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Name: Dragonheart2 (what? You thought I'd really tell you?)

Age: 17

Gender: What do you think?

Nationality: Insania. Just kidding, I'm a citizen of The United States of America. Don't call me an American, I'll laugh at you and ask you what kind, then quiz you on ALL the capitals of all the countries, then of all the states, provinces, territories, etc. Especially the Canadian ones. Haha. :P

What I look like: We'll keep it very simple. My hair color depends on my mood, because I dye it every two months when my roots are about three inches or so long (my hair grows very fast), currently it is vampire red. My skin color is olive hued (and I'm not Greek or adoptedeither O.o) and no one else in my family has that skin tone, which makes me think I inheirited the recessive genes in the family.I'm around 5'3" (I grew an inch! Yay!) and I'm of average size. Not slim, I'm afraid. I love cooking and then eating what I make, very bad habit. My eyes are darkishocean blue with a tiny green ring around the pupil with a navy blue ring around my irises. That's all you need to know.

Current stories being written:

Blood Moon

Discontinued Stories

Bishies and Duels andHandmaiden of Pain.


Amazing, I finally figured out how to reach my profile! Well, I'm back as a writer, but I'm definitely only going to be doing Blood Moon and whatever new stories I come up with. The others are permanently discontinued, except for perhaps Handmaiden of Pain, since that's Trillium's story in the first place. Oh, by the way, Trillium is my former beta writer, for those who care to know.

Blood Moon is one of those stories where I actually have a plan that I'm following (loosely). I predict it to be long and definitely not ending by next year.

New stories might pop now and again, but you never know.

Review Responses for Chapter 10 of Blood Moon:

Miharu Kawashi: Yes, I do tend to dish out short chapters when I'm thinking, but hopefully this chapter is the signal flag for the rush, being a longer one than before. Oh, and my two most favorites are Kenshin and Hiko in that order. Saitoh actually is kinda knocking Hiko off the second place marker lately...I blame it on my love for arrogant men. Just something about them...

Cleo: Well, thanks, I think. O.o I admit to being confused as to what the heck you're talking about. Must examine mind, it's loosing translation powers...

omasuoniwabanshi: Thanks for the headsup! I rarely (almost never) check the rules out, so I'm constantly in danger of getting my ass kicked. I always saw Sano kinda like how I am with kids that I like (info tip #1: Dragonheart2 doesn't like kids. gasp! But she does adore her three little cousins nevertheless.). Not to say that Sano doesn't like kids, that's just my odd quirk I'm sure I'll grow out of, he does, but I do agree that he does enjoy teasing them. So, in other words, Sano has fallen like so many others have for those oh-so-cute purple eyes and red hair and became another doting surrogate uncle. Lucky kid. He's going to be terrible when he grows up. I wouldn't say that Hiko and the rakshasa had a heart to heart chat, that'd be really weird if they did..heheh, omake ideas again...Anyways, glad you liked the transition chapter (I'm stealing the name because it souds better than what I was calling it coughbschaptercough), hope you like this one better, since some actual brain power went into it.

Chapter 11 Review Responses

omasuoniwabanshi: Well, they may look amiable, but remember, powerful entities seldom get along well for extended periods of time. Hmm...I don't know if I want to talk about how Sanosuke learned how to access his powers yet..probably not for awhile, because it's all tied into a portion of the story that is a bit ahead... Poor Hiko. He's got a hard job ahead of him, but remember, he's a tenacious little (little?) bastard.

Miharu Kawashi: Updating often you say:P Hardly likely. I didn't mean to take your advice (I meant to put off writing for at least a week, 'cause a month would drive me nuts), but after my friend's father died (he was a friend of mine sorta too), I just got really sad and couldn't find any inspiration or inclination to write anything. But, that's past me now and I'm very determined to continue writing this and my FY story. Thank you for your advice and compliments, they're both very helpful.


Well, I'm back with a new fic called Another Chance, please read it. It's a Fushigi Yuugi story that has been popping in and out of my head for about four years. Please treat it kindly. No cursing at the screen or anything like that, it won't change the wording, ya know.

Blood Moon is still going to be written, don't worry! I'm still doing some heavy research (in other words I discovered some interesting mythology and philosophy books and am devouring them like a Hermione) and will be back to writing it regularly in a month or so. Please don't hurt me, I can't help my being anal about weird details...

I also have another idea popping up in my head, it's Full Metal Alchemist related, but I think I can restrain myself from writing anything about it for at least four or five months, so at least I'll have SOME headway on my newest fic and Blood Moon. _


I've deleted three of my stories, Shopping Disastors, Innocent Beginings, and Harry Potter and the Discovery of Shadow Magic. I think they sucked, personally, so I was doing spring cleaning in my stuff, and decided I couldn't bear to have them exist anymore. So, bye bye those three...I'm debating whether to remove Bishies and Duels or not...some people liked it a lot and it wasn't terrible likes those other three...it's definitely never going to be finished, but should I get rid of it or not? Maybe, maybe not. I can't decide now...


I'm back in action now, ready to do damage to that lost timeof the past two months. Expect at least one update per current story bimonthly. :D This should help me gain ground on the time I lost due to inactivity. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Get out there and run around! Play soccer! Throw a frisbee! Act like a kid and revel in it! ahem I just did the same a few days ago, so I feel obligated to get everyone else to go enjoy doing something out of the norm (unless it is the norm for some people). Where I come from, we can't play sports, for the most part, outside for at least four months of the year because we don't like getting frostbitten. It's 56 degrees Farenheight and everyone thinks it's summer now. I'm serious. They (and me) are wearing tank tops, short shorts, and sandals! Yes, I know, that's insane. But we do it anyways (we'd do it in 48 degree weather)

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Blood Moon reviews
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