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Poll: Chapter Nine of Babysitter Zhao Yun will mention Zhao Yun expecting a fourth child. Here are your options for who should the fourth child be. (Keep in mind the 11 you see as the choices are a part of the 100 WHAT? story I am also writing.) Fuller biographies of these 11 will be at the bottom of my profile for your convenience if you need more information before you decide. Vote Now!
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Author has written 13 stories for Dynasty Warriors, Pokémon, and Samurai Warriors.

Poll: I will mention Zhao Yun expecting a fourth child in Chapter Nine of Babysitter Zhao Yun and is currently up so votes can be cast in now for future planning. Please note that these children will appear in One HUNDRED What? but tweaked a bit for the other story. Their biographies will be at the bottom of the page in case someone wants more information on them before they decide.


About me:

Name: You can just call me Yukiyun or Yuyu-chan.

Games: Dynasty Warriors all the way (the entire series of it), Samurai Warriors, and Warriors Orochi. I will not lie, I also like Pokemon.

What I care about in writing: I care about spelling and grammar and the flow of telling a story. I get annoyed by my own mistakes more than I will someone else's.

Favorite Dynasty Warriors character: Zhao Yun. Hands down.

Favorite Samurai Warriors character: Yukimura Sanada and Nobuyuki Sanada (Tie)

*Big Project (Currently Writing)*

One HUNDRED What?:

Let me make this clear: Zhao Yun is my favorite character and I can see him as a great teacher/mentor and father. And he would be married only to one woman (preferably Ma Yunlu). But, I can see him with Xingcai and now Guan Yinping.

So in the story about him (sort of) he would be married to 5 women: Ma Yunlu would be the first, then it'll be Guan Yinping (because Guan Yu couldn't trust anyone else), then Xingcai (again, Zhang Fei trusts him), the fourth would be (an OC) Liu Meiji (daughter of Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang (because Liu Bei and his brothers call Zhao Yun Little Brother and Sun Shangxiang was very passionate about having her daughter marry him), and the last would be (another OC) Huang Linying (the Granddaughter of Huang Zhong)- So he is related (in-law) to the rest of the Five Tiger Generals (Guan Yu- father-in-law, Zhang Fei- father-in-law, Ma Chao- brother-in-law, and Huang Zhong- grandfather-in-law), and to his Lord (Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang).

If the above statement wasn't confusing enough, I kind of bent reality a little and gave Zhao Yun one hundred, I repeat, one HUNDRED individual kids which are then married to the kids of others officers and whatnot. I originally went with 70 kids, but then the 30 Miracles Arc came to mind in my head. Ma Yunlu gave him 26 kids, Guan Yinping gave him 21, Xingcai gave him 21, Liu Meiji gave him 14, and Huang Linying gave him 18. He has an equal amount of boys and girls at 50.

I'm still trying to figure out the number of grandchildren he'll have, because I'm still working with the kids. One of Ma Yunlu's children with him IS Jiang Wei because I could see Jiang Wei as Zhao Yun's adopted son. Jiang Wei is also married to Zhao Yun's second son with Ma Yunlu which is Zhao Guang and they have two kids.

Another son of his is Zhao Hua and he is married to Guo Jia's son Guo Jing.

It has hints of Yaoi (nothing too hardcore- I'm not great with romance period!) and has some language to it.

*There will be an update almost frequently, for I imagine it will be hard to keep all these characters in line, or remember them. So I will put the biographies of the kids in order of Ma Yunlu (1-19- Jiang Wei will not be listed, only mentioned as #20), Guan Yinping (21-35), Zhang Xingcai (36-50), Liu Meiji (51-58), Huang Linying (59-70), Ma Yunlu (71-76), Guan Yinping (77-82), Zhang Xingcai (83-88), Liu Meiji (89-94), and Huang Linying (95-100) at the bottom of this page.*

WARNING: These biographies will continually grow and be repeated within the stories I write about them. Especially among the Family portion of the biographies.

My Current Stories:

(Stories on Hiatus)

I Don't Wanna Go: Bao Sanniang's father wants her to come back to her, in fear she'll be stronger than he is, but her fellow students under Zhao Yun's care won't allow it, so will it be war or is she going home? She has no fear for her decision, for she has her love (Guan Suo), her friend (Xingcai), her love's brother and friend (Guan Ping), her favorite strategist (Jiang Wei), and most importantly, her mentor himself, the White Dragon, (You all should know who Zhao Yun is! Or I hope you do). Right now they got a letter from her father demanding them to return his daughter out of fear, and so they have two options and Bao goes with the first, next is their strategy! Hiatus.

