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Author has written 9 stories for Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, and Ninja Turtles.

Hello, Braelyn Briar at your service. I plan to outline my work on my profile for any who want to know what I'm up to, or more importantly, when you can expect the next update.


I am verbose. That means I talk (and consequently write) a lot. Therefore expect lengthy chapters and (consequently) lengthy gaps between chapters. It takes awhile to write all those words.

I'm a bit of a drama queen. I can't help that I'm a passionate person and it comes out expressed in my characters and the situations I shamelessly put them in. My intensity scares some people.

I've got a bit of a potty-mouth. You'll just have to insert your own bleeps when naughty words pop up.

Ever heard the saying, "Here there be dragons"? You have been warned.

For any of you wondering, I'm currently working on my BBRae fic Shades of the Mind, but there are a few stories that I have in the works as well.

Titled works include more BBRae fics such as:

A Technicolorful Life (Rae POV) and its oneshot companion piece Down the Rabbit Hole (BB POV)

Stolen Hearts Stolen Minds (Strong contender for my focus after Shades since I have a couple of chapters written)

Invasion of the Raven-Snatchers (a series of small snapshots rather than true chapters)

Mediocrity - The Definition of my Unexceptionality (Rae POV)

Danny Phantom fics under work:

Immeasurable Lengths Part I (Complete!)and Part II (Sam POV) (Have outline written out and will try to work on as life, time, and muses allow while also working on other stuff)

Lies Dormant (Danny POV)

Guardian Angels and Wicked Schemes (Oneshot, Sam POV)

Amity Park Sirens


Raph and Leo's Playlist of Angst and Emo-ness (I have like 3 chapters written)

Across the Multiverse (Again, like 3 chapters and a handful of later scenes written)

Brotherly Bonds (sketched outline)

All the King's Horses (sketched outline)

Alice in Wonderland:

You Only Wish it Was a Dream

I have a few untitled works for a few different fandoms floating about as ideas and outlines in some cases, such as an X-men Evo idea flitting about the corners of my mind that I haven't been able to decide if it will be a very involved single story revolving around ROMY and JONDA or if each couple will have their own fic with frequent references to each other...I'm leaning towards the first but my head voices are being complete divas and pushing for the spotlight...I'm not sure, but we'll see I guess...yeah, my mind's a really crowded place and it makes it hard to focus on completing any one thing, so sorry about that those of you waiting for an update to any story you happen to be following. I swear I'm working on just might not be the something you want me to be working on.

UPDATE: October 7th, 2017. I'm getting married. Me, sworn to be a lonely, crazy cat lady til the end of my days, am getting married. And you probably won't believe me, but he reminds me of a pale, red headed Beast Boy so strongly that if I didn't know better, I'd say I was living in an AU. Thank any diety that's listening that he doesn't have the attention span necessary to like reading stuff with fewer pictures than a manga and thus doesn't read any of my fics because I would DIE from all the ribbing he'd give me for my stories. It's already bad enough that he says fanfiction is just "written porn", or worse, that I write "porn". Ugh. Also, still an accountant, but getting a latteral transfer that SHOULD mean a 40 hour work week with NO overtime (which I wouldn't mind if I got PAID for it, but whatever) what does this mean for you? It means that once I'm transfered, my free time should increase. Then, with a May wedding date, there's a crap-ton of planning to do but as you have probably guessed, I'm a HUGE procrastinator and I work on other stuff when I'm trying to avoid doing something like a big project (hence why most of my writting happened while I was in school)...which means, when I start freaking about wedding stuff, my fics pop up more and more in my head and guess which one I've got up right now? Yeah, the stupid one I've been working on since...holy cats, 2012? Good Lord where have I been? Oh, right, adulting...I HATE adulting. But hey, I'm making biggest problem is that the "start" of this story was actually the end scene I have in Chapter 19, everything else I've written was to bring them to that point but now that it's so close, trying to make it all fit and make sense is MUCH harder than I'd thought it would be having written the later scenes in these last few chapters FIRST. I think Ch 17 is the one that causing me the most trouble though, maybe. Because I have the start and I have the end, but I can't get them to CONNECT. Ch 18 is started, and I know how I want the confrontation to go, that's just mostly structuring the conflict and I suppose if I worked on that FIRST maybe Ch 17 would be more cooporative...Ch 19 is Raven's side of Ch18 and then the conclusion so it's just filling in the gaps with the aftermath of 18 and chapter 20 is the tie it all together if Ch 17 would stop being such a f*cktruck and do what I want it to do this would all just fall nicely into place...ugh.

I have a plan, really I do...and that's Chapter 17 (A Long Walk), Chapter 18 (Journey's End), Chapter 19 (This Fate Could Have Been Avoided If She'd Had A Sassy Gay Friend), and Chapter 20 (Epilogue, Shades of the Mind) Hope you're all still out there and interested. I'm working on it, promise.

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Ninja Turtles - Rated: K - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 38,765 - Reviews: 106 - Favs: 142 - Follows: 64 - Updated: 4/20/2014 - Published: 7/14/2013 - Complete
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