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I like to write. Also, villains are fun. Currently obsessed with Skyward Sword.

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Firstly, I would like to say thanks to all of my reviewers. I have received such a wonderful amount of not only enthusiasm (which I love), but also feedback on my story, which has been of immense value.

Also, I did receive a small part of a post-beta read* from Andrea Foxx, however after talking with her it seems she will not be finishing this. I might look for a different beta reader later but in the meantime I'll just continue on as usual.

(A post-beta read is just like a beta read except that the author, AKA me, is a rather impatient sort and asks for advice after the work is already posted instead of before.)

Other Places you Can Find Me

Tumblr page: http://unspeakablehorror.tumblr.com

Contains my Legend of Zelda ramblings and other miscellaneous things.


Feb 9, 2015-Ascent Chapter Progress

Hey, chapter 25 is well underway now! I have 4,200 words right now and I feel like it only needs some editing before I can feel ready to post it. This will be quite a short chapter compared to the previous one. Not sure how long the editing will take but I have a good feeling about the possibility of finishing much faster than it took me to write my previous chapter.

Dec 18, 2014-Ascent Chapter Progress

It is done.

Dec 1, 2014-Ascent Chapter Progress

Well, I didn't finish my chapter in November as I had hoped, but I am continuing to write it, and I definitely made a lot of progress on it! I now have 14,410 words. I think there's more editing than writing left at this point. At least there will be plenty of stuff happening in this chapter!

Nov 16, 2014-Ascent Chapter Progress

I'm still working on it! I have 11,062 words for this chapter so far, so I've made some progress since my last update! There is a lot going on in this chapter and all the main characters will have very important parts. NaNoWriMo has helped jumpstart my writing up for this. Ha, I'm just going to write in this story for NaNoWriMo instead of starting a new one! I don't think I'll get 50,000 words but maybe I will finish this chapter. I sure hope so, anyway!

May 17, 2014-Ascent Chapter Progress

Ascent is not forgotten! It has merely been delayed. I’ve been working on it, though admittedly very slowly. I have 5,274 words so far for the next chapter, Gate.

Still has a ways to go, but it is slowly, slowly getting there. I really do need to find a way to get myself to work faster. I’ve had some stuff going on lately that I’ve needed to deal with, but the problem isn’t the lack of time, nor a lack of interest. It’s more a mental energy thing, I think. But I’m working on it. I have trouble with consistent writing speed, apparently. Right now I have an enormous collection of disjointed ideas, and I am trying to get them to all fit together nicely.

But if you’re waiting for the next chapter, don’t worry. I haven’t given up on it, and I’ve been working to make it happen!

Mar 3, 2014-Ascent Chapter Progress

Just want to assure anyone who doesn't check my Tumblr blog that I am indeed working on Chapter 24! There's so many exciting things I have planned for this chapter, but I want to try to find the right words to capture it all.

Aug 19, 2013-Ascent Chapter Progress

Chapter 23, Shifting Sands, is now complete! That, uh, took a long time. Final word count at 8,474 words. So much for writing a short chapter, haha. Oh well. Here it is!

June 28, 2013-Ascent Chapter Progress

Chapter 23 is well underway! Just thought I'd post an update for it here. I've posted a couple on my Tumblr page but I admit I have been neglecting to post them here. Anyway, current word count is 5936. I am in the process of both adding and removing things, so we'll see how that goes. Also, overall, there is something kind of nagging me about this chapter. Something I feel it is missing right now, but I can't quite figure out what it is. So I'm going to try to figure that out and fix it if I can. But since I don't want to keep anyone waiting indefinitely, I'll just stick with what I have if I get really stuck on it. I think part of improving one's writing is moving forward even with such uncertainties. And there are so many scenes I am looking forward to writing, so I don't want to just get stuck and not be able to write those.

Apr 2, 2013-Ascent Chapter Progress

Chapter 22, Sandstorm, is now posted! After much editing, this chapter is now at 12,722 words. And I did decide to divide what I had into two chapters. This one just got the larger portion of what I had written.

Mar 18, 2013-Ascent Chapter Progress

Still working on Chapter 22. Undecided about whether to divide it into 2 chapters or not, but I did do a significant amount of writing this weekend. Also removed quite a bit of stuff I didn't like. Apparently wrote more than I removed, though. Currently at 13,227 words.

Feb 19, 2013-Ascent Chapter Progress

Chapter 22 is at 11,391 words now. I think I'll only need to flesh out some of the sections and then I can do the editing.

Feb 5, 2013-Ascent Chapter Progress

Just wanted to give an update on the chapter progress for chapter 22. If you've been following my Tumblr blog, you know it will be titled Sandstorm. If not, well now you do! Also, I have 6360 words written for it so far, but it's probably going to be longish. So, um, not finished yet. I have a lot to try to fit into this chapter. Link and Ghirahim will learn some more about each other. Also, I will intro a minor canon character from Skyward Sword this chapter. Can you guess who it will be?

Dec 17, 2012-Ascent Chapter Progress

I have now successfully pried this chapter away from my obsessively editing self and posted it. Hooray! Alas, so much for reasonably sized chapters. This thing is ridiculously long. Anyway, Chapter 21, Hourglass, is now finished!

Dec 1, 2012-Ascent Chapter Progress

Still no title. Still not finished. I have 14,556 words. Why am I not finished? What am I going to do with myself?I am hard at work on this chapter, it's just--really, really long. Sorry for the wait.

Nov 15, 2012-Ascent Chapter Progress

Current word count at 8092. Still haven't decided on a title. Very excited about this chapter, though. Lanayru is one of the more unusual (and large) locations in the game, and I really want to do some fun things with it. Also I am really enjoying writing certain scenes for this chapter.

Oct 29, 2012-Ascent Chapter Progress

Working on chapter 21 now. Haven't decided the title yet, but I have 5100 words now. That's maybe even halfway done.

Oct 7, 2012-Ascent Chapter Progress

Here it is! Chapter 20, Mercy, has now been posted!


Listed by chapter, in case you want to avoid spoilers:


Full image of the cover by me: unspeakablehorror.tumblr.com/post/36051456162/lord-of-the-surface-portrait-of-ghirahim-not


Sketchy image of prologue scene by me: unspeakablehorror.tumblr.com/post/35904705549/just-a-practice-sketch-to-work-on-my-drawing

Chapter 11: Clues

Epic fanart of a scene with Link and Ghirahim by destroying tokyo: destroyingtokyo.deviantart.com/#/d4tcl0z

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