The Fire Burns Wildly: Gan Ning falls in love with Ling Tong's cousin, but his other cousin's getting in the way, and she's hopelessly in love. How he got in this mess, he's not sure, but he knows all too well that this fire's just becoming an inferno in no time soon! Hiatus

Letters Answered: Like the title says, also all the characters would be OOC-ish. You can ask them a question or they can just write notes to each other. Shortest description possible would be that they receive a letter and they reply to it, nothing else needs to be said, hopefully. Just tell me if your confused with anything. All pairings welcome. Randomness Promised! ALL CHARACTERS INCLUDED! Hiatus.

Ask Xiaoqiao, Xingcai, Sun Quan: Like the title says! Ask any question, or something in that matter. Hiatus.

PokeHunters: If ANYONE can find the common theme with the five main characters you will know everything! Dynasty Warriors and Pokemon Crossover! It does have planned sequels. Hiatus.

A Dark Secret Untold: Samurai Warriors: suspense and murder. Hiatus.

Musou Mode: Li Ru: I got bored, and decided to make this story! Hiatus.

Funny Stuff: It says it's complete but it's not. Just acts of random one-shots. Says complete but not.

Roommates: For humor and passing the time. Will have OC's courtesy of me and constant polls for it.

Xiahou Xiuying Answers Letters: Inspired by all the other Answers Letters. Will probably be replaced in frequency for a Zhao Yun Answer Letters instead, but will still be updated.

Shanghai Nuzlocke Challenge 1 (Li Dian's Nuzlocke Challenge): A Dynasty Warriors X Pokemon crossover that is found under Dynasty Warriors. Rating may change. The characters have been randomized by card flips. This story follows the journey of Li Dian and his travel companions Zhao Yun and Guan Ping in order to compete in the Shanghai Region League and look for Li Dian's best friend Yue Jin.

Babysitter Zhao Yun: No longer a one-shot. It just has Zhao Yun babysitting the younger generation of Shu. Continued. WARNING: Contains Fluff! This story will now be broken up into Arcs.

Couples I support

Cao Pi and Zhenji

Daqiao and Sun Ce

Xiaoqiao and Zhou Yu

Zhao Yun and Xingcai

Guan Ping and Xingcai

Sun Quan and Lianshi

Cao Cao and Cai Wenji

Guo Jia and Wang Yi

Guan Suo and Bao Sanniang

Yukimura and Nobuyuki (Shut. Up. Just think about it)

Mitsunari and Yukimura

Yukimura and Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun and Jiang Wei

Guo Jia and Jiang Wei (Sounds adorable)

Xu Shu and Fa Zheng

Cao Pi and Zhao Yun (They are literally opposites)

Sima Shi and Jiang Wei (Literally opposites)

Jia Chong and Wen Yang

Wen Yang and Zhao Yun

Zhenji and Cai Wenji and Wang Yi (Surprised?)

Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang

Zhao Yun and Sun Shangxiang

Zhao Yun and Guan Yinping (It's written that Zhao Yun taught her the martial arts for self defense... it just seems right)

Guo Jia and Xun Yu (The experience, and the non-experienced)

Guan Xing and Jiang Wei (Rivals anyone?)

Cao Cao and Guo Jia

Liu Bei and Zhao Yun

Guan Yu and Zhao Yun (I can't explain why...)

Couples rubbing off on me

Ling Tong and Diaochan

Zhao Yun and Diaochan

Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun

Yu Jin and Xun Yu

BIOGRAPHIES OF ONE HUNDRED WHAT? AND OTHER FUTURE STORIES FOR A REFERENCE FOR THE READERS OF SAID STORIES. (Will continually be updated). Keep in mind this is the Dynasty Warriors universe. Age does not matter much. It will follow the format below. I may add "Quotes". I will also add the extended family (wife/children/etc.) at a later date.

-Ma Yunlu #12 (#12)

Zhao Xiang- “The Younger Version of the Little Dragon.”

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: He looks exactly like Zhao Yun as a younger version of him and with shoulder length hair. He has flawless pale skin and wears an outfit similar to his father’s DLC-DW7 schoolboy outfit. He wears black gloves and appears to have a kind smile on his face at all times. He is known to look like his father but with short hair. Stands at 5’11’’.

Personality: Unpredictable, intelligent, an accurate. He notices patterns very easily and can use that against his enemies. He works with being unpredictable to both family and foe. He is very intelligent for he can defeat an opponent with their own style. He also has amazing accuracy and can pinpoint opponents and their weaknesses from just observing them. He also smiles innocently although he uses this as a facade for his enemies to lower their guard. He has a soothing voice, much like his father and works just about the same way as him. He himself is a mentor to many and has many kids himself. He is very powerful and very strict when it comes to training his own men and children. He is gentle around children and looks after his comrades’ back- making them trust and fight harder for him. He is graceful in movement and a gentleman on and off the battlefield. He is very precise.

