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Name: That shouldn't be important to you...

Age: 18 as of a date in March

Sex: With you...? Oh my gender is male

Pardon my spelling, spell check doesn't work on fanfiction servers I guess. It also doesn't tell I me if it spelled wrong. Sorry fans who don't come here and read this.

Manga/Anime I like (in some semblance order): Naruto, One Piece, Reborn, Hunter X Hunter, Fairy Tail, Hellsing, Baccano, Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Durarara!, Kill la Kill, Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood, Psycho Pass, Bleach, Samurai Champloo, Attack on Titan, Gurren Lagan, Fate/Zero (not Fate Stay Night, never Fate Stay Night) and to a lesser degree Sekirei, Darker than Black, Death Note, Highschool DXD, Claymore, A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun, Blue Exorcist, and Sword Art Online (harem animes generally have vapid main characters)

On a separate note to all the people who have given me challenges, something that I find very flattering, I write Naruto based fanfiction if you couldn't tell from my existing works or my favorites. Please stop asking me to write stories I don't want to do.

Games I like (in no order): Skyrim, Mass Effect Trilogy, Fallout series, Borderlands, the Assassin's Creed series, Metroid, Pokemon, Star Wars: KotOR I and II, (certain) Final Fantasy games, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Kingdom Hearts, and Halo games 1,2,3, Blazblue, Saint's Row, Dishonored, to a lesser degree than the others Super Mario games, Soul Calibur, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Street Fighter

Music I like (in no real order either): Breaking Benjamin, Of Mice and Men, The Offspring, Hollywood Undead, RED, Eminem, Kanye, Foster the People, Thousand Foot Krutch, Stratovarius, Circa Survive, Korn, Sick Puppies, Il Niño, Bullet for my Valentine, Skillet, Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, and Disturbed

Movies of which I am a fan: too many to count. The only thing I do more than read fanfiction is watch movies.

TV shows I find to be great: Psych (fucking awesome, and in my opinion, the best show of all time), Parks and Recreation, The Office, Arrow, NCIS, X-Men Evolution, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Spectacular Spider-man, Archer, The League, Young Justice, Justice League

Future Projects: these will not affect my current stories that much, certain stories will become prioritized and others will be given a back seat. I do not abandon stories; if I don't like them then they disappear.

Naruto/Skyrim: Legends of the Fourth Age- I really like the game, there's a lot to do and fantastic story arcs. However, I plan on not making it a "one character centric" tale. It will involve several main characters; each filling out part of the various quest lines.I even have the first chapter written.


Naruto/Kingdom Hearts: Universal Hearts- a two part idea; one I have a ton of crossovers I would love to do, but either their stories aren't very complete or I don't have the time so a video game which is based on crossovers is perfect. Problem is the (already) confusing storyline of the games and adding in new arcs and characters is not easy.

Naruto/Marvel- True Heroes Never Die: i have promised this story to a lot of people and I plan on making it my crowning achievement since it's been my dream to work for Marvel since I was a kid. That being said is it's still developmental as there are storylines I want to do but that clashes with other stories I want or power levels I would need. I might just scrap the classic Marvel storyline and make my own, like what the movies or television shows do.

Top Ten Anime Protagonists:

1. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden) - kind of nostalgia, kind of impressed, kind of my mission statement. I talk a lot more about it lower on the page. What gets me is the development throughout the series, it is not overt as a complete overhaul and follows a interesting progression reflected by the various fights and arcs in the series as well as the development of other characters. The stupid, mischevious kid grows up and then he becomes ninja Jesus. Pretty simple right?

2. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) - I like Zoro. He is all kinds of amazing and never quits. He has complete, almost fanatical loyalty, to where he is willing to sacrifice his own life for Luffy and is still respectful towards Kuma towards his action. That being said, he also does not get too big and falls into the antics of the crew or his own tendency to get lost. The balance of badass and silly Strawhat gimicks keeps him from falling to a Gary-Stu point because he is that cool, which is impressive to me. Finding that thin line for a perfect character is quite difficult.

3. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Beebop) - what can I say that millions of internet comments everywhere else have already said?

4. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) - I don't love Luffy, but his importance cannot be denied. I also like the fact that I can watch Luffy and know that he is never going to change.

