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Author has written 2 stories for Legend of Zelda.

My profile pic contains a rough sketch of the Dimensional Symbol (first mentioned in Chapter 5 of Ocarina of Dimensions) that was carved on the door leading to the chamber where the Dimensional Sword was stored (and the same symbol that is etched on the blade of the sword itself).

Ocarina of Dimensions is part 1 of a 2 part-er that is called: The Hero's Rise Duo-logy. In it, a highschooler is thrust into a land he know's nothing about (the Legend of Zelda series does not exist in his version of earth Q.Q). He has to adapt to this strange situation and not only that, he must gain power to defeat a threat that could destroy the land of Hyrule. Fortunately, he is not alone. Link, the Hero of Time, is on this journey with him, as well as Zelda, the Sage of Time and Princess of Hyrule.

Joining Cody on this journey is also Malon, future head of Lon Lon Ranch, and a shy, green fairy named Via. So far they have found four of the six elemental orbs, but Malgum seems to be aware of their plans. Why has he not made his move?

With everything that's happened, it looks like Malon may be on the verge of revealing something to Cody. What is it? And more importantly, how will he react?

Stay tuned.

*Sneak Preview*

Warning: Potential Spoilers.

Coming up next: A powerful new enemy is bearing down on the group. Do they have what it takes to take on a stone giant?

Next time on Ocarina of Dimensions: Chapter 26: Titan of the Sands: Desert Colossus

Upcoming Stories:

The Dimensional Warriors: This story is part 2 in the Hero's Rise Duo-logy. As Cody fights a growing power within that threatens to tear his mind apart, Cody, Link, and Zelda must travel to different worlds and restore power to the Ocarina of Dimensions. Meanwhile, Katie Burnett investigates the disappearance of her best friend Cody. However, she stumbles upon a conspiracy that not only could mean her death, but the destruction of the entire world! What is this Shadow Corporation, and what is it's connection to Cody's disappearance and the strange triangular symbol burning in the sky?

Ocarina of Time: Convallis: Imagine a Hyrule where both science and magic have advanced by leaps in bounds. People roam around carrying guns as well as swords. In this world, the fairies can be as tall as Hylians, Gorons have lost their rocky appearance (but not their appetite for rocks), and the Zora have hair and actually wear clothes (*gasp*). Follow the adventures of Link, his fairy partner Navi (a powerful fairy mage), and the mysterious Sheikah warrior Sheik as they attempt to free the sages, find Zelda, and put a stop to Ganondorf. Expect more action and less dungeon crawling.

The Fairy Circle: When Link is accused of a crime that he did not commit, he must team up with a royal princess, a Gerudo thief, and a mysterious blue-haired girl to track down the only weapon that can help Link out in his time of need: the Master Sword. An original Zelda adventure.

About the Differences to the Races in Convallis:

Note: These facts will be mentioned in the story, but if you're interested, you can go ahead and read them here first. It won't ruin the story.

Fairies:The fairies have evolved into their own legitimate race. Like the fairies of old from OoT, these new fairies have special powers. Many of the fairies that travel the world act primarily as healers for the people of Hyrule. Their culture is a strange one, especially due to their strange development. They age normally in the same way that Hylians do at first. However, once their magic awakens, they quit aging. The average awakening age for fairies is about 15. However, it's possible for fairies to awaken much earlier. Navi's powers actually awoke when she was about eight (she has a complex about how young she looks, despite the fact that she's over a hundred).

Gorons: Appearance wise, gorons look like beefed up and seriously fierce versions of Hylians (though their ears are rounded instead of pointy). Some evidence of their formally rocky appearance remains with strange rock-like growths on their shoulders, arms and face. Another huge difference is the appearance of women among the Goron (though some people still think the Gorons are all males since the females are all just as husky). They still eat rocks as part of their diet as shocking as that sounds.

Zoras: The Zora's haven't changed much from their OoT counterparts. The main differences are that they now have hair, no longer lay eggs, and they wear clothes. They still love the water and can still breathe in it. Nearly all zoras wear wet suits underneath their clothes (or just the wet suits for that matter). They are also still blue-skinned.

About the Hylians, Gerudos, and Kokiri: These races have pretty much not changed at all. The Kokiri are still imortal (thought their fairy guardians have gotten a lot bigger), the Gerudo are still mostly female (Ganondorf being the exception to the rule), and the Hylians... are still Hylians.

Character Stats for Hero's Rise:

(I came up with this one day because I was bored)

Name: Link

Class: Magic Swordsman

Main Stats: Str, Def (has a decent Agi stat as well)

Equipment: Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Longshot, Guard Bow (Used by the Castle guards), Hover Boots, Longshot, Terminian Hookshot

Spells: The Three Goddess Spells (Din's Fire, Naryu's Love, Farore's Wind), The Arrow Spells (Fire, Ice, Light)

Orbs (Used by both Link and Cody): Light, Fire, Water, Earth

Hero Mode: Link's attacks do not truly change, they just get a massive power boost.

Name: Cody

Class: Spellsword (It's only a little different from Magic Swordsman. This class tends to mix spells in with physical attacks and use Magic Items)

Main Stats: Agi, Spd

Equipment: Dimensional Sword, Bracers of Armum, Zephyr Boots, Clawshot, Spirit Crossbow

Spells: Magic Shield (Bracers of Armum), Overload (Bracers of Armum), Zephyr (Zephyr Boots, increases run speed), Quick Step (Zephyr Boots, ultra high-speed attack), Spirit Bolt (Spirit Crossbow)

Orbs: Wind

Hero Mode: Cody's attacks transform into a more powerful form (gains Quick Step for example).

Name: Zelda

Class: Mage/Sheikah (Zelda is a Dual Class)

Main Stats: Int, Agi

Equipment: Kodachi, Throwing Needles

Spells: The Three Goddess Spells (Zelda can use the spells in slightly different ways than Link in addition to the normal ways)

Name: Malon

Class: Archer

Main Stats: Agi, Spd (Spd helps with arrow reload time)

Equipment: Longbow

Spells: (N/A)

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