Family: Zhao Yun (father), Ma Yunlu (mother), Ma Chao (uncle), Zhao Tong, Guang, Jia, Chao, Jiang Kun, Shun, and Jiang Wei (older brothers), Zhao Meiyin, Ningmei, Qinghua, and Shui (older sisters), Zhao Zhou, Young, Ko, and Lei (younger brothers), Zhao Xueyu, Zhenping, Niujing, Wurongqi, Shangchen, Xiayun, Xuefang, Xiumei, and Xiaoqian (younger sisters), Zhuge Meirong and Pang Moxing (wives), Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong (fathers-in-law), Yueying (mother-in-law), Zhao Shu, Zhihui, Meixing, Zhao Sima, and Zhao Fa (children with Zhuge Meirong), Zhao Yi, Congming, Zhanshi, Yamaxun, and Shashou (children with Pang Moxing).

Friendships: Cao Pi, Sima Shi, Sun Ce, and Fa Zheng

Rivalries: Xu Huang, Zhong Hui, Sun Quan, and Lu Bu

Force: Shu

Weapon: Twin Spears [Heaven and Hell]- One spear is bright and has a light blue glow to it and is made of gold. The other is dark and has a bright purple glow to it and is made of obsidian. He has control over both light, shadow, wind, and fire. He is very skilled with 2 weapons and has his father’s speed. Like his father he can move with amazing agility and knows pressure points on the human body. Both spears are about 8 feet long. His Battle Aura is a two headed dragon with four wings. One head is cyan and blue and the other head is red and black, those same colors are along the corresponding wings.

Added Information: He is married to both Zhuge Liang’s daughter Zhuge Meirong (has five kids with her), and Pang Tong’s daughter Pang Moxing (has five kids with her). To avoid just picking one of his childhood friends as his wife he chose both- so like his father he has more than one wife. He is a very strict man when he is on the field of battle and his men are always prepared to give their lives for him and his family. He is a great father and mentor. He is very intelligent and always listens to advice. He is good friends with Zhuge Meirong and Pang Moxing since at a young age. He never saw Zhuge Meirong's blindness as an issue, or Pang Moxing's nature to steal something from someone (just so she can see if she can) then give it back as a problem.

Romance: Zhuge Meirong (daughter of Zhuge Liang and Yueying) and Pang Moxing (daughter of Pang Tong). Has five children with each; six sons and four daughters in total of ten.

Musous: Hell’s Wrath, Confirmation, and Brutality

-Ma Yunlu #13 (#13)

Zhao Xueyu- “The Little Dragon’s Shooting Star.”

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is a tall young woman at 5’5’’ who has her father’s looks. She has his shade of black hair that is cut short to her shoulders in the front and held back with a hair tie for her hair that goes down to her lower back. She has his shade of eye color as well. She wears a green shirt that is tight fitting and a black leather skirt with a spiked belt. Her gloves are a similar black with a spiked lining. Her boots are black as well and she wears dark green tights. She wears silver earrings and hardly shows emotion.

Personality: Serious, courageous, and constantly striving. She goes into battle with stride like her father and is quite serious when in battle. She releases no emotion and is always calm even in dire situations. She is loved greatly for she embodies the Shu desired traits of courage, grace, balance, agility, and intellect. Much like her father in many ways. She will often face impossible odds by herself. She is soft spoken and will only speak when asked or talked to. She is considered mysterious to some but dangerous to all.

Family: Zhao Yun (father), Ma Yunlu (mother), Ma Chao (uncle and father-in-law), Zhao Tong, Guang, Jia, Chao, Jiang Kun, Shun, Xiang, and Jiang Wei (older brothers), Zhao Meiyin, Ningmei, Qinghua, and Shui (older sisters), Zhao Zhou, Young, Ko, and Lei (younger brothers), Zhao Zhenping, Niujing, Wurongqi, Shangchen, Xiayun, Xuefang, Xiumei, and Xiaoqian (younger sisters), Ma Shun (cousin and husband), Ma Xingping (cousin via Ma Chao), Ma Jin and Ma Shuyi (cousins via Ma Dai), Ma Lei, Sun, Ning, Cailing, Yinghua, Pei, Ai, Jing, Chong, Singji, Fenghua, Ju, Fang, Yu, Gong, Xing, and Xong (children via Ma Shun), Guan Ai, Sunxiang, and Zi (grandkids via Ma Cailing with Guan Chang, son of Guan Suo and Bao Sanniang).