5. Alucard (Hellsing) - iconic, he is an anime icon. He actual does very little as a character and one could say that he is pretty much a Gary-Stu, but that doesn't take away from the lasting impression one gets from him. He is an immortal vampire with two hand cannons who plays around with Nazis before brutally massacring them. He doen't change but he doesn't need to since that is fucking amazing.

6. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) - probably only so low due to hairline differences and I have switched these places of 3 to 6 like ten times already. Another character I talk about lower down on the page.

7. Tsunayoshi Sawada (Reborn) - if Naruto's change is more subtle than Tsuna's is not. Let me say that in general, I dislike weak and cowardly characters, but something is different about Tsuna. He goes from a kid who is scared of a Chihuaha, probably spelled wrong but fuck it, to a Mafia Boss. What's even more amazing is that you end up rooting for him against Mukuro, Xanxus, Byakuran, etc. He just gets to you and you do not realize it until the fight is over and he does something pathetic.

8. Space Dandy (Space dandy) - a funny and unique character that made me feel real people emotion like laughing and no joke I almost cried at the end, and I haven't cried in like 8 years so this would have been a big deal. I wish the series would have gone on longer, but it made its point. even if it is a completely depressing one.

9. Shizuo Heiwaijima (Durarara!) - characters built on contradictions are always good. The inherent contradiction means that no matter what they are doing there will always be conflict for them to develop through and Shizuo represents that well. Whether it is a comdey scene or an epic fight with his hated rival, he shows a fleshed out and complex static character you can rely on not changing.

10. Kamina (Gurren Lagan) - is only this low for being around for... 8 episodes? He has a giant sword, completely ridiculous catch lines, and sunglasses with a red cape. That's all you need to know about Kamina.

Top Ten Anime Villains:

1. Pain (Naruto Shippuden) - the best villains think they're heroes. IGN has a list of the 100 greatest comic book supervillains and number one is Magneto with the Joker being number two (sorry butt hurt Batman fans) and the reason is their reason to fight. Pain is a very good anime adaption of this concept. He has a god complex as well as a complete disregard for human life because he believes his dream is more important; this tenant, as well as other established motifs such as the same teacher and the same family, actually makes Pain the perfect foil to Naruto. The reason he is number one is because he is not only a sinister reflection of the series' protagonist, but the best villain archetype.

2. Aizen (Bleach) - Aizen is the archetype for intelligent super masterminds. The difference between all others that will appear after him is they lack his plethora of incredible powers coupled with Macchivellian plots and deceptions that would make Loki jealous. He has left a mark on all anime fans and took Bleach from a decent anime to a legend.

3. Byakuran (Reborn) - is incredibly original. His special power is accumalted knowledge from all his alternate universe counteparts, or essentially omniscience, and to top it off: a dosing of being powerful, though complete with actual drawbacks, the best death related soliquoy since Shakespeare, great character design, and winning personality. Then he appears later as a more heroic version of himself too? Awesome.

4. Shogo Makishima (Psycho Pass) - award for being hands down the smartest villain in a realistic setting. He has Light Yagami level intellect but unlike all other anime geniuses with their own patchwork abomination philosophies, he has real quotes and real ideas to back up his very real actions. A lot of anime villains are portrayed as charismatic and intelligent, but many of those same villains exist in unrealistic settings, but not Shogo. He talks about very real human interaction; they relate him to a leader of leftist or rightist political groups or terrorist organizations. He is so impressive because he is so very real.

5. Crocodile (One Piece) - another solid foil to the series' hero, Crocodile says he was much like Luffy though life turned him into the ruthless man we have all come to see. A lot of the other Shichibukai (namely Moriah but Doflamingo touches on it as well) comment on this idea too, but Crocodie was the first. He is also the antagonist to defeat Luffy the most, three times, before being defeated himself. Then he goes straight renegade for life and trounces around Impel Down and The Whitebeard War doing whatever he pleases because he can.

6. Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero) - is power. He is completely over the top with abilities and techniques because he has spears that function as magical missiles, can teleport (?), can apparently destroy whole realities, and then he has all kinds of other powers that aren't as touched upon like genius intellect and charisma. I also really liked his honor too (as little as it appeared) but it made him seem more like a king.

7. Dio Brando (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) - very similar to the name above. the big difference being that Dio loses. First to JoJo I but he evens that score by taking his body then he gets killed so... Yeah, he's great and powerful, charismatic and cunning, but that does not make him a winner.

8. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter) - is creepy as fuck. Clowns as a general rule are creepy add the fact that he is a serial killer and gets (very and explicitly) aroused when speaking about opponent, even if they are children, then you have a promising villain. Hisoka is not a dominant character though. He isn't as powerful as others, though he is more creative with his abilities, and that weakens his stock.

9. Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece) - Doflamingo is amazing. He's batshit crazy, intelligent, has an interesting backstory, creative powers, and a unique design. Except for the part where is a rip from the Joker, you know the Batman villain. Honestly, it is as bad as Final Fantasy XII being Star Wars. When you borrow heavily from others, that cuts your aptitude as a villain because you become predictable.

10. Cell (Dragonball Z) - ehh. DBZ is a flawed masterpiece so it figures that its villain I find most impressive is as equally masterful and flawed. Cell is powerful, hella creepy, and combines all the cunning of Piccolo, the rage of Vegeta, the ruthlessness of Frieza, and the battle lust of Goku (the main aspects of the series' most prominent characters).

Top Ten Anime Characters who aren't necessarily Protagonists:

1. Claire Stanfield (Baccano) - perfection, a character literally so cool he can defeat immortals. He just does shit in such a cool way like proposing to a woman he just met on top of a moving train, covered in blood. In a series that is based on characters with mental disorders, he who is based on Solipsism syndrome is bound to stand out.

2. "Red-hair" Shanks (One Piece) - kind of sad that this is how Oda sees himself. It would be like me portraying myself as a complete badass who just rolls in money, booze, and women. Still though, he is very cool. Sacrificing a dominant hand is not something one does lightly, especially for one kid who just met like a week ago. Shanks is so cool, Hiro Mashima copied him as the Gildarts character.

3. Whitebeard (One Piece) - definition of old man strength, Whitebeard just runs around punching shit and then he dies magnificently.

4. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter) - Killua should be the main character instead of Gon... I mean it is kind of heading that way since the fanbase all wants Killua to be but he is a much better character. Hunter X Hunter is a pretty great series and Killua is a big reason for this.

5. Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail) - Laxus is hardly unique, he is not much different than Vegeta or Gaara or Renji or Hiei or tons of vormer villains turned heroes in shounen. To me he stands out because he speaks really interesting lines throughout the series and has a kind of standoffish and neutral view of things.

6. Gaara no Subaku (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden) - Gaara made the biggest 180 in bad guys turned good guys. He went from straight up serial killer to allied military leader to chill best friend. That being said he fits in really well into whatever role, he was an amazing serial killer and then when he appears in Shippuden he made solid use of his new role as best friend and Kazekage.

7. Gin Ichimaru (Bleach) - Gin was a great plot twist. He has clever ideas and clever uses of his powers. A lot of people hate him and it is not hard to see why, but I don't. To me, he was a highlight in the series when it was starting to get trite.

8. Jiraiya (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden) - another not so original character idea, Jiraiya is essential Naruto's Roshi. However, his death at the hands of Pain reignited the series into a game changer all over again. Jiraiya now stands alone as a new icon for shounen to come; his death will be his legacy.

9. Killer Bee (Naruto Shippuden) - honestly Killer Bee might be the most original anime character in the history of manga and anime. A rapping ninja who suffered at the hands of loneliness and hate. Who does not like a rapping ninja? Oh did I mention the most beautiful fighting style I have ever seen? That too.

10. Gajeel Redfox (Fairy Tail) - he's cool, he's well designed, and he has his own niche in Fairy Tail's weirdness/fanservice/fight scenes. It's kind of hard not to like Gajeel. That and he and Pantherlily make hands down the best partnership in the series. It's built on manly respect and fighting.

My Top Ten Video Game Protagonists:

1. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect Trilogy)

2. Master Chief (Halo Series)

3. Solid Snake (Metal Gear series)

4. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

5. Garret Hawke (Dragon Age II)

6. Lucina (Fire Emblem)

7. Dante (Devil May Cry)

8. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

9. Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite)

10. Claire 'Lightning' Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)

My Top Ten Video Game Antagonists:

1. Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

2. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

3. Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)

4. GLaDOS (Portal)

5. Xemnas (Kingdoms Hearts II)

6. Wesker (Resident Evil)

7. Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda)

8. Akuma (Street Fighter)

9. Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

10. Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat)

Warning!!: there is an upcoming section where I put out my thoughts on video games, anime, or fanfiction in general. I welcome all opinions, I kind of have to it is the internet, and if you disagree then you can send me a PM and we can hash it out like gentlemen (or gentlewomen).

