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My baby sister was born. Her name is Daniella. She's 53 cm, and weights 3200 g. She's really cute w.


Seems like I just can't concentrate... I'm getting so much homework, lately. And I spend so much time on it. I am so sorry. Some day I'll update every single story on the same time. (someday) Can't promise ya' anything, when I'm doing my homework, I use over half of my energy on it.

I want to update. I really, really want to. Well anyways... I've decided to use my profile as a 'dairy'. Lol... Today my class took care of some kindergarten and first grade children. Six classes for 20 people. They were a handful! I was about to die! But, it was fun. I liked it, and it inspired me somehow. I've written a page in 'Almost a Female Lifestyle' because of all those scenes.

I know that's not all that much... BUT I'M TRYING PEOPLE!

Great news, I'm getting a 'Twelve' in English! That would be an A... or something... -w-'? Did anyone tell you I'm NOT from US or UK? Didn't you see the red and white flag on the side, saying Denmark? Heh... Good luck people, and please be patient. :3!


Well, today my PC totally fucked up. It had a 'virus'. AND SUDDENLY MY WHOLE CHROME HISTORY WAS GONE! Then I had Norton fix it. ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY NORTON!

Anyways... We have a Dodge ball tournament soon! We call ourselves 'THE BLUEBERRIES'! Cute, right? Well... Also lately, I've been under a lot of stress, so I'm dealing with a bad back, pain in the heart and other symptoms on stress. Luckily, I fixed my computer, but I've lost a lot of things I can't restore.

I've also made a schedule. From now on, I'll write two pages every day of every story... That's a lie, I'll probably never go through with it. Hope you had a good day, I'll write again tomorrow or so...


My life is so sad. A week before summer vacation, the 'homework-attack' begins. They told us; 'summer vacation is coming up, so there's we have to fill your emptiness'. I hate it.

WELL! AS PREDICTED! I didn't follow my schedule, and screwed up pretty bad. But I'll try harder from now on! OH! And for the first time, my mother told me to ditch school tomorrow! HOW LUCKY AM I?! *Laugh -w-'?* I would love to stay and write more here, but I am simply to stressed out! SO TOMORROW, I'LL WRITE AGAIN!


I didn't write yesterday. BUT GOOD NEWS! I think I'll be able to update soon! I feel inspired once again. I feel like shit, because I was awake all night, because I couldn't sleep! And I always sleep early... BUT EVEN BETTER NEWS! Yesterday I began watching some animes and got inspired!

They were fucking hilarious and such, so I'm able to concentrate. Btw. does anybody know anything about El Salvador? No...? Well, forget it then... Tomorrow (maybe) I'll update again! WUHU!



I didn't update. And I was even so sure that I was going to finish it! Maybe tomorrow... OH! SPEAKING OF TOMORROW! I'VE BEEN CHOSEN TO TEACH FIFTH GRADERS! I'M REALLY HAPPY!

... Shut up, like your lives are all that interesting. -w-' But maybe tomorrow, I'll update! YOSH!


Yesterday I updated 'Almost a Female Lifestyle'! Hope you guys liked it! Next to be updated will probably be 'Accidents', but I'm not promising anything, I'm waaaaay behind on that one. Maybe it's 'Hour Minute Second', or 'Uzumaki Prodigy'. I'm also on my way with 'Blindfolded'.

SO THANK YOU FOR WAITING PEOPLE! My writer's block is loosening, I'm almost free!


Last day of June... Yesterday, I finally send off my application as a trainee in a layer company... I'm hoping for something positive...

I didn't have time to write anything yesterday, because of the dodge ball tournaments exhaustion... We called ourselves... THE PINK LADIES! Funny thing, the guys complained about it, saying that there were boys on the team. I automatically (out of habits) commented by saying: 'Where?'. I am not respected by all the girls.

In our last game, I was the only one from our team left... Our chief had died, and I was the last survivor of the Pink Ladies... I kept on, jumping from side to side, dodging the ball that came towards me. Like the ex-goalkeeper I am, I just jumped on the floor to dodge the ball, too.

And now... I'm sore, all over my body -w-'? Well, wish me good luck! I have more free time now, due to Summer Vacation, ftw.


It is very much likely, that I'm gonna update 'Uzumaki Prodigy'. I'm not gonna promise anything, but I only need a couple more words. 200-something to be exact. SO DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY :3!

Also, I'm getting sick... And I've decided to use my summer vacation on studying... and writing... I'm such a geek -w-'? But don't blame me! Blame my friends! They all have something to do! I hate them, from now on...

But, I'll most likely update today! Look forwards to it, 'Uzumaki Prodigy'-fans!


Long time, no see! I've been busy with a lot of things, but today I updated Uzumaki Prodigy again. I've finally got my inspiration back, and I'm also beginning to write stories for Wattpad. Anybody who knows about that? Well, whatever...


Yesterday I got so pissed at one of my classmates, so I took her bag and went outside to throw the content out on the lawn. She was so pissed, but as far as her imaginary goes she only put soap in my pencil case... So I found the biggest spider out there and put it down her shirt. Now, that's a bad thing, because it's a girl, so she screamed so loud that I almost pissed my pants.

Nobody gets away from messing with me, uh-huh.

Supported Pairings;

SasuNaru – It’s haawt you gotta admit it.

NaruHina – BEST PAIRINGS IN THE HISTORIE! (Say the opposite and I’ll shove your own words up your arse)

SasuFemNaru – I like, I don’t know why… I just do.

KibaFemNaru – I’ve loved Kiba since the Chunin exams… the finals, him cheering Naruto on… *drool.*

SaiIno – Cute couple… Both troubled.

GaaNaru – haawt. *drooooooooool*

LeeSaku – GREEN AND RED, like… like… eh, it’s just cute.

ShikaTema – Weee, I love Temari.

NejiTen – Neji is all FAITH HAS BROUGHT US HERE, and Tenten is all… He’s my bitch in this relationship. GET IT 8D!

Not Supported Pairings;

SasuSaku – GAAAR!



SasuIno – Imagine them on a date.

NaruIno – No.

SaiSaku – No comment.

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