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Hello everyone

Some basic information about me:

Birthdate - 05/29/87

Age - you can tell by my birthdate. But I'm probably older than many of you, I fear... T_T

Fandoms I'm interested in - mostly Hetalia

Genres I write - ahahaha, it depends, really. I like (and write) yaoi, I like yuri. I greatly support the policy of "Don't like, don't read" and, thus, I tend to specify in the summary the features of the work I'm submitting.

Native Language - Italian. But I write in English, so, bear with my mistakes. Oh, I'm a grammar nazi. I appreciate fics that are not only beautifully built, but also well written. I'm not talking in terms of impressive style, but I expect people to be as fluent as possible in the language they use and avoid grammar mistakes and hideous shortenings/email language terms/whatever. So, feel free to point out any mistake that I make, please, so I can reach my goal and speak like a native.

Hobbies - reading, writing, watching anime. I recently love cooking.

Nickname meaning - it's the Japanese name of the Buddhist story of the monkey who tries to reach the moon in the lake. I have first read about it in Bleach, volume 17 and I have liked it since then.

Requests - huh. I'd like to accept them, as long as you don't request chaptered stuff and, of course, if I like what you're asking me! I'm willing to set prizefics every 50 reviews (so, for the 50th, 100th, 150th review and so on), should you be interested.

Current obsession - WW2

Beta requests - I don't think I can be a good beta. English is not my native tongue and I don't have enough time to follow someone on a regular basis ...

Anyway! I'm Italian. And, since I'm active mainly in the Hetalia fandom, I'm willing to help with the following things:

- proofreading any Italian word/sentence you want to use in your fanfiction. I've seen too many... broken Italian sentences, really too many! ;_;
Don't worry about the sentence being M-rated, or something. I'm willing to help with that kind of talk, too. Just send it over, don't be prude! ;)
I can make decent comparisons with English and French words, should you need it.

- give you an insight/tips on Italian history, culture, food, or whatever you might need to make your work more accurate or something. Just use Google, first. I'm not a book, of course, I can only help you make your story more...Italian-like? It's all about the details...! :O

Just PM me, and try to be specific about your request, please!


"Enkou-chan! Tell me about WWII in Italy!" - wrong request
"Enkou-chan! Where can I find information about the conditions of Southern Italy during WWII? " - good request

That's all for now!

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