Final Fantasy XIII: probably the most loved or hated game in the series and... I can see why. It has some real boners of characters *cough* Hope and Vanille *cough* that can grind your gears, Sazh's kind of comes off as a stereotype, and its notorious linear gameplay. For me, I see the bad characters, which are in every Final Fantasy game by the way, as ways to point out the good points of the better characters, like Lightning or Snow. Its linear gameplay... yeah it happened. That's all I can really say, but hey FF-X was way more linear. Several people say it reflects their "outlaw" status in the plot, but it never really tripped me up in the first place. I was distracted by the blindingly beautiful scenery and epic storyline. Another big compliant is that several characters seem one-dimensional. I find that a strange remark. As Lightning and Snow, the two who get that comment the most, are very similar to Cloud and Tidus respectively and those are some of the most lauded characters.

Is it the best game? No, not at all. That title falls to Final Fantasy VI, but like VII and VI, it introduces something new to long time players, Nomura's new Fabula Nova Crystalarum (or for those who don't speak Latin, the New Stories of the Crystal). Final Fantasy XV will take place in this same crystal-focused universe. So it is far from the worst in my mind, it's just new with a touch, perhaps too many touches, of old.

Plot Devices (in Naruto Fanfiction and anime in general)

The Civilian Mob: let's start with the most prevelant shall we? Seriously when have any of you ever seen a mob? "Let's go pick up pitchforks and torches guys we have a child to beat." Is a new one to me, but I'm just one guy. It's so stupid and cliche if I ever see a story start with that I just leave. Don't get me wrong it even has some backing with canon, that filler episode where the store owner hits Naruto as a kid or Gaara's whole life. However, it is still too ridiculous. If you want to develop a darker character cool but do it in a way that appeals to my sense of logic and realism.

Fem Kyuubi: the populace is split on this one. Some hate it; others love it. For me if it's a ruthless manipulator, I feel more inclined to like it, but if it is a lonely demon who cries at Naruto's life then I'm out. She could if written well enough be a great grey character or her own party who uses Naruto.

Excessive abuse by an author: An author can be too powerful. When someone runs around making up stupid bloodlines that no one understands (i.e. fuingan, shinigan, etc.) to increase the power of a character it becomes hard for a reader to understand. The same can happen with OC's. Can they be used to fill in plot holes? Yes. Can they be used in pairings? If they are well developed then yes. But when an author creates legions of OC's I get kind of pissed because then I have to go and learn about each OC who doesn't even have a major part in the story.

Obsessive bashing: it gets dull very quickly. I mean everyone can dislike certain characters, I do, but you can't make an entire story based around a badass protagonist who justs shits on everyone the author doesn't like because then he has no competition. Am I saying that bashing is bad? No, it can be incredibly hilarious (especially for Sasuke and Kakashi),but it does get old.

Fics that rewrite characters based on the author's will without backup: fics that have really random character personalities that change without warning suck. For example where Naruto gives a moving speech and Sasuke stops being an ass or Hinata was secretly very powerful and strong but hid it. Fuck that people are based upon the area around them as children. That is what makes us who we are and Naruto is an anime that features this more than any other. So when I see it it becomes bothersome to me.

Naruto is raised by someone: for some reason these stories get me. I don't like a character who was built off of being alone in the world to have someone care for him. What makes Naruto great is his ability to move past the fact that he had no one. With someone he become reliant on them and would probably not be the same.

Danzo wants to kill Naruto: in what world does this make any sense? All he wants is a weapon for the village. The only time that this is even slightly applicable is if he leaves the village then I can see but only as a resort because all retrieval efforts failed. When I read a story that involves Naruto becoming strong and Danzo wanting to kill him I will pretty much stop reading the story for complete lack originality.

Ninjas in a series about ninjas: you hear a lot about this, "why don't they assassinate this guy or simply use stealth?" Which are totally valid points, but I think that Kishimoto didn't design ninjas for a reason he designed shinobi. He made super powered mercenaries, like Deathstoke from DC Comics. They do anything for money from chores to war, so stealth is not a big priority in my opinion.

