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Author has written 16 stories for Tsubasa Chronicle, Tokyo Babylon, Legal Drug, Chobits, and Card Captor Sakura.

Hello! I used to do some writing some time ago (back when was very small and still hosted a tiny section of a few hundred 'original' stories, a few years before it formed FictionPress), but then I started working. I thought it would be fun to make a new account (things have really changed around here!) and upload a story (or two) from time to time. I write yaoi and I love CLAMP, so the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Some bits about me:

-I don't read fan fiction! Back in the day I did (read: more than a decade ago). I know that's a bit odd, but I actually stick to reading doujinshi. So, why do I WRITE fan fiction? Because good CLAMP doujinshi (the smut kind) is hard to come by. I think this makes my writing a bit odd, as I imagine everything visually and then try to recreate the image that I'm seeing in my head; I wish I had artistic skills! I hope to get better and vary my style.

-I usually write everything ahead of time; when I did read fan fiction, nothing made me more frustrated then when I'd get into a fic only for the author to put it on hiatus (another good thing about doujinshi - it's always complete). This also makes my life stress free as I upload. When I think up ideas, they tend to be in AU settings; I prefer these because it allows me to use the characters at any time in their development and explore them in different settings without it being redundant. Weirdly, though, most of the doujinshi I read is not AU.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy.

-TB Bacchus

Update (5/10/13): I'M NOT DEAD! I know it's been a long time since I updated, but I took a hiatus to finish up my graduate program/work full time/move/etc. It's been a BUSY year! I'm looking forward to getting back to posting as soon as things settle down, but if you're coming here, I still do get all notifications about reviews/messages/etc., and I appreciate hearing from you all :D

Update (6/23): New fic up! And it's KuroFai! "The Line of Sight" is 10 chapters long, clocking in at around 72,000 words. I wanted to write something with Kurogane at the end of this character development arc that gave him the chance to be domestic and a badass all at the same time with slow-burning relationship building. (Oh, fine: frankly, I just wanted to imagine Kurogane wielding a Glock). Chapters will go up in the evenings over the next 10 days!

Update (6/06): Posting a series of one-shots up this week, all smut, including three new CLAMP pairings.

Update (5/27): *swoon* Oh, stop it, Reviewer - you're gonna make me blush!

Update (5/17): "Fai's Moving Castle" is up. It's written in four parts; I'll post a new part up after 2-3 days, although it may take longer for the second or third part (I'm going to Miami for a few days, but I'm not sure when yet, so this might put a kink in the updating schedule). For anyone who wants to read it all in one go (why would you do's so long!) it will all be posted by next Friday, so you can just sit tight till then, if it pleases you. Anyways, really hope you enjoy this one - it was a ton of fun to work on!

Update (5/14): Fielding the last oneshot request (Toya and Yukito) today, and then starting a project that should take me the better part of a week: Howl's Moving Castle...with Tsubasa characters! It's going to be KuroFai, so Kurogane will play Sophie's role and Fai will play Howl's. It's been fun planning this, as events and details have to be adjusted to match the personality of the Tsubasa characters.

Update (5/10): Still taking oneshot requests! Any CLAMP pairing, any rating, etc. PM or say hi on tumblr!

Update (5/09): Uploaded a little group of Oneshots for some tumblr folks; I'm working on kicking around a big idea now that my creative faculties have come back, so I anticipate it being a fun summer!

Update (4/08): Hi "Reviewer" (from "Touch"). Thanks for your review! That's a perfectly valid criticism to make, but without getting into personal details (haha) let me assert that that is, in fact,plausible sex. Perhaps I didn't write it well enough to convey the movement, but what essentially happens is this sequence: on the back, on the side, on top, so just rolling over, in a sense...And, I uh, well...made sure to do my research before hand. If you know what I mean. Mmmf.

