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The shadows are where I reside. They're overwhelming to some; relaxing to others. I am not lonely, not depressed or anything disheartening, but reserved and quiet. Due to my mellow personality, I’m unnoticed and ignored by some, but...I’m still here.

I’m here walking through the park.

Here volunteering at an animal shelter.

Here amidst the silent of the night, in these thick shadows.

Here in the dark corner of my room, a Word document pulled up with thousands of words stuffing the otherwise blank screen.

When on this site, I’m noticed and acknowledged from these shadows, and so are my emotions, and that never changes. Despite my mooddespite my fearsdespite my impulses and tragedies and fortuneI will always enjoy my time here no matter where I am, no matter how thick the shadows. No matter how aching my fingers may be, or how leaden my eyes become.

I learn and improve here, and I wholeheartedly appreciate that. One of my greatest dreams is to become an author, and currently I/m enjoying the heartfelt journey as I type this. Although, in a way, I’ve already accomplished my dreamhere: in my favorite places, in the silent of the night, in the dark corner of my room.

I'm here, in my favorite places, in the security of thick shadows. Unnoticed and ignored by some, but...I'm happy. :3

Greetings! I’m Shadow, and welcome to my territory! If you’re interested in a Pokémon fanfic, whether it’s romance or adventure or horror, you have stumbled upon the right profile. My abode welcomes all fanfic-lovers and novelists—or anyone in general, really; all humans and Pokémon and potatoes or whatever, you may enter!—and feel free to message me whether for constructive criticism, beta-reading requests, or just to chat. Also, know I’m a weird fellow, but aren’t we all deep down?

I’m referenced as a snivy with purple and black scales, which my profile picture portrays. I’ve also created my profile picture personally and I’m going to eventually draw story covers for all my fanfics. Emphasis on eventually...I'm currently mapping them out, but I’ll finish the one for Thunder and Ice soon! Yay!

Definitely weird but kinda necessary heads up: I’m totally female (no man can love stuffed animals as much as I love stuffed animals), but in one of my fanfics there is another discolored snivy named Shadow, and he's male. This obviously stirs confusion, so I’ll explain my reasoning here: I consider Shadow-the-character as an exaggeratedly antisocial, discourteous, sullen side of me that is easier for me to write as a guy. I'm known as Shadow-the-author, a crazy snivy girl desiring to make writing as my living. In the past, I dubbed us both as Shadow Snivy since I was a regularly lazy, immature, egoistic person...and so I didn't bother manifesting another character for a fanfic. I’d change Shadow-the-character’s name or species now if it wouldn’t drastically alter his story and ruin memories, and I would change my pen name if I wasn’t so attached and in love with it. You can consider me the main character of The Shadow Snivy except as a male if that's easier (that was the case when I started, too), but to me today, it’s a dark and sadistic figment of my imagination crafted into a character that happens to share my pen name.

That's all that comes to mind for including in this...introduction, of sorts. I might add more later, but it's unlikely. I'm not too interesting—just a weird writer girl in a weird writers' world. :3

-Fanfiction Statuses-

05/02/2015: I’ve decided to alter a lot of my profile’s format for a fresh breath of perspective. I personally like it. :D Anyways, I’ve contemplated many plans for quite a while now and I finally took action with some of them today!
To start…Abysmal Mind has been deleted. I sincerely thank Annihilator5026 for his awesome help with beta-reading this fanfic, but this is better than leaving it online in its current state. Abysmal Mind was supposed to only have ten to twelve chapters, which isn’t much at all, but I only had two chapters finished (minus the brief prologue and a half-done Chapter 3) and it’s been a little longer than a year since I started it. Unfinished, scarce updates, somewhat cliché plot: ugh. I’m planning to bring Abysmal Mind back in the future with a bolstered plot and more originality, but I won’t even consider rewriting it until I have The Shadow Snivy and Thunder and Ice fully revised and finished. I would rather restart the fic and finish in the same year instead of abandoning it for months at a time. Again, thanks to Annihilator for his awesome assistance, and I’m hoping he’ll help again when I eventually restart Abysmal Mind (if the 500 years of no free time curse alleviates enough for ya, amigo x3), but the story’s not available as of now... U.U

I also deleted The BoltBlast Chronicles since it’s been on hiatus since 2013—two years ago!—and I have no intentions on bringing it back. Last year, I hoped to delete it and restart with an improved plot, but I’m completely tossing the fanfic aside now. I’ll definitely attempt at another PMD story again with a vulpix like Inferno, and his partner will be a snivy with characteristics of Bolt the pikachu, but that’s even farther in the future than Abysmal Mind’s reboot. So, two fanfics have been deleted today. Sorry if anyone has been following through either. .-.

