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Effects of Resistance: SRPA.NET Expanded Edition (WIP)


Founded in late 1976 after the events known as the Cloven Year and the dissolution of the United Nations. Like its predecessor, the Dominion is recognized as the sole government and state for the human species.

GOVERNMENT: A unique form of autocracy, the Dominion is head by the Office of the Princeps, which holds near absolute power over state. The Princeps is elected from and bound to the laws passed by the Decemvirate, the legislative and judicial branch of government.

The Dominion government has direct control over most human institutions. All citizens are employed by public interests and in return all citizens are given a set allocation of capital, regardless of social standing or place of work. This is done in the interest of solidarity and cohesion, as civilian pursuits are considered secondary to the interests of the public and military. In a real sense, the state and the people are considered a single entity.

CULTURE: The entirety of the Dominion and its citizens is based upon concepts of socialism: the deferment of the individual in favor of the group. Every single citizen of adult age is considered either an active or reserve soldier. Children are raised solely by their parents until the age of 5 solar years, when they are enrolled in a nation-wide program known as Youth Corps , and schooled in all manner civil and martial subjects. Military discipline is standard at these Academies. At this point they are considered a ward of the state and while parents still may maintain contact, it is stressed that the parent must treat the child as a young citizen of the Dominion first and as their child second.

While the primary and secondary economic sectors have been for the most part phased out of the human sphere, if a person does not occupy the 1st or 2nd Military Tiers some manner of employment or service is required. Many take up the disciplines of the humanities and are encouraged to do so by the government and citizenry at large.

The extremely low population of the human species versus its need to realistic compete with a perceived hostile galaxy has resulted in the heavy usage of automation in all sectors, from manufacturing to child rearing. An example includes the use of EUFI (extra-uterine fetal incubation) which has become prevalent amongst the Dominion populace.

A truly egalitarian society, the expectations and requirements of all citizens no matter sexual orientation or gender are the same. In some cases, such as the general physical inferiority of pre-Ascension human females, inherent inequalities have been corrected through the use of pervasive genetic engineering. Historical human concepts that encouraged divisive attitudes, such as gynocentrism, have also been discouraged to the point that they are unfamiliar to modern society.

MILITARY: The Dominions military is divided into three branches; the 1st tier Active Duty consists of both Fleet and Marine personnel and contains the smallest portion of citizenry. The 2nd tier Forward Reserve, which despite the name undergo monthly training exercises, including simulator programs. The 2nd tier consists of citizens who are candidates for active service as the military expands and potential activation in the event of losses within active forces. The 3rd Tier Stationary Reserve consists of the remaining portion of citizens who undergo bi-yearly training and are considered to be true reservists, only to be called in the event of necessity. Despite this, much of Dominion life is centered on military service and every citizen considers themselves as combat-ready soldiers.

The state of affairs in the culture and society of the Dominion in relation to military service and expectations, alongside the concept of the Youth Academy, is described as the 'Agoge' in reference to Ancient Spartan child rearing and military customs.

Retirement from Active Duty is rather rare. By 2039 over half of the 1st tier personnel have been active duty for more than forty years.

In the face of the chronically low human population (Approximately 27 million circa 2039) robotic drone technology has filled the gap to a large extent, performing most supporting roles required in a professional standing military, including reconnaissance, air and armor support. This has significantly decreased strain on the human population and allowed the standing military to more ably expand.

BIOTECHNOLOGY: In 1978, one year after the founding of Dominion, the Batia-Atklin Genetic Ascension Act was passed into law, initially requiring the screening of unborn fetus for genetic abnormalities for correction. However by 1995 the law had undergone numerous revision to the point that all citizens were required to undergo a certain amount of genetic therapy and enhancement before, during and after birth. Over the course of the ensuing decades all humans became stronger, faster and more intelligent than all but the most gifted of the pre-Ascension humanity. Still enhancement technology is strictly controlled by government interest, and a hereditary deviation from the baseline is illegal.

Initial reactions the Act was mixed, but as time passed the numerous advantages posed by the enhanced became evident, and with laws passed that banned the reproductive rights of the non-enhanced, the anti-genetic engineering movement has mostly died out by 2039.

Although technology not a form of genetic enhancement Phoenix Treatments, based on the function of the XR-42 Phoenix; which is theorized to produce a chimeran derived bioplasm that restores human tissues and DNA down to the sub-cellular level has allowed the especially old to fully benefit from the full benefits of Gen-Eng where otherwise the treatments may have come too late. Besides these rare cases however, no human is currently old enough that Phoenix Treatments are considered strictly necessary for the purposes of life extension in light of the increased life spans brought on by Bio-Technology.

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