The Scarlet Reaper and Mr Jace
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Author has written 9 stories for Kuroshitsuji, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and Soul Eater.

Hello! My name is Kendra, and welcome to mine and my older sister's page! So we've decided to do something new. My sister is The Scarlet Reaper while I am Mr. Jace. Mr. Jace is an OC of mine. Because my sister thinks its a creepy and mysterious name, like I am, I'm know by her and my friends as Mr. Jace and Eric Slingby (like the Eric Slingby from Kuro musical II. I very do honor the name) My sister however does not have an OC character yet, so whenever she does come up with one, check here for some things about him/her. A few things about me though:

I'm only fourteen and I'm not as innocent as I look. I know things I shouldn't know.

My current obsession is with Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, D. N. Angel and The Vampire Diaries.

My favorite Kuro pairings are: RonaldxWilliam, EricxAlan, and GrellxEric. These may pop up out of nowhere while many of my other stories are not nearly finished yet. I don't particularly like WilliamxGrell, if I'm bored enough I will read and write it. Just about anything about these pairings will be written by me.

My Favorite Soul Eater parings: Stein/Medusa and SteinxSpirit

Favorite D. N. Angel parings: Satoshi/Daisuke all the way!!

My favorite The Vampire Diaries parings are; Damon/Elena, Elijah/Elena, Alaric/Elena, Damon/Alaric, and Klaus/Caroline. Anything written bout these pairings are by me

Some things about Mr. Jace: He's in two worlds. The Vampire Diaries and Kuroshitsuji. He is a vampire and has brown eyes in The Vampire Diaries and he is a demon in Kuroshitsuji with traditional red eyes. He has shoulder length brown hair He's over 1,000 years old. In the Vampire Diaries he is the oldest vampire. He's got pale white skin. He dresses neatly but casual. That's all for Mr. Jace.

My stories on this account are: Taking Care Of Kendra, Damon Disappears, Ask Kuro, Twilight and Vampires, Valentine's Day, Rescue Me, and Revenge Porn.

The link to my other account:

Hello! I'm going to stay anonymous for now. For all you need to know I'm The Scarlet Reaper. My younger sister tends to clean up my messes. Anyways, my younger sister Mr. Jace made this account so technically its all hers, but I'm older so I get to control the page. So I changed the name from Kendra Evet Slingby-Humphries to The Scarlet Reaper and Mr Jace. So far I haven't any stories up yet. I'm working on one called Letters To Grell Sutcliff .

I'm 17. Much older than Mr. Jace

I'm obsessed with Kuro, Soul Eater, and the Vamp Diaries too >.>

I don't like D. N. Angel. The Manga is okay and the Anime is...ehhh.

My fave Kuro pairings are: SebbyxCiel, WilliamxGrell, GrellxRonald, and UndertakerxWilliam though Mr. Jace says it's an impossible pairing.

My fave Vamp Diaries parings are: Stefan/Elena, Damon/Katherine, and Alaric/Jenna. I don't understand why Mr. Jace puts damon with alaric. It's just wrong.

My Fave Soul Eater parings: Soul/Maka and Kid/Maka.

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