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Well, well, well...Here I am, back after 2 years. Why did I leave? Oh, my stories kept getting banned for "being in script"
(Are Courrier, Arial and Times New Roman script to you? I didn't think so).
Anyway, my best friend told me they fixed up whatever it was that messed my documents up so...I'm back (not like anyone cares, I never had much success).


About my stories:

Mikoto's Revenge: I still have to finish the last chappie of Mikoto's revenge(Zoids)...However,that ain't gonna happen. instead I'll just tell you what's supposed to happen. Raven kills Mikoto and gets separated from Reese forever.

Poems: Collection of Zoids-based poems

Stupid Questions: Completed story where an announcer would have NC0 characters interrogate CC and CC:GF characters (Zoids again). That story had the most success, but I personally don't like it as I didn't spend all that much time writing it; I just wrote whatever came. I much rather prefer Mikoto.

Hiei and the Ice Cream Truck: This is a story that my best friend's sister wanted her to write. However, since she was too lazy to write it, I did it instead. It's a one-shot fic. Very stupid but hey, it's cute. Anyway, I was thinking of maybe writing a sequel to it.

The Babysitter: A story I had a lot of fun writing, but a lot of hard time getting on fanfiction.net. For some reason, they kept telling me it was in script and actually banned my account for a little while for "breaking the rules too many times" (aka. I kept trying to change formats and fonts to see if I could get it to stop changing into script when uploaded)

Love Dies: My first serious Yu Yu fic. Since it kept getting taken off too, I stopped writing it. So now, I really have to reread it so that I may finish it. I only have 2 chappies so far.

Stories I was supposed to write (and MAYBE will):

'Between Confessions' (KoenmaX Puu fic.)-meh, not gonna happen (though I still have the handwritten first chappie somewhere)

Hiei and Kurama go to WhiteCastle-yeah, that isn't gonna happen either. ( I think I still have the handwritten copy somewhere too...on the back of some math classwork)

Like Father like son- a High School musical 2 fic where...Coach Bolton and Gabriella hit it off after her breakup with Troy. (Yeah, I'm sick)- I may write this one.

Genesis: Magic Knight Rayearth fic where somehow I'd manage to write a storyline where everysingle main character would get laid (even Mokona and dead people...). I don't think I'll write this one.

Stories I am CURRENTLY WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Ultimate Challenge (working title): Zoids-The CC/GF characters will be randomly drawn into 3 teams who will compete for their safe return to Planet Zi. Sequel to Stupid Questions.

Zabre Fang (working title):Zoids-I'm not sure. I started it but I have nothing planned for it...I'm just gonna write and hope for the best. However, it has something to do with a Zabre Fang (yes, I do know some people spell it Saber , Sabre, and Zaber. I don't care).

Mikoto's Revenge chapter 9: OMG!!! I'm actually gonna end this story! It's been over 4 YEARS since my last update. Damn. I'm gonna have a lot of reading to do in order to remember exactly where I was going with this.

Lost Premises (working title): HSM- ZekeXRyan fic (Zyan for all of you people too lazy to write the full pairing)

Love Dies chapter 3: ...I have no idea what to write...I stopped writing this story about 1.6 years ago...I need to reread both chappies like crazy until I get the flow back.

Hunter Hunted (working title): Sequel to The Babysitter...Much darker than the Babysitter...

Petite Julie(working title): Hono no Alpen Rose fanfic. (if anyone knows in which section I'd put this, please mail me. I can't find the title in the title list). I'll write it in both French and English. (Don't know Alpen Rose? ...It wasn't released in English. Dailymotion has French episodes though. Youtube has Arabic episodes).


1. Seeing people mix characters' names to show couples. (ie. Troyella). I'm sorry I'm old fasioned but...write their whole names out!!! To me it's TroyXGabriella. I don't care if it takes a lot of characters out of your summary.

2. AnyoneXSharpay fics. To me Sharpay doesn't belong with anyone because no one is good enough to be with her.


"The stars look beautiful tonight but they bring me no comfort Do you see them Shadow?"

"For those with wings, fly to your dreams" Pilot Candidate/ Candidate for Goddess

"This wind reminds me of home. It comforts me and it soothes me. It tastes like freshly spilled blood and the rotten flesh of the decaying corpses." Hiei

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