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Author has written 20 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Arc The Lad, Cyborg 009, Street Sharks, Jak and Daxter, Clock Tower, Star Ocean, Xiaolin Showdown, Sonic the Hedgehog, Code Lyoko, War Planets/Shadow Raiders, Naruto, Samurai 7, and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Bio Update: 18 September 2011
Oh geeze, it's been...nearly three years since I've updated here? This site is still my go-to whenever I'm either first testing the waters of a fandom, or if I'm looking for something in particular (in terms of quantity, at least. Not that I haven't found some absolute gems here, it's just that's much rarer). Lately I've been tentatively dipping my toes in the Bleach fandom, though I'm not sure yet how committed I am to posting for a series that keeps promising to break my heart with dubious plot decisions. I've decided to discontinue a number of my stories which will hopefully encourage me to finally pick up and start new things. I won't discount the possibility of maybe someday reviving an idea that's been sent to the graveyard, but it most likely won't be soon.

Main Bio:
I do a lot of writing that doesn't quite make it to this account, which isn't helped at all by my sporadic interest in fandoms. I write all manner of things, though I do lean towards slash most of the time. Crack pairings are my bread and butter, and for some reason I keep finding myself falling into small and unloved fandoms though I have a passing interest in the larger ones. I play video games, watch anime, and occasionally draw, though like my fic writing it's a casual pastime. Like most authors I live for reviews, and I will take constructive criticism without flying into a rage or attacking you with an army of sockpuppets. I'm virtually harmless, I promise. :3

My Fandoms of Choice:
Street Sharks/Dinovengers
Extreme Dinosaurs
Arc: Twilight of the Spirits
Clocktower 3
Cyborg 009
Yu Yu Hakusho
DragonBall Z
Jak and Daxter
Sonic the Hedgehog
Persona 3/Persona 4

All of these I've dabbled in at least once - some quite extensively though it may not be published online. Also in recent months I've taken a lot of things down. If you vaguely remember a story of mine that you'd like to see again, I'm usually happy to repost it if you'd like to ask me.

Extra Tidbits

Your formatting is horrible! Why have you mauled these poor stories?
This site just doesn't like me...or anyone, really. It likes to chew up innocent stories and spit them out mangled. I do usually try to fix this before anyone has to witness the horror but apparently the rules change at random every so often and the stories end up looking a mess. The older ones probably have it worse since I don't check them so often. Rest assured, I have well mastered the art of paragraph breaks, so if a story looks like a giant paragraph o' doom just send me a note and I shall try to fix it.

Your spelling sucks too. Don't you re-read this stuff?
S-sometimes? I find it almost impossible to find mistakes in my own writing because my brain reads in what should be there rather than what is. This is especially true of new writing. I don't have a regular beta, though a few kind souls have volenteered to edit a few of my works and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. For those fics that aren't so lucky, I do the best I can, and encourage my readers to point out the more jarring typos.

So what about reviews/constructive criticism/just plain criticism?
I love reviews. Srsly. Even the "plz rite moar" kind. I'm not picky...I have, however, recieved some really lovely in-depth reviews since I started on this site, and it's the reason I persevere here despite the issues this place has. Most of those awesome reviews have had a positive tone, but I'm not at all averse to a little bit of criticism. I won't bite heads off or throw tantrums or anything like that if you point out the flaws in my stories. They exist, I know my writing's not perfect, and I always jump at the chance to improve. After all, I'm pretty sure someone wouldn't go to the effort of writing a criticism if they thought I had no redeeming qualities. (Okay, some people might, but I try to think optimistically)

I want you to work on this story/fandom/idea I have.
I don't really take up other people's ideas. I have too many of my own to start with. For my current fics, if there's something you have special interest in, I can sometimes be bribed to resurrecting them by promises of fic-swaps or first born children. I prefer to work on stories that I know people are appreciating, so leaving me reviews or messages about the story or fandom in question can sometimes respark my interest.

Current Story Status (in vague order of priority)

Title: Kindred's Bond
Fandom: Clock Tower 3
Progress: 13/18 (approx) chapters complete
Notes: Have planned up to the epilogue. This story, I will complete if it kills me. Yes, I haven't updated in an extremely long time, but it's one of the fics I'm most proud of and one day it will see it's conclusion.

Title: Long Lost
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog
Progress: 7/21 (approx) chapters complete
Notes: On hold, possibly permanently, if only because as much as I love the characters, I don't find much inspiration in the fandom.

Title: The Shifting nature of Teamwork
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog
Progress: 2/5
Notes: Discontinued, barring a sudden revival of my fandom interest.

Title: Street Sharks Redux
Fandom: Street Sharks
Progress: Drop in the bucket. I am so doomed.
Notes: Discontinued, likely for good. I carried a torch for this fandom for years after the show was practically lost to obscurity, but I think I'm out for good now.

Title: This Point Forward
Fandom: Shadow Raiders
Progress: 1/?
Notes: Discontinued. Still love the show, but the fandom is so small and practically extinct.

Everything Else: Stalled due to lack of interest, falling out of the fandom, or because the plot bunnies won't play nice.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Kindred's Bond reviews
Clock Tower 3: After her fifteenth birthday, Alyssa is parent-less and purposeless until contact from a distant branch of the family brings her into a turmoil of Rooder politics where her only uncertain ally is one of her former enemies.
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Post Series ficlets; Politics, partnerships, reunions and revelations.
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Odd had kissed him, but he could be excused for believing they were going to die at the time. It was meaningless, or so Ulrich thought. UlrichxYumi, UlrichxOdd.
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Seeking reviews
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