Harems: I am a guy so of course the idea of having more than one incredibly appealing. However, I don't think that I could write one because I would take most of my time setting up a relationship between two people. The most I will go is three maybe four or like a group of sisters

Too many side pairings: as I said earlier it's hard enough writing a relationship for two people. So I'll see something with Sasu/Saku, Neji/Ten, Shika/Tema, and a lot of others I get kind of upset. Why? Reltionships can't be developed by an author if he or she has to do it over and over again. If Naruto has a sidekick like say Juugo and you want to give him a girl then go for it but don't build relationships that don't matter.

Character Depth: generally there are two types of characters, static and dynamic. However a good character will have more than side to them which gives them human characteristics. For example, Edward Elric is at surface level a short-tempered, small, comical character, but on the other side he is intelligent, caring, and focused on his goals (the basic traits of a main character). Naruto is another character who has two sides we see him first almost as the generic "new guy" through which an author can explain the basis of their story, but he develops from a comic-relief character into a person caring on the dreams of those he lostand then later into a messianic figure. Ichigo is the perfect counter-example. The entire reason I like Naruto more than Bleach is Ichigo. He is pretty much one-sided with only a driven personality in him. He develops as a character but never goes beyond that; which is strange because ever other shinigami or hollow in the manga has character development. Natsu from the recently popular Fairy Tail is a good example too. He always wins and never suffers any losses to help him grow and develop instead he is written to win through Deus Ex Machina power ups. That being said, Lucy Heartfilia, is the embodiment that series' entire emotion. She gets all of the scenes for character growth and none for 'badass scenes' which instead go to Natsu. Reborn does a great job though. That series is phenomenal, if you like shounen and haven't seen it I would suggest you do so right away, but start at the Kokuyo Land Arc, the place where shit starts to get real. Each character has both badass and emotional capacity for growth and they flaunt it...nay they bask in it. The feels it gives are mind blowing.

Gender benders: most authors don't like them and I can see why as they are capable of taking away the originality and core psyche, since we are beings that are subconsciously influenced by our gender, of a character, but I'm not opposed. They are unique in a sense that you can do rare pairing without making it gay, as it offends a lot of people on this website, and that can be both enticing and really funny.

Using Bijuu as a Boss Summon: I'm against it. You see Hiruzen Sarutobi uses monkey summons and it is said that Enma is his boss summon, well if it were possible to summon bijuu then it would be the Yonbi (a monkey). So the Kyuubi can't be a boss summon for Naruto if he were to hold a fox contract because one it is really just energy in the form of a fox and two it isn't actually an animal. I'm pretty sure that all contracts are animals but it is possible to summon demons like the Kyuubi as Madara and Tobi do and Tayuya during her fight with Shikamaru uses Oni. I don't think that they have contracts though as the Kyuubi wouldn't let Madara sign a contract with it.

Deus Ex Machina: I know that most of my rants are fanfiction based and generally unimportant, but this does touch heavily on anime and somewhat on fanfiction. Some animes are pretty good at keeping their plot holes few and their explanations high. One Piece and Bleach, especially Bleach depsite its repetitive story line, give solid explanations from established intelligent characters like Nico Robin and Aizen or Ulquiorra respectively. Naruto has its own issues. It started with a few here and there but the first big one was shadow clone training; I get Kishimoto needed a way to power up Naruto quickly but let's face it there's plot holes and then there's shit writing. Things got worse once Orochimaru was revived. Holy shit, there's an Uzumaki temple in Konoha? Or how about Minato's mastery of Kyuubi Chakra? Or maybe how a fucking mask can summon the Death God, who can apparently be defeated by a regular human. As bad as Naruto is nothing compares to Fairy Tail. In sixty some episodes, it only got worse as I moved on, there has been more blatant plot holes and excuses for Natsu to win fights than I have ever seen. I can go on and on about how many but well... That would take way to much time. In fanfiction... meh. We are all pretty use to writers changing things at the beginning of stories so who cares? One big problem though would be personal bias coming though in the form of Deus Ex Machina.

Disagree with me? That's cool PM me about it and we can go a few rounds. Watch out though, I'm about as good at arguing as Chuck Norris is at well everything.

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