Update (3/24): "Roomies" is complete! I said earlier it was "much shorter" than "The Phoenix and the Dragon"...actually, it was *longer*! I couldn't believe it when FF gave me the final word count. Maybe it felt shorter because I wrote it all in two days, whereas I spent a solid month on the other one. Anyways, thank you to everyone who reviewed - it makes me so happy! Hope you enjoyed it! M - Thank you for your review! I don't think I could ever write a good DoumekixWatanuki fic; after that harsh shut down in (I think) V. 17 when Watanuki tells him "I'm not a cat" (and we know what that means in CLAMP-speak!) and then sleeps with the spider...well, I interpreted that as CLAMP saying, "Sorry fangirls, not happening." Don't get me wrong, Doumeki totally has the hots for him, but I think it's so one-sided...I'd do such an awful, terrible job writing because I can't imagine it happening, and I couldn't subject anyone to that. But, if you ever have any other requests, let me know! Sorry to disappoint!

Update (3/18): Scumbag author: Says she's working on a sequel, posts something completely different. I had to reread "The Phoenix and the Dragon" as prep for writing its yet unnamed sequel (would that everything could remain unnamed), and another KuroxFai idea popped into my head, much shorter, much less dark, and oh-so fun. So...there went the weekend (talk about pounding out a fic)! "Roomies" is up; I'll update it throughout the week, but not at any particular time (hectic schedule!) Please read and review, and as always, thanks for your time!

Update (3/11): Well, never thought I'd make this update, but I'm currently working on the sequel to "The Phoenix and the Dragon." Yeeeep. It will feature Subaru, Seishiro, Kamui, and Fuuma...and a few other CLAMP characters who made their way into Tsubasa. It will be shounen-ai and yaoi and I hope a lot less dark than some of the other stuff I've written! Kamui is still a vampire; before "A Proposition," I'd never written anything 'vamp' before (or read anything vamp...I'm anti-vampire), but it's a ton of fun, as it turns out. Anyways, once I get far enough along, I'll update "The Phoenix and the Dragon" with a preview Ch. 24 epilogue, but that won't be for awhile. I expect I'll post the fic within a month or so. Until then, thanks for reading, and please review! :D

Update (3/5): Wow, I'm terrible at naming stuff...Anyways, I added that Kamui/Fuuma idea I'd been kicking around. Right now I'm having a bit of a life upheaval (read: looking for a new job!) so I'm not sure what I want to do with that, but it was fun to write it.

Update (3/1): I had originally planned to post Ch. 14 of Touch tomorrow, which each following until its done, but unfortunately, it looks like I'll be going out of town for the weekend. So, instead, I'm going to post Ch. 14, 15, 16 and the Epilogue tomorrow evening all at once. If you've stuck with it this long, please leave a review! :) Thanks! Oh, and PS: Working on a KamuixFuuma idea. Knew I'd get around to them eventually.

Update (2/22): Kotori-chan, I saw your review for Pet but I can't PM you, so I just wanted to tell you (if you'll see it here) what an awesome feeling it was hearing that someone actually enjoyed my work enough to share it with someone else! You've absolutely made my night. Thank you so, so much!

Update (2/20): HOORAY! New fic is up! It's 17 chapters long (well, 16 and an epilogue), so I've kick-started it today with two chapters and will post one chapter every evening (some time between 6 and 8 p.m. EST) until it's complete. I congratulated myself for this not being as long as "The Phoenix and the Dragon," but then I realized that each chapter of "Touch" is double the length of a single chapter of that I essentially wrote twice as much. D: No wonder it took so long to write! The good news: It's a smutfest;) Hope you like it! Please read and review :)

Update (2/17): That "little" Legal Drug fic got to be as big as "The Phoenix and the Dragon." Yikes. I've been working on it for about a month and a half now, so I hope to put the finishing touches on it this weekend and start uploading it next week. No promises! I want to finish it up quickly now that Drug and Drop is in serialization. Also, I keep getting messages from people who want "Pet" to be continued (like...a lot of messages). If you liked that, I think you'll enjoy the fic I'll post's in the same vein ;) And it's horribly, terribly, ridiculously smutty. As for the Subaru/Sei pairing, we'll see. Wouldn't you prefer a nice, not mean Touya/Yukito oneshot? :)

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