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Back when this account was first created, three people shared this one account. Those three people were once newbie twelve-year-old kids that go by the names Ennel, Aiku and Meika. They were energetic, close friends who shared a strange chemistry with each other due to their difference in interests. They'd treat each other as sisters, even calling each other 'Onee-chan' or 'Nee-chan' or 'Imouto-chan'.

Two years have passed since this account's creation -- and since the three met each other together.

Ennel is in a boarding school outside of the prefecture the primary school they were in was located. She hasn't been able to remain in contact for almost over a year. No achievements or experiences are known. Even the last time Aiku had met her was a year ago, when she came to visit. Ennel's known to be a very energetic, friendly though (kind of) pervy person among us. She is a very talented drawing artist.

Meika is in a local secondary school right across the street from their old primary school; a public school. She is currently trying out new things and had taken a liking to golf and more pastime activities. She claimed quite a high rank in her class due to countless time spent on studying and has gotten an award regarding her co-curricular activities. She will soon try out ice skating as a new hobby. Meika is a really athletic and mature person, quite the big sister figure even though her birthday's the latest.

Aiku is currently in a religious private school. She has made an amount of improvements throughout the year and even gained a place in the top ten list during final term in her small class. She's gotten a Diligence in English award two years in a row. Aiku is an avid anime and manga fan and is also interested in games. Along with Ennel, she is good at drawing. Aiku can be outrageous and childishly honest, often treated as the youngest sister in her current class and even among the three.

Due to being in different schools and having different daily activities and schedules, they aren't able to communicate much with each other online and offline. Aiku and Meika both face difficulties in getting in touch with Ennel as she is the hardest to get hold of even when on Facebook. This is why this account will not be too active, nor show anything as promising as finishing a full-fledged story. We apologize.

Hello, Aiku here. It's been a long while since I've been on FF. I wish to start being at least a bit active and make this account come alive once more. My friends won't be here with me as we expected when we first made this acc, but I'll be keeping this as a living memento of our friendship. But meanwhile, for those who are curious of Ennel's writing style, we have a Facebook page she created so she can easily write without logging in on FF. However it's been another long while since she started posting her stories written in Malaysian, so I don't exactly know what we all should expect.

I really hope those two come back sometime and write stories as much as they can for this account. But as we're now 14, and it's already the end of the year thus we're moving on to being 15, even I can't guarantee I'll be active. I might be gone for another hiatus. They might not come back and not communicate with me for a long while. But I have hopes, still. Until then, I'll try to come on this site as much as I could.

It'll be a pleasure to share my writings again. Please take care of me.


Due to certain circumstances, most of our writings will be one-shots, or incomplete stories, or just prologues. Everything depends on our amount of motivation, inspiration and time to spare. Please forgive us for this. Aiku will be posting her collection of incomplete stories soon, but it depends on her whether or not she will leave it as it is or do several chapters -- though slowly.

We will try our very best to start doing things for this account. Please forgive us for abandoning our stories and or account for a long period of time.

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