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Pen name: Redfox Me a girl, Honest I say! Age: =P Yami: Maat, the arsonist/ tomb robber My yami's a boy thank you very much. Favorite Characters: ... um... Can I settle with a "Too many to mention" sign? Looks: I'd like to shorten my part of the bio... so I won't write it anymore. If you want to imagine me as a Red furred fox running amock and biting people... be my guest. Yami's looks: Long black hair in a pony tail Dark Red eyes and very pointy evil teeth. His eyes are like Yami Bakura's. He acts like 'im too. Ya know what's cool? JHONEN! ...Well, his creations are cool. ^_~

Redfox: I'm feeling more reserved now-a-days. No more freakish running around with dangerous objects for me... heh, when hell freezes over!! *picks up flamethrower and runs around screaming "Free the plushies!"* Okay... since Megane-chan put up a note... I guess I don't have to... *looks at readers blankly* Um... yeah... You could tell it's her part... ya know, when it gets kinda neat... and it's kinda cool... she made it all Bold and stuff!!! *giggles maniacally*

Note: Ah, what the hell. Sorry for writing this!-- I figure It'll take me oh, say... a couple of hours to put up new chapters of 'Alternate Endings'... If things get REALLY bad... can we say, Months? For 'Yugi goes to the Guidance Counselor: Sanity now included!' Eh, gimme a couple of days... It's not that hard... I'm just lazy. ^_^

Megane-chan: ^_^ I was bored so I fixed the bio of Redfox as well. Hope it's okay with her...Um... *shifty eyes* I'm leaving now...

Redfox: 6-2-04 Ok, so I'm a bit late with the quote for the month. Its not like you guys are reading this anyway. =P What reasoning... anyway, I've been able to work on so many of my fics!!!! YAY!!!! ^_^ You better review... I don't know who I'm talking to... o_o I've gone mad!!! ...*shrugs* Oh well.

Redfox: 10-23-04 GAHG. Over 3 month's hiatus... yeehk. Hope you guys haven't given up on us yet! I've updated on "Boy behind the Glass" and "Alternate Endings". ^_^ Update!

Redfox: 12-4-04 woah. It's been so long. I decided to clean up my side of the bio meaning, I deleted all those nasty, LONGmessages and putting in new ones. hee.

Redfox's quote for the month: "When in doubt, Pinky out."

Random Reasoning:

Why are the Acolyte's all men? /X-Men: Evolution/ "Why is it that we're all guys..." Pyro asked the Acolyte's boss, "Why don't we try for a woman next time?"

"Because women are complicated." was Magneto's simple reply.

After Ginji defeated him, why did Akabane suddenly take off leaving Himiko behind? /-episode 5?? Get Backers/ The answer is simple: He got too exited. XD


Pen name: Megane-chan
Age: ...14... >. (AHH!!! I'm aging!!!)
Gender: female
Looks: ...I have glasses. ^^
Brief Description: *shrugs*


Cartoons: The Simpsons, X-Men Evolution, Yu-gi-oh!, Spongebob Squarepants
Third Rock From the Sun, That 70's Show, Just Shoot Me
Characters: PYRO!!! (Did I mention that I also go by the name "pyromaniac"? ^^ It's just an e-mail though, not an account on Gambit, Iceman, Ryou, Bakura, Marik
Bands: Linkin Park!!! Good Charlotte, The All-American Rejects, Simple Plan, and lots more. ^^
Games: Final Fantasy's 7-9, Kingdom Hearts, all Tony Hawk games, The Simpsons: Hit and Run

NOTE: I actually graduated!!! WHOO!!! *does some weird dance* Heh. A random quote... "When in doubt, put random shit." LOL. "Music Videos" was already finished... But I saved the file in a diskette and my stupid computer won't read it. So, unfortunately, I have to do it all over again... This sucks...

04/22/04: Uh...Hi...I decided to write useless stuff here as well...Though I doubt I'd take up more space than redfox has already...
04/23/04: I'm Happy Noodle Boy!!!
05/03/04: About "Music Videos", I'll lie. It'll be updated real soon. *innocent smile*
: ...*farts*
11/25/04: ...*burps*

The meaning of stuff:

Megane-chan: A being of pure sarcasm.
Redfox: The creature that hides under your bed and sceeches "TONGA!" right when your eyes begin to droop.
Fanfiction: The dumb stuff we try to force feed to you people.
"We'll be updating soon" "Don't count on us updating anytime this year."
(Redfox) "Computer Trouble" "Sorry but I'm a bit lazy."
(Megane-chan) "This sucks..." "A minor road bump but an excuse nonetheless."
"Tonga!" ... It doesn' really have a meaning... I just like scaring sleepy people.
"MikamikaMushkduk!" Tonga except longer...
(This goes for either one) "I uploaded! Yay!" "I actually did something right in my life! Miracles CAN happen!"

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