Lastly, I’ll address plans concerning my Thunder and Ice revisions. When I began these more than a year ago, months before even starting Abysmal Mind, I thought I could easily rewrite twenty-five chapters or so while simultaneously writing new chapters. However, after all this time, I learned the hard way that things are not that easy. New T&I chapters take exceptionally longer than previously, especially since I've been writing longer and longer ones that reach 10K or so, and I have never procrastinated so much before. I am done rewriting, and it will stay that way until the actual story is finished. About five, more, chapters—that’s it, and then I’m done. If I continue revising, these final climatic chapters will take months, and I want to finish before or within the first days of summer. If all goes according to plans, Thunder and Ice should finish by some time next month! :3 As for revisions, I’m going to finish Chapter 10’s revision relatively soon, upload it along with the other nine, and that’s that for now.

Thanks for bearing with this lengthy update, and unless I have a majorly important thing to inform everyone again, this should be the longest these statuses ever become. :3

-Current Notions-

Fanfic—A Fennekin’s Life: I’ll begin this fanfic once I organize the chaos with my current fanfics. This stars a female fennekin named Miki, she lives in the forest known as Redleaf, and that’s all to be revealed until I have my fanfiction life sorted out (in which includes revising and finishing Thunder and Ice and The Shadow Snivy). Also, I'll probably hold off on this until done writing The Darkest Rose and rebooting Abysmal Mind, though I'm not certain.

Fanfic—A Mutated Nightmare: This is The Shadow Snivy fanfic, renamed and revised. I’m not going to delete TSS and restart it as I will with AMN, but I’m going to revise all the chapters already up and rename it once done. Honestly, I want to delete and restart it, but then I’d lose my first ever reviews that I greatly treasure on here, even if they’re riddled with insults and constructive criticism and I could just save them as a Word document. I should get to this once finished with Thunder and Ice.

Fanfic—The Darkest Rose: I'm hesitant to reveal much information on this yet, but there will be an interesting absol character named Aspen. It’ll address dark themes such as murder and, well, darkness. There will be around the same amount of chapters as with Abysmal Mind, and it will be in present tense. I won’t post The Darkest Rose until after Thunder and Ice and The Shadow Snivy are finished and revised, and it’ll probably be posted at the same time as Abysmal Mind’s reboot.

Reboot—Abysmal Mind: When finished with things concerning T&I and TSS, I’m going to rewrite this 10-12 chapter fanfic that I deleted due to having too much on my hands to finish. I’m planning to restart this at the same time I post The Darkest Rose.

-Revision Information-

Revisions. I have so, many, plans for them lately—enough to create an entire section on my profile for it. Not only is this a valuable tracker of my progress, but I'm setting external expectations that'll encourage me to stay caught up. If those who frequently check my profile also steal at glimpse here, they'll see how active or inactive I've been, and I don't want that image of laziness to bloat more so than it already has! So, this'll surely motivate me to keep consistent and follow through with my plans—I promise I'm just busy with life when I'm slow, not lazy! ...Mostly!

A Companion’s Bond: I revised this oneshot sometime last year, but...I've recently read over it again, and I've realized it's so long because I included so many unnecessary details and events and it's poorly crafted in general. Eventually, I'm going to revise the revision...Yeah. (I'm imagining so many people facepalming or rolling their eyes at this, heh...) However, since I often glance at old work and find it horrendous, and I constantly keep improving as a writer...I am holding off another revision for the future.

The Shadow Snivy: I'm holding off on revising this until finished with all details concerning Thunder and Ice.

Thunder and Ice: Chapters 1 through 9 are revised—however, revised chapters 2-9 aren’t up yet for reasons, and I’m thinking about redoing chapter 1. When I’m finished with chapter 10’s revision, I will skim through all the revisions for any typos before uploading them all at once, and then I’m putting all revision projects on hiatus until I’m done writing Thunder and Ice.

