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The girl previously known as Introspective-mortal!! Fear me!

Name: Available upon request
Age: 15
Gender: Sexually challenged. No kidding. I'm a girl.. really!
Location: Canada
Occupation: Bishounen rapist
Interests: Reading, writing, drawing, sleeping.. video taping Y/YY closet action ^^

Hello to all and welcome to my hovel. I've been writing for roughly a year, not much compared to others out there. I used to stalk the YGO boards but now.. it doesn't appeal to me as much. *sighs sadly* But my anime spirit has been reawakened by GRAVITATION! Which might I add, is much more than a love story. If you'd like to come rant with me join me at the gravitation boards.. or email me!

Anime and Manga Countdown (Top Ten)

1. Yugioh - don't take too much of the plot into consideration, look into the charecters more, you'll be amazed. If you want to argue against this, don't start by first knowing only about the dub. This show is packed full of bishonens and intellect.

2. Gravitation - Much more than a love story. To find the one that will tell you the things you need to hear the most. To be able to pursue things without fear because the reality is, you can't imagine your life without it. Following your dreams and staying true to yourself. It doesn't hurt that your boyfriend is only the single hottest guy in Japan, and a romance novelist at that.

3. Yami no Matsuei - Angsty, dark, and goregous as hell. Have you see the art, it's to die for (literally). Scanlations available at Sakura-crisis

4. Saiyuki - Journey to the west! Anime style! Goku-kun.. kawaii. Four paths, with hardships, brief moments of happiness. Only to be thrown in a journey to help save the world. Could it be the best times of their lives?

5. Kare Kano - Touching and sweet. Showing the world who you truly are and being loved for it. A total tear jerker.

6. Fruits Baskets - The 26 episodes did not do this series justice. Completely and uttery adorable.

7. Naruto - Cheaped out on the anime. I read the manga. Buut.. if your up for some kick ass action mixed in with emotional problems this is your thing.

8. Full Metal Alchemist - For the science geek who loves anime.

9. Fushigi Yuugi - The mysterious play. A tear jerker in a fantasy world.

10. Inuyasha - The art. The perverted monk. The plot. Sheer brilliance. Need I say more?

Any who..

Fics in progress/ For the feature

Sleepless Beauty (Gravitation)
It’s obvious Shuichi loves Yuki but the path of love never did run smoothly. The strain on his life has finally taken it’s toll on Shuichi. As a result of all this, Shuichi has a series of bizarre and seemingly disturbing dreams. Much to the amusement of Yuki, who hears midmorning screams and comforts his little brat.

Btw, I really wouldn't check out my first two stories. There badly written but I don't have the heart to delete them. -_-;;

Writing Status:
School Girl Crush: My newest story, the prologue is up. Maybe expect chapter one in a week or two
Sleepless Beauty: *updated*Chapter one has been added, a bit out there but still all good. The second chapter should be expected in a week or so.
Snowball Therapy: [One-shot] Completed
A Sake Induced Adventure: [One-shot] Completed
Are you there Ra? It's me Malik: [Discontinued, it doesn't interest me]
Spending the summer with Seto: Completed, I'm a little ashamed of this story. I don't even want to go back and read it.. shessh and I definetly don't recomend it for anyone.

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