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Author has written 17 stories for Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹, Future Diary/未来日記, and Nichijou/日常.



In celebration of Shattered Wings being finished, we have composed a list of the beginning and ending lines for each of the chapters. They tell their own amusing story.

Here's the beginning lines:

Fuyuki’s first spoonful of porridge in the morning felt cold against his tongue, despite its hot temperature.
The Demon King, huh?
Fuyuki opened his eyes groggily as the familiar sight of his room greeted his eyes.
“Arrg…. Just who does that teacher think she is!”
Fuyuki bolted upright in his bed in a cold sweat. His hands were shaking and clammy, and his breathing was shallow from the vivid nightmare.
The next day in class, as Fuyuki listened to Dororo’s history lesson, a thought occurred to him.
Fuyuki’s veins filled with something more powerful in his mind than blood—determination.
On the bright side, Dororo was willing to acknowledge that Kululu contributed to the essay.
It had taken weeks to successfully prepare for the festival.
It had been two weeks since the destruction of the festival, and the main town outside of Fuyuki’s schooling area was still recovering from the shock of it all.
“OW!” Natsumi yelled as her mother combed the tangles from out of her hair.
For a full half an hour, Fuyuki just sobbed in his sister’s arms.
Natsumi was vaporizing demons right and left.
First and foremost, the group headed toward a nearby town to do some shopping for the essentials, such as food, sleeping bags, tents, jackets, hats, and various hygiene materials, like toothbrushes and whatnot.
“And I just wanted to talk to you for so long, and I just…. Oh my god, have I mentioned what my favorite food was yet?”
In all his years of being an assassin, Dororo had never felt so afraid.
He couldn’t sleep at all—the restlessness, the worry—it was all floating around in his head, along with the image of the skeletal baby.
The Messenger of Death’s staff… I can’t believe that was the Messenger of Death’s staff!
The first emotion that washed over him was relief. Mois…. She’s alive! he realized.
Kululu was a good liar.
Taking out the leader—or better known as taking out Natsumi.
For a long moment, everyone stood before the angels in throbbing silence. And then a single voice broke it.
Kululu was dragged, kicking and laugh-screaming, to the dungeons of the town, for the highest-security prison.
Mois… you silly…. I don’t have a uterus, Kululu thought to himself as Fuyuki’s body grew weaker and weaker from the pain and loss of blood.
Kululu just moped as Natsumi, apparently the only responsible one thinking about the clear facts that angels were coming back, was driving.
It was as if the world had changed overnight.
Things seemed to slow down for Fuyuki as he watched Momoka fall from the cliff along with Mois.
It was about two days until Kululu stopped feeling so safe at the manor.
Fuyuki and Momoka continued kissing on a nice couch.
In the week following, Kululu and Fuyuki had a dandy time of patching up relationships and spending time with Rinono, and getting to know Rinono, respectively.
It didn’t take long for the group to realize that a war was going on, or had just started.
“The war only went on for about a week, but everyone was scared that they would be hurt.”

Here's the ending lines:

