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Author has written 3 stories for Claymore, Silent Hill, and Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人.


I am someone who enjoys to write stories and I just love the manga Claymore, among other ones. The Anime was good but the ending... not so much...

Im a unpublished writer and try to work on this one long story for everything its worth. I find inspiration daily and work on it day and night while I try to make my studies balance with it.

I try to update whenever I can .

As mentioned I loved the manga Claymore but I felt that there was pieces that where missing in that story.

I started to write the "Silver Eyed Angel" A story where nearly everyone, ( And I mean EVERYONE) is a Original Character created by me.

The setting is the world of Claymore but yet very different.

Credit for the foundation of Claymore goes to Yagi-san.

If youre curious then see for yourself since I wont spoil here.

A also created a devianaccount to try and illustrate the story but I have no real luck with that. If youre interested then contact me there.

I know that there might be some spelling errors but Im doing my best to eradicate them one chapter at the time. And sometimes I re-write the whole chapter instead (mostly early chapters where I havent been as developed as I am now and brought more depth to it, current chapters edited: chapter 1-12...13 in progress)

Also for those that read "The Silver-Eyed Angel" A character poll has been created. visit my profile and its down there in "polls"

Theres also a forum for the story, feel free to visit it.

And PLEASE if you're reading the story... leave reviews! I would really appreciate it.

And just a word.

All Original Characters in the Silver Eyed Angel are MINE... There...I said it.

And enjoy reading the story:)

I also have a devianart page where I illustrate and try to draw the characters in my story.

Oh and there is also a "Silver Eyed Angel Wiki" thats up and going.

Still in development of course.

Due to personal issues (due to mental and physical fatigue and deterioration) and issues which has showed up in the story...I am sad to say that the "Silver Eyed Angel" will enter a Hiatus during the time re-editing takes place alongside with the recovery of my own mental state and psychological and physical condition has improved to continue going with new chapters...

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience for all you readers whore waiting for new chapters, but there are things that I must take in higher priority than the updating of the current story line. (Fixing the "Corrupt War arc" is also one of these issues alongside with the current major ones as well.)

What this Hiatus involves, is basically me going back to earlier chapters to do some refining work on them, re-write, smooth out edges, (and once and for all DEAL with the "Corrupt arc" after who knows how long this has been put on hold...) so I just wanted to inform you all here on why the next chapter will be postponed "indefinitely" while this takes place...

(As an author, it is my duty to tend to my my pace.)

Once again, thank you really much for reading and following so far.

Please, during this hiatus, please provide feedback for the chapters with your opinions, as this hiatus has been invoked due to the massive "lack" of feedback and the errors which has piled up as a result of this massive updating and rewrite thats about to come. There is a legitimate reason to why Im asking for feedback every time in the authors notes...

Once again, I will give a short conclusion on this post...

The "Silver-Eyed Angel"

Status: "Hiatus"

Duration: "Indefinite"(Until all the corrections has been done so to speak.)

Once again, pardon the inconvenience and have a good day.

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The Silver Eyed Angel reviews
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