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Hey I'm Thanatos-God!!

Thanatos is the Greek word meaning death; well Thanatos is the Greek god of death so I guess there was no need to add in the god part. Basically it translates to death god.

As I am currently going into my senior and most important years of high school I will and cannot update regularly. I apologise in advance to the readers that will be irritated however I'm afraid you'll just have to deal with it.

I love the Japanese name Hakufu so I say that's my other name; my real name is of no concern to you all.

I love these: I absolutely love anime and manga. I am shamelessly obsessed with Naruto(shippuden), Bleach, One-Piece, D-Gray_man and prince of tennis. Murder/mystery TV shows also catch my interest. These include criminal minds, NCIS, the mentalist and psych. Drawing and writing are two of my hobbies. I only do these in my spare time however and although I am not an expert at either of them I enjoy them both immensely.

Lee, neji, Gaara, kakashi, Gai, hinata and Naruto are definitely my favourite characters in naruto & shippuden. To be honest I hate Sasuke. His story is sad, yes, but by walking down the path he is, he's only making others just like him. He really annoys me, especially since he seems to think he's the only one in pain. Most people like Sakura, but I think Hinata has the best personality, her techniques are also wicked.

From Bleach it's definitely Toushirou and Shinjio :)

It's almost impossible for be to choose a favourite One Piece character!

I'm also obsessed with HARRY POTTER and other books like it.

Things I hate: Well to be honest there are too many to write here, I'd be writing a whole book almost. But I guess I'll just say I hate it people who degrade others especially when they're just as bad themselves, if not worse.

I like to live in a fantasy world in my head as often as possible because the realistic world is a sad depressing place...