Total Chapters Lightly Edited (aka, little editing was needed): 0
Total Chapters Roughly Edited (aka, there was lots of editing): 0
Total Chapters Completely Rewritten: 10
Total Chapters Revised: 10

So there you have it. Not much...eep. I won't make excuses for why I’ve wasted so much time during all these months, so instead I’ll apologize for all this procrastination: I'M VERY SORRY! I want to make these revisions as best as my current writing skills allow, so I’m not going to skim and rush through the editing so it’s sloppily written, but I will be quicker to finish them up this time around. Anyways, let me inform that Thunder and Ice chapters 1 through 20 are definitely going to be complete rewrites, so it takes as much time to finish those as it does to write a new chapter. Since I write at least 6000 words a chapter, they take quite a while! ._.;

-My Fantabulously Weird Life-

Are you really interested in whom I am? I’m humbled! Or maybe you’re victimized to dreary boredom...regardless, thanks for taking the time to read! Whether you’re human or Pokémon or a ghost or nonexistent, I bestow you my sincerest gratitude! :3

I’ve chatted with many quirky and awesome individuals on this site, and I’ve read through spectacular fanfics that put thousands of actual novels to shame. I don’t like to pick favorites unless for the common things (favorite music, favorite food, et cetera), but I'm making an exception here since I’ve mentally registered always-will-be-my-favs-for-life authors, and I feel a need to point them out. So, if you ever need a good read, you can check out one of the four below and I swear you won’t be disappointed!
-Melody340 wrote fanfics that inspired me to start this account in the first place. The spelling and grammar isn’t too polished, but the plots are very, very interesting. We've never messaged each other before, and her account is currently inactive, but Melody has inspiring Pokémon fanfics that I definitely recommend.
-Last Warrior 7 has spectacular and thought-provoking work, and he's an amazing and awesome author in general. He gives aspiring writers very helpful writing advice, and I would’ve probably given up on writing from flaming criticism if not for him.
-Starry’s Light and Kazoot have stories so awesome that mere adjectives can’t describe them to their full extent. Just...awesome. Period. They're my bestest of friends and I'm not sure where I'd be without them by my side, so I'm super glad to have met 'em here. :D If you two are reading this, love ya!

It’s been more than three years since I’ve joined ffnet. Three years! And I am always still bettering, too. Although there are fans of my writing and I believe I write at least semi-good, it not at all translates to saying I’ve always been like this. I had started off with nothing, and then I spun together something: I learned about creation. Acknowledging your mistakes is the first step to improving (and it shows you’re not perfect, because no one is), and even though it's embarrassing, I’ll admit several of the mistakes I’ve made when I first began:

My first chapter ever looked like a battered heap of words out of a word scramble, and it lacked proper grammar and spelling skills, not to mention it hardly reached 500 words in length (did not even know about spell check). In fact, if words and thoughts were tangible, combining the screeches of wild animals and wadding them up into a little ball and throwing it away and dousing it in alcohol and lighter fluid and then burning the entire thing without mercy and sprinkling the ashes of the burning over my thoughts, my childish thoughts from three years ago, and I forcefully spoon-feed it to a dirty stranger off the street—the disgruntled thoughts and remains of that someone would be what my chapter looked like. And yes, I intended to ramble somewhat incoherently right there. My old writing was teeming with run-on sentences.
Ahem! Also, I had began three long-term stories at the same time (one of the three have been deleted), and I am still working on them to this day because of my rash actions. I neglected learning to write properly, and so there are several chapters from my first days as an author in desperate need of revision, and I’ve been struggling to make time for these revisions...Summarized, I have all these projects that are taking forever (not even forever—five-ever) to finish.

