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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, and Romeo and Juliet.

Listen here, this is another account of mine that i like! i am SHadow the h3dg3h0g. please don't think bad of me. i'm a kind hearted Gel with a clone who has 2 kids. (don't ask how...)

pic: it is a minecraft skin of Gaylord Steambath himself.


Redclone (or Red/Shadow): kind hearted Gel fighter who will do anything to keep his family safe.

Drako: a minecraft enderdragon who is now the size of Sonic.

Spider: a humanized Black Widow who is very friendly.

Lykaria: a cute fairy queen who is dating Spider

Nikki: a cute Enderwoman whi is now half her size and is in love with a young Gel. (not Shadow or Red)

Gaylord Steambath: a hated griefer who blows things sky high.

Nethrai: a Minecraft Nether dragon who is a brother of Drako and is flaming red

Aethric: same as Nethrai but is blue with white stripes

Cupa: a kind hearted human girl who is in love with Ifrit the Mobian god of fire

Talkin/Nightmare: a fox with black and green fur with a child named Axel

Axel: Talkin's child

Satan: a hedgehog with a demon tail who is constantly running around getting it on with girls everywhere

Devil: a VERY sexy fox with a demon tail who will never hurt a soul unless provoked or paid in sex

Demon: a demonic and insane hedgehog who will light things ablaze whenever he damn pleases

Super: a robot that was programmed to kill eggman. He is also good in bed

Superia: a female robot who loves anything with a large dick

Raccoon: a human who is forever twelve years old because of his completion of the youth potion

Flash: son of Sonic the hedgehog and Amy rose

Flare: son of Shadow the hedgehog and Rouge the bat

Time General: the ruler of time and space

Rick: a normal wolf that will be very protective like a watch-dog

likes: murdering monsters, eating cake, sleeping, punching solid diamond bricks.

hates: being hunted down...

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