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Hi everyone!

I'm Taiko Pigeon, just a regular guy from a regular place, in a regular country, in a regular part of the world!

I'm never too old to watch Phineas and Ferb!

And I'm new, so bear with me here!

Note: I am Asian and Christian, Deal with it!

Thought it would be funny to post some of the sterotypes people associate with asians, I bold the ones that I know people say about me the most.

1. Asians are identical. We all look the same to White people
2. Have small eyes, emphasised by a monolid and wear glasses
3. Have straight black hair
4. Are short, petite, whatever you want to call it
5. The women have small boobs
6. Mum nags about your posture
7. Asian parents hope their children wear proper clothes. For instance, girls should be ladylike which means hair tied back and skirts to at least the knees.
8. According to Mum, beauty items are unnecessary. She would say “Stop wasting your time and money trying to look pretty and get studying!”
9. Have no fashion sense. A dress with runners? Sure. Crocs? Why not, they’re comfortable.
10. Fifteen is still too young for a girl to be wearing high heels
11. Asian parents hate unnatural changes to appearance like hair dye
12. Asian names are unpleasant when translated into English. E.g. Ho, Wang
13. Little variety in Asian surnames. Class role: Chen, Chen, Chen
14. Eat rice. Every day. If you have don’t have some at dinner, the mum rants like you haven’t eaten dinner at all.
15. Eat strange things like duck, chicken feet and shark fin.
16. Bubble tea
17. Find no shame in slurping
18. Must get A grades because A = average, B = bad, C = crap, D = Disowned, F = F@#$ed
19. Are maths brainiacs
20. Cannot speak engrish
21. Tutoring because 6 hours of school is for lazy people
22. Must study, even in holidays. In fact holidays give the opportunity to get ahead of white people
23. Everyday conversation includes “Have you studied yet?”
24. Should learn the piano or at least the violin and preferably to concert level
25. Should aspire to be a doctor
26. If it’s not a birthday party, there is little reason to go out. That time can be spent studying or practicing the piano.
27. Asians enjoy Kpop and Jpop even when they don’t understand the language
28. Girls will take luvos and sticky photos
29. Girls cannot just let any boy touch their hand, just like in Asian dramas.
30. If you’re going on an outing and there will be a boy there, any boy, you are not going out full stop.
31. Should not date until university and even then, is still too young.
32. Talk very loudly
33. Parents wake up their children by loud noises such as vacuuming or turning up the tv
34. Parents talk for far too long when they meet other Asian parents
35. Parents love to compare their children against other Asian parents
36. Every conversation with parents turn out to be a life lesson
37. Are stingy
38. Are natural hagglers
39. Are crap drivers
40. Have some sort of kung fu power
41. Old Asians get together and learn de tai chi

Update 6/9/15: Hello everyone! Did you miss me? Sorry I haven't been around lately, or posting any updates, with some of the new P&F episodes coming up and some really bad cases of writers block, I've been reevaluating some of the stories I have already posted. Based on changing cannon (and you guys know what I mean, especially if you've seen the newest P&F episode that came out in Feb) I will be deleting some of the stories that I just can't seem to make progress with. My apologies to those who did enjoy some of my content. However, I do have some new ideas that I am finishing up with, and I will do my best to make those available to you as soon as possible!

A little about my OC's:

Special Agent Benjamin (Ben) Cho: Born in Sacramento, Cho moved to Danville at the age 16, first meeting Phineas and his friends at Danville High. He is an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) graduate and a former First Lieutenant (Promoted to Captain as a Reserve Officer) Air Liaison Officer (ALO) and JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) in the United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) in the 17th ASOS (Air Support Operations Squadron). He was deployed to Afghanistan several times and attached to many Special forces groups such as the 75th Ranger Regiment, United States Marine Corps Force Recon Marines, and SEAL Team 2. He joined the FBI at 25 after taking leave from Active Duty due to personal reasons and given Reserve Officer Status. He became a Special Agent in just three years, showing much talent with interviewing suspects and profiling criminals with 3 dozen cases under his. He has a Masters in Forensic Psychology and a Bachelors in Behavioral Sciences and is also working on his Doctorate's degree. He prefers to remain calm in stressful situations, relying on his Special Forces training to make it through rough times. He is caring, but strict, always adhering to a strict code of conduct when working cases. However, there are certain types of cases, such as Human-Trafficking cases where he tends to get emotionally involved. His love life is fairly simple, only having dated 4 girls in his lifetime, but only having two actual serious relationships. First with his High School Sweetheart Kristin Cruz and the Second with his partner (later girlfriend and wife). You'll find him driving his Black Ford Crown Victoria and singing along to technicolor ponies as a quiet brony.

Senior Special Agent Sabrina Nagata: An FBI Agent with a fairly normal life, born the eldest of three daughters to her father, an Assistant District Attorney, and her mother and raised in the rainy city of Seattle, she graduated the University of Washington and joined the FBI at 23, graduating number 5 in the top 10 of her class at the academy. She got thrown into her first case in Fort Benning, Georgia, where she first met her future boyfriend (and husband) Benjamin Cho, a then 2nd Lieutenant. She became a Special Agent five years later with about 90 cases under her belt. She has a Masters in criminology and investigation with a bachelors in Psychology. However successful her career may be, her personal life has been filled with suffering, as she has gotten into various abusive relationships. With some help and some counseling, mostly from Ben, she has managed to forget various aspects of her past, as she moves on to bigger and better things. In the end, she is caring to her victims as well as Phineas and his group of friends. She often uses her words to defuse tense situations, but, that doesn't mean she doesn't have a knack for solving crimes, kicking butt and taking names. Like Ben, she has a bit of a temper to her as well. She often wears business casual outfits consisting of a blouse, slacks, and high heels and drives a Black Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Assistant United States Attorney Emilia (Emily) Ramos: Born and raised in Phoenix, also lives a normal life. With a knack for persuasion and infallable logic, she was accepted into Harvard's prestigious Law School and went to work for the US Attorney's office at the age of the 24. Four years later, she is now an AUSA (Assistant US Attorney) in Danville's Federal Courts. While Ben and Sabrina are out on the field catching suspects and putting them behind bars, you can usually find Ramos keeping them there. She has been known to be Cho's Attorney coach when he was in High School Mock Trial. She is very outgoing and somewhat aggressive in her approach to prosecuting criminals and often gives Legal advice to the team. You can usually find her wearing buisness casual dresses and High Heels and drives a red Toyota Camry (2012 model)

A wise quote from Confucius:

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."-Confucius

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