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Name: UlquiorraCuatroEspada

Beta: TheHostileLemons, who also so happens to be my all time best friend. I bow to you!

I am a rather strange individual who spends their spare time writing yaoi fanfictions for BLEACH. If I were to attempt to describe my personality, I would have to say 'bipolar' or 'melancholic' depending on the amount of chocolate that I have consumed in the previous 48 hours.

My updates depend on the workload that I have from my school and work, so I ask that you please be patient. I try to update as often as I can, but sometimes real life dictates otherwise.

English is not my first language, so please forgive me if I make the occasional mistake. I constantly try to improve myself and would appreciate it if you offer me constructive criticism, either via review or PM.

Favourite pairings:

GrimmIchi: Because I believe that they compliment each other well. On one hand we have Grimmjow; Feline-like possessiveness, bad-ass seme personality who just happens to be a little obsessed with becoming the king of Ichigo (subtle relationship reference, Tite Kubo?). Then there's Ichigo; Protective, feisty, extremely loud yet caring. The sort of person that people are generally fond of, yet he is oblivious to the females around him. He also seems to be hell-bent on proving something to Grimmjow. That and the touching scene when Ichigo stands up for Grimmjow when Nnoitra attacks his on comrade.

ShiroIchi (or DarkIchi x Ichi): They are one and the same. They are one of the same soul. I think this pairing simply states its own meaning.

RenIchi: They look out for each other whilst in battle. They are close, even to the point that Tite Kubo draws them gazing at each other. They suit each other well; Renji, the loud-mouthed, passionate pineapple. Ichigo; the protective, supportive strawberry.

ByaIchi: Byakuya may act cold, but I believe that he actually cares for our dear Ichigo. Whilst he tries to act aloof, Byakuya does things that support Ichigo. Ichigo can't seem to stop bothering the noble, attempting to get his attention constantly by calling him by his first name. Ah, true love.

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Ichigo finds himself faced with a decision: Stay in Hueco Hundo and Karakura is unharmed, or return and see his town destroyed. What will Ichigo do and what exactly does Aizen want with Ichigo?
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