…I have traveled an extremely long, tedious journey to fathom the basics of writing, and I am always still trekking along the twisty route of becoming a better author, but it all started here. I learned from my mistakes, I’m willing to state them to the world, and it helps me traverse more and more towards my dreams for being a writer. Also, I haven’t reached where I am alone, because thousands of people have helped me. Every review I receive, every story I read, and every person I meet help me out in some way. There are so many people to thank for my small success, so...I thank everyone that's ever reviewed, provided criticism, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would've never found this passion without everyone's help! :)

Forgetting stuff about Fanfiction... My favorite kind of music? Country, no question. I have no friends that share my love for this underrated music genre, so that’s disheartening. D: My second favorite genre is rock, so I’m more relatable in that aspect, and I'm typically not a fan of pop songs unless they’re from the late ‘00s, or if they’re from Avril Lavigne or We The Kings. Dang, I absolutely adore Avril Lavigne—she’s my favorite pop music artist, and We The Kings is my favorite..."boy band"? I'm not sure if that's the appropriate term for this case; I’d rather all them pop band. X3 I can’t even pick a favorite song from these two because they’re all so good, even the recent Hello Kitty one from Avril—I don’t recommend listening to that one first if you want to check her out. xD Some of my favorite rock bands are Icon For Hire, Green Day, and Skillet, and as for country music, I can’t pick a favorite song or artist (except for Rascal Flatts AHHH THEY HAVE NOT ONE BAD SONG I SWEAR) because nearly every country song I’ve listened to is so good.

I don’t have any favorite TV shows or movies, though I’ve started watching Breaking Bad and Sherlock because my friends never shut up about them! I do have favorite Youtubers; I mainly watch popular gamers and a few vloggers. My favorites are PewDiePie (not too much, but I love many of his legit playthroughs and I'm fine calling myself a bro), Markiplier (JUST YES HE’S SO AWESOME), nearly every Smosh channel, Dookieshed, The Game Theorists, Kalel Kitten (she’s a great animal lover and inspired me to go vegan :3), and CinnamonToastKen. Besides watching those I'm subscribed to, I listen to lots and lots and lots of music, but I'm not subscribing to VEVO channels or anything. Just...nahhh...

Who doesn’t have at least a few favorite anime?! I’ve only recently started getting into anime, vocaloids/utauloids, manga and the such (it’s been just a few months) so my knowledge on such is limited, but I already got a few favorite anime! There’s Attack On Titan (so mainstream, though x.x), Tokyo Ghoul, Angel Beats, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, No Game No Life, Kill la Kill, Another, and Sword Art Online (mostly the first season; I SHIP THE MAIN SHIP AS MUCH AS I EAT FOOD AND SLEEP IN MEH BED). I’m also going to make a list of anime I'll soon start watching or am trying to catch up with as of now...pretty much so I can keep track. xD
Anime To Watch: Fairy Tail, Parasyte, World Trigger, Free!, Blue Exorcist, Baka and Test, RWBY, Fullmetal Alchemist, Clandid, and Noein: To Your Other Self
Any anime suggestions? I’ll add to the list and then we can fangirl about it (or you'll fanboy, whatever~). Eventually. ;D

I'm still in high school, not college yet (though I will definitely be going there), interested in studying abroad, and also aiming for scholarships based off academics and, if it's a thing, community service—one of my friends said it's possible but I'm not certain. While my dream is to be an author, I also want a more stable job relating to health such as a dietitian. Yay for health! :3 My parents hope I'll join the medical field because they truly believe I can, but really, I don't have the endurance for all the extra school, and I'm not really smart: just hungry for knowledge. In truth, I'm random, cuckoo cray-cray, and ABUSE THE HECK OUT OF CAPS LOCK WHENEVER I CAN!

Want to know my real name? Want to know my age? Want to know about every personal thing about me outside of Fanfiction, all the things I’m uncomfortable in telling complete strangers? Well then, listen carefully; I'll only tell you this once... *The sounds of spontaneously combusting oranges in the background drowns out my speech* ...and there you have it!

And yes, I am very aware of the exploding oranges. ;)

-Favorite Quotes-

"Make each day your masterpiece."

"Reading is dreaming with eyes open."

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

"Roses are black; Violets are black; Everything is black; I'm blind."

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

"What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

"Spoiler Alert: I'm human. It's weeeeird."

"Yes mom I know my room is a mess it's a metaphor for my life I'm trying to be poetic."

"Whatever, I'll just date myself."

"It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better."