Friendships: Diaochan, Lu Lingqi, Lianshi, and Wang Yi

Rivalries: Lu Lingqi, Xu Huang, Zhang He, and Yu Jin

Force: Shu

Weapon: Spear Star [Dragon Head]- She wields eight spears in a star shape that can be individually wielded. One spear weights 50lbs, making it a total of weighing 400lbs. She creates high levels of wind and lightning storms when she uses them. Called Dragon Head because each spear has a Dragon Head on the blunt end of it. She has amazing speed and accuracy that many believe that she is a female version of her father. She can throw the Spear Star and it will disconnect into eight spears so they fly in every direction. Her Battle Aura is a large serpentine dragon which is silver in color and always manifests in a circle above her with four pairs of wings along the body. Sometimes it is in the shape of a eight pointed star, which is attuned to her birth symbol.

Added Information: She is married to her cousin and Ma Chao’s son Ma Shun and has blessed him with many children; between 15-20 (although here it is written down as 17). She is called the female version of her father, as she acts like him and has the same mentality in sore situations. She is a loving and protecting mother who is an overachiever in regards to her studies and training. She is very powerful. At the time of her birth she was given bouquets of flowers totalling eight in number. When all of them have been arranged they took on the shape of an eight pointed star, which she has since been associated with. Within her family (with Ma Shun) eight has been a lucky number, the closest numbers to it being three and five. The majority of her grandchildren have stayed within this range per child.

Romance: Ma Shun (son of Ma Chao). Has 17 children with him, 13 sons and 4 daughters.

Musous: Hungry Heads, 8 Spear Jab, and Descending Dragons

-Guan Yinping #2 (#22)

Zhao Bao- “The Cat-Like Dragon.” “Xiaomao-Bao.”

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: She stands at 5’4’’ and is lean and cat-like. She has pale skin and long black hair reaching her waist and silver bracelets cover her arms and legs. She has stark green eyes and wears a green belly shirt with silver underlying the exposed skin and a green short skirt with black tights and red boots. She also wears a small cloth wrapped around her hand. She is always smiling and is a happy-go-lucky little girl.

Personality: She is happy-go-lucky, cat-like, and lovable. Unlike her other siblings she enjoys sweets and loves to play games- even with past enemies. She says Xiaomao (kitten) at the end of her sentences, leading her to the nickname Xiaomao-Bao. She loves small animals and owns zoos across her land. She also enjoys being around children, leading to the fact that her army consists of young men and women. She can be child-like at times and at other really serious.

Family: Zhao Yun (father), Guan Yinping (mother), Guan Ping and Xing (uncles), Guan Yu (grandfather), Zhang Fei and Liu Bei (great uncles), Guan Suo (uncle and father-in-law), Bao Sanniang (aunt and mother-in-law), Guan Kai (cousin and husband), Zhao Akino (older brother), Zhao Chi, Fengshui, Xuang, Xiapi, Hua, and Jiaolong (younger brothers), Zhao Bingqing, Chanjuan, Chuxia, Fangyin, Fengcai, Huiying, and Jiali (younger sisters), Guan Kaidi and Guan Chang (cousins), Guan Wenji, Yi, and Hua (daughters).

Friendships: Bao Sanniang, Guan Suo, and Sun Shangxiang

Rivalries: Wang Yuanji, Meng Huo, and Zhurong

Force: Shu

Weapon: Two Spinners [Yo-Yo Longs]- She is agile and quick, preferring to get the first move in before the opponent. She can control fire and wind and what she lacks in strength she makes up for it in speed. Her weapons are a wedding gift from Bao Sanniang. They are green in color with a large size. She also has a love for claw-wielders. Her Battle Aura consists of a large dragon that looks feline-like in appearance with large claws. When her Battle Aura manifests itself her eyesight becomes three times as great, even at night.

Added Information: One of Zhao Yun’s oldest daughters and arguably the most childlike. She is married to Guan Suo and Bao Sanniang’s son Guan Kai. She gives him three daughters: Guan Wenji, Yi, and Hua. Her whole family (with Guan Kai) is cat-like, often taking nicknames of big cats, hers being Xiaomao. She grew to love claw wielders like her older brother Akino and Zhang He because of the cat-like reflexes and grace it takes to use them. Her daughter Wenji calls Cai Wenji grandmother, whereas Yi and Hua act like twins to each other although polar opposites. In a sense her daughters embody the Three Kingdoms, with Wenji as the oldest symbolizing Wei and Yi and Hua symbolizing Shu and Wu.

Romance: Guan Kai (son of Guan Suo and Bao Sanniang). Has three daughters with him.

Musous: Cat Claws, Wind ‘n Fire Wheelie, and Tiger Scars











Added Information:



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