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Author has written 3 stories for My Little Pony, and Aliens/Predator.

Amateur writer, writing occasionally as a hobby. Typically don't publish stories or poems, but decided to give it a try this time.

9/28/14 - Hey everyone. Just a heads up: with "Melancholy Days" finished I actually have begun work on another sequel story entitled "Necessary Love". It's already five chapters long but I haven't been posting it here. I've been posting it solely on FIMFiction instead; it's simply a better archive for such things. If and when that story is complete I'll probably upload it here. I also need to reupload "Melancholy Days" here; grammatical corrections and so forth.

Anyway, you can find the third story here:

12/26/2013 - Merry Christmas to those who take such wishes. I just finished up a great, long day with some others that I love very much and now it's the wee hours of the morning on the day after. So I'm in one of those moods with such levity...

I wanted to mention that I posted the third chapter of "Melancholy Days" a few days ago. It's been about a 2 month turn around time on chapters, which is abysmal I know, particularly next to "What Separates" which went with a new chapter every 2 WEEKS (or sometimes every week), but that's just the way it is right now. I do want to pick it up because there are a lot of things I'm excited to write, but I've got to keep excited to maintain a pace, which is difficult.

I also wanted to mention that I posted "What Separates" up on FIMFiction, after several requests (here and elsewhere.) It makes sense anyway, as that site is dedicated to fan fiction from this particular series. I'll be getting the three chapters of "Melancholy Days" on there soon as well. From here on out, I will be posting new chapters on BOTH sites.

We'll see if I get chapter 4 of "Melancholy Days" punched out before the end of January. I'm sorry that it doesn't sound so quick, but it would be an improvement on speed.

7/10/2013 - Uploaded the first chapter of "Melancholy Days", the sequel story to "What Separates", a few days ago. Going to continue working on it as I can and hope to get chapters out at a reasonable, if slow, pace. There are things going on, that have been for awhile...

I apologize for the sudden stopping of writing. I realize I don't owe anything to anyone, nor do I have any particular fanbase in the traditional sense (thank you to everyone who enjoys the stories though!), but I still feel some obligation to apologize.

It's just as I've mentioned before: I'm a hobby writer. It doesn't occupy a high place on my ladder of priorities. A bunch of personal things came up last year that really cut into my time and desire to write. The details are worthless to most readers... unemployment, car accidents... you know, the kind of things where I wouldn't need to supply the details anyway because your imagination can easily give the right kind of feel for why my priorities would change. So again, I apologize to anybody who was truly looking forward to things. I can only write as I'm able to continue to enjoy myself doing so. It's not in me as a passion. Just a hobby.

As far as "The Eighth Passenger" goes, I'm not sure I'm going to get back to it. It was a hell of a lot of fun to write what it has so far. Seriously. Alien is a great movie, go watch it. The story and writing wasn't coming out super great or anything, but it was still so, so, so much fun to write. I'm just not in the mood for that now though and so Melancholy Days takes priority.

Thanks again to anybody who has enjoyed anything I've written. I'm not in it for any feedback, but it has always been very interesting to see how people response to things: what things they like, what they take issue with, etc. Just truly fascinating. I hope Melancholy Days provokes some interesting responses as well.

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