Shadow (a mutated snivy), credit to Eevee-Snivy:

Starang (Star the zorua x Fang the poochyena), credit to flufflyampharos and based-penga:

Sharunder (Shard the glaceon x Thunder the jolteon), credit to Eevee-Snivy:

Ruby (luxray), credit to Starry’s Light:

Star (zorua) at a birthday party, credit to Starry’s Light:

Sharunder (Shard the glaceon x Thunder the jolteon), credit to Eevee-Snivy:

Shard (glaceon), credit to Starry’s Light:

Characters of Thunder and Ice, credit to Orenji Splash (AMAZING, THANK YOU :3)

So much fanart! Special thanks to Starry’s Light and Eevee-Snivy for making so much. :3 I never expected to get any for my stories, so this makes me unbelievably ecstatic. I can't express my gratitude enough... If anyone else plans to make fanart for me, please make sure to PM me about it! I'll definitely include a link in this section and give you credit, not to mention an onslaught of 'thank you's!

I would like to thank every single reader and/or reviewer to my stories. All of your reviews helped me get motivation and helpful tips, so thank you all so much! :)

This is a great website for all writers to check out: / Since punctuation and grammar can be a confusing thing in writing, this is a very handy website that I reference back to time to time to help with my writing (e.g. should this comma go here? Is this supposed to be a colon or a semi-colon? Difference between affect and effect? What about ellipses?!). This doesn't provide all things you should know considering writing rules (if you want that, buy the book), but this should establish a basis at least.

Welp, I have a DeviantArt now. I'll post stuff there from time to time such as art for my fanfics or fanart for other fanfics. Probably lots of random drawings. Overall, just art stuff and artsy things.

Listed below are the three favorite fanfics I'm following at the moment. I've provided links to both the fanfic and the author, along with the fanfic's summary and blehbleh. They're all pretty entertaining and I recommend checking at least one out.

Blazing Courage/ by Orenji Splash: A Riolu's life is changed forever after tragedy strikes his home town. After running away and getting rescued by a Vulpix, will he have the courage to start his new life?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Fates through Sky/ by Starry's Light: Most indubitably, Llana felt that life finally was beginning to pat her on the head. That is, until her dearly not-dead "Stella" shows again in her dreams alongside nightmares thwarting of revenge from the are-dead. Unable to bear the loss of another important entity, Llana knows she'll have to stop the ensuing torture- but at the cost of what will she stand up for... to only lose?

The Day of Burning Skies/ by PkmnMaster Rolf: The Meteor Crisis has been averted. Time flows on as it always has and Darkness has been cast down once again. Even the Bittercold could not prevail. But now, something far older even then Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina is stirring in the pit of the Reverse World, testing its bonds for weakness. The Forgotten One, the Bringer of Corruption, will return to rewrite the world.

That's all I have to say for this moment. To thank you for your time... here, have a Sitrus Berry! *Reader obtains Sitrus Berry* Thank you!

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The Autobiography of a Magikarp by PikaBulbasaur reviews
I wasn't sure how I felt on the prospect of evolution. Gyarados seemed scary, and I liked the way I looked. I once commented to my mother that I enjoyed how my scales were more of a deep tangelo instead of carroty. I also said that I observed my cheekbones were about 0.5 centimeters higher than the average Magikarp. Mommy then told me I was a special child.
Pokémon - Rated: K - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,933 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 1 - Published: 11/12/2012 - Feebas/Hinbass, Magikarp - Complete
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The Adventures of Eevee and Pikachu, Team Pokelife as the fight against the evil temptions of Dark Arceus as he plan to corrupt the PokeWorld
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Thunder and Ice reviews
Sugarcane Forest. It's home to a timid, self-conscious glaceon, a manipulative luxray, and a quirky jolteon that's new to these trees. After moving, Thunder never expected such horrific chaos—or to be engulfed right into it. Now turmoil ensues and Thunder, his new life teeming with romance, silliness, and bloodshed, is ensnared into this havoc until insanity reaches past its peak.
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A mutated snivy grows up with the impression of the world giving nothing but suffering. All of his perspectives change when he discovers a way to be with his own kind and leave the Sinnoh region, but with sacrifices. He has to take care of a Pokémon just like him as he journey's back to where he rightfully belongs, but with a hidden prophecy. -Hiatus for MASSIVE revisions!-
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What happens when one of your best friends takes a turn for the worst? A little girl and a runaway eevee meet each other one day and ever since then, they grow up by each other's sides, surviving through the suffering to stay together. When one, unavoidable event eventually crosses their path, Aleu refuses to let her bond with Eevee slip away. Oneshot. -Revised-
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