to do so, plus they are pretty much spectacular. What I hate however are fics that blatantly destroy Tolkien's works. I read one where Aragorn was Isildur's grandson, or another where the battle of Dagorlad occured in the first age or another where Rohirrim joined the last Alliance. Those just set my teeth on an edge!

In the Stillness Between Moments (Nominated for the 2006 Middle Earth Fanfiction Awards)

As April 2007:

This is going to be a very long story. I have an outline of about 65 chapters presently and I know that I still have alot of ground to cover once they are done. Please feel free to critic what I have posted thus far, I will take you reviews into consideration as I will be editing and reposting chapters as I improve them. There was a major editing done to the seventh chapter to reduce the number of Nargothrim in the refugee camp at Nan-Tathen. This was done to ensure the continuity of plot line yet to incorperate the fact (as I was reminded by my Beta) that no survivors of Nargothrond were mentioned in Tolkien's works.

This story is a huge project for me. I am trying to remain as true to Tolkien's works as is humanly possible and I can guarantee this is NOT a Mary Sue. Because of the complexity of this story (will span multiple ages of Middle-Earth history) please be patient about updates. I'm looking sor new betas both for content and spelling and grammer.

A couple of issues that have been brought up in reviews for Stillness:

Lembas: The making of the elven bread was a gift given to them by Yavanna. The Noldor brought to Middle-Earth the speacial grain from which it was made. It was tradition that it was made by the highest lady in an elven settlement. Thus, in the case for the Lothlim it was made by Idril, who would have been the Lady of that city after the passing of Aredhel.

The Confusion of the Legolas's: In the second book of lost tales there is an elven warrior of the house of the Tree of Gondolin named Legolas. He was said to be keen of sight and was one of the leaders of the Lothlim when they escaped from the city. Also remember Gondolin was the only Noldorin city in Beleriand where pure Valinorin Quenya was spoken. All records of that city were put down in Sindarin thus all the names were Sindarinised. The Quenya form of Legolas is Laiqualasse. Legolas of Mirkwood will play a minor role much later on in this tale, and there is a conection between Legolas of Mirkwood and Laiqualasse of Gondolin, but you will have to guess what it is until I tell you.

Eruanna's Mortality: Eruanna is human she will continue to be both mortal and human through out this story. There is a chapter that has already been written where the circumstances surrounding Eruanna's arrival and existance in Middle-Earth but unfortunately its not planned for release for another five chapters or so. I'm not going to tell you anymore, just to keep you in suspence.

The Crowning of Thranduil: If I remember what I have read properly Thranduil's father was Oropher and Oropher died in the battle of Dagorlad.If anyone knows for sure if this is incorrect please tell me. Again the process of Thranduil's comming to Mirkwood will be dealt with later in the story but I will say that he will not be crowned King until his father dies.

List of Canon Characters who have or will make an appearance in Stillness (not complete):

Glorfindel, Tuor, Idril, Earendil, Laiqualasse, Thranduil, Elwing, Cirdan, Elrond and Elros, Maglor, Meadhros, Galadriel, Celeborn, Gil-Galad, Eonwe, Amaroth, Nimrodel, Celebrian, Oropher, Celebrimbor, Sauron (in his Annatar form), Elendil, Isildur, Meneldil, Valandil,Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen, Arvendui, Gandalf, Finarfin, Olwe, Earwen, Este, Varda, Manwe, Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Gimli, Legolas (of Mirkwood), and probably any number of others whom I have neglected to name but I know that all of the above willhave at least a small speaking role.


April 2006:

This is just a little ficlet I wrote sometime ago and desided to edit and post. It was just some Elariel mussings put on paper. when I was in a depressed mood about the state of humanity. Sever human bashing is what this story is really. I also have a Maglor one partially completed that may or may not get finished and posted, we'll see.

Where the Shadow Lies

April 2004:

This one of my favorite pieces of my writting, if I may say so myself and is also my first fanfiction that I ever posted here. I hope you enjoy it. This is the only piece that I have ever written from Arwen's perspective as I have not been able to place myself in her mind frame in a very long time.

Original Fiction

If you like reading original fiction I post short stories and poetry on fictionpress.net under the name Reflections in the Water .

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