Demon King… Wait… Fuyuki mentally screamed as he realized the horrible mistake that had happened. AHHHHHH!
“Please,” said Kululu with great modesty, “call me ‘your highness.’ ”
There might be something deep down worth trying to get to.
Fuyuki never was quite sure whether it was the demon or if it was his father who wrote the letter. All he knew was, a few days later when he was playing at the beach with Natsumi, they found the pair of shoes that used to belong to Haru.
He just had to deal with the assassin after the two of them and the jerky king who desperately wanted to be a jerk instead of a friend.
His demon was the Demon King himself, after all.
Fuyuki remained blissfully unaware.
Fuyuki was a little disappointed, and he wished dearly that Kululu couldn’t sense it.
Instead, he blacked out, hoping he wouldn’t drown in the rain and mud.
Standing there was a young girl with a staff in her hands.
He was just so happy that she had returned.
Weren’t they?
And the six of them left town.
Keroro felt weird, but he just sighed. “So you’re a mortal now, too, huh…” he said. He couldn’t believe Tamama’s thoughtless decision. Who would be next to go?
“Koyuki….” He held the letter close, wishing dearly he could see her.
He never did find out.
He didn’t know.
It was Mois.
“Oh, Fuyuki… I hope you’re safe.”
If a war really was coming, perhaps it was time to get rid of their leader.
Kululu fainted.
What were these heartless monsters and what had they gotten themselves into?
“You could say, an eye for an eye?” She stabbed him one more time before he fell over. The last thing he saw before darkness greeted him was blood covering her hands.
Kululu had never hated himself more than at that moment.
And it was all because of social media.
Kululu and Fuyuki could only save one.
And, for a little while at the manor, Kululu felt safe.
Relationships were pretty tough, but they were learning. They were working through the bumps.
And Kululu accepted the hug, nuzzling into it like he had first wanted when he had killed Shupepe. The safety of his sister’s arms and her comfort.
They could save their species this time. They could double-double-cross her.
And now Fuyuki and Momoka were free to live the rest of their life in happiness.
Just the way things were meant to be.


Sorry for the hiatus, I am not dead, I am just really busy. I do want to start writing soon again but there's just been a lot on my plate this summer. Mostly good things tho :) Also I changed my profile pic because the FFnet crew decided to crop our avatars so mine was de-funnied. Originally it said "GOOGLY EYES - Such a tragic disease." Now it just says "OOGLY EYE - Such a tragic disease." I have never before been so wronged.


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Most of my stories are listed below but the ones you will not find unless you look in my favorites are the following collaboration stories:

Shattered Wings [Sgt. Frog] -- found under Rainbowkittyblossomwings
Fuyuki Hinata lives in a world in which demon possession is the norm for kids his age. Instead of getting Keroro as his demon, however, he accidentally becomes possessed by Kululu, the king of demons himself, who is definitely not the best guy to share one's body with. As the months go by, Fuyuki slowly discovers first-hand the secrets about demons that society has been hiding, and how their whole culture centers around lies, hoaxes, and scandals. AU.

The Hinata House [Sgt. Frog] -- found under Rainbowkittyblossomwings
When Natsumi learns that Fuyuki’s been having delusions about aliens ever since the death of their parents, she is devastated. Now, Fuyuki resides in the well-funded asylum of Hinata city, along with many other friends he makes. But is the Hinata House really all that it claims to be? Based on the question "what if Fuyuki Hinata had only THOUGHT Keroro and the others were aliens?" Kind of dark. Idk why I like Fuyuki so much, he's just a fun character to write about. Also the next update is on me so you are free to bother me. AU.

One Hundred Days [Sgt. Frog] -- found under Mister Don Johnny Cadet Sir
I've only written like three chapters for this story, but it's really well-written bc Johnny Cadet is pretty rad, so you should check it out. The Garuru Platoon crash-lands and is stuck in Arizona until their ship can be repaired. Unfortunately they have to rely on Kululu for help, which is a bad idea, because he would rather watch everyone go through weird simulations instead of helping them out. Johnny is short and many cookies die. Mourn the Commander.

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In this dramatic drabble of who-knows-what, Kululu embarks on a journey of his feelings and stuff. Not sure what else there is to the story... Written for Rainbowkittyblossomwings. And the genres are complete lies. LIES, I SAY!
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We all know that Giroro feeds Natsumi sweet potatoes, right? Well, this is how the food feels. Gets a little tragic at the end. If you don't like food abuse, don't read. *haha, these are stars*
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Love - what is it? Is it a feeling to be welcomed, a feeling that brings two people together in happiness? Or is it a key to despair, sucking one into a vortex of lonliness, unrequited feelings, and friendzoning? Giroro doesn't quite know. He's still in denial. *author-with-bias warning, also needs serious editing*
Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹 - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,329 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 2 - Published: 2/24/2012 - Giroro, Natsumi H. - Complete
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