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Author has written 13 stories for Inuyasha, SWAT Kats, Kingdom Hearts, and Metalocalypse.

Name: Call me Jen-Chan, One girl wonder
Age: 24, HOLY SHIT!
Gender: I'm female the last time I checked.
Hair color: Dark Brown... or is it black?o.o ; No it's dark brown...
Eye Color: Brown... how boring.
Height: 5' 4" and shrinking
Birthday: March 8
Birthplace: Crappy part of Los Angles, California
Current Location: Underneath your house
Ethnicity: 95 perfect Latina/Hispanic (Mexican, Honduran, Guatamalan, Salvadoran, Peruvian, Costa Rican, Cuban), 5 percent European (Like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and possibly German. This somehow makes me look I'm white. No one believes I'm hispanic). My family is so big and old, I have a freakin' Coat of Arms when we originated from Spain on my dad's side. There's traces of Philipino in our family, but I've yet to know if it touched my branch, and specifically me. Probably... my dad looked Asian as a baby. My cousin is half though, and she found out about last year. Everyone else knew for a looooooooooong time.
Pictures: -Hearts- :), Winterconcert, Me prettied up, The person next to me is a girl, Friends since '00, Practically my brother

Favorite Bands/Artist:
Groove Coverage, O Zone, DJ Irene, System of a Down, Chevelle, Mindless Self Indulgence, Sublime, TISM, Do As Inifinty, Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Gackt, BoA, Metallica, Pantera, Butthole Surfers, Otep, BloodHound Gang, Phil Colins, Shakira, Tarkan, Thalia, Juan Gabriel, Celia Cruz, Static X, Tatu, Madonna, Hamasaki Ayumi, AC-DC, Alice Cooper, Angel Dust, Trapt, Linkin Park, Anthrax, Him, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, Kittie, Within Temptation, The Birthday Massacre, Night Wish, Arch Enemy, Insane Clown Posse, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Guns n' Roses and other stuff...

Current Favorite Song: "Ghost of Old Highways" by Lovett (AMAZING!!)

Favoirte Anime/Manga/Show: Inu Yasha, GTO, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Bastard, Immortal Rain, HellSing, NightWalker, Hyper Police, Pet Shop of Horros, Demon Diaries, Fruits Basket, Apocalypse Meow, King of Hell, Les Bijoux, Junk Force, Trigun, Angel Cop, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Paranoid Agent, Fooly Cooly, Ruroni Kenshin, SWAT Kats, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Metalocalypse and so on and so on... I gots tons of favorites

Favorite Characters: Inu yasha, Bankotsu, Jakotsu, Suikotsu, Sessho Maru, Koga, Onizuka, Kyo, Benitora, Lita, Darien, Ranma, Ryoga, Genma, Duo, Heero, Quatera, Trowa, Zechs, Trieze, Dark Schinder, Rain, Yuca, Sharem, Machika, Alucard, Shido, Caine, Natsuki, Sakura, Batanen, Count D, P-Chan, Reanef, Eclispe, Kyo, Shigure, Hatsuharu, Ayame, Akito, Perky, Botsaki, Rats, Majeh, Pyrope, Lapis, Diamond, Wooty, Louis, Vash, WolfWood, Raiden. Motoko, Bato, Togusa, Kaneda, Tatsuo, Ichigi, Takun, Hariko, Kenshin, Sanoske, Chance(TBone), Jake (Razor), Zuko, Sokka, Katara, Aang, Toph, Iroh, Azula, Toki, Skwisgaar, Pickles, Charles Ofdensen

Favorite Pairings: InuxKag, SanxMiro, ZukoxKatara
Disliked Pairings: Inux with anyone but kag, Kagx anyone but Inu, SesshxKik, SessxNara, RainxSharem, RainxYuca, Zuko with other male characters, SokkaxSuki (I'm a Yue fan), Metalocalypse slash D:

I can be spazzy and random one moment then quiet and almost nonexsistent the next. I love to write, but my grammar and spelling can be crap because I don't take the time to really go over the finish product unless it makes NO SENSE. I don't really update regularly so sorry for those reading my Inu Yasha and SWAT Kats Fics. I love getting reviews because that makes me feel very loved :D

OCs of Cancerous:

Moira Natalia Implosion: Vocals/Drums
Birthday: December 27, 1981
Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisianna
Childhood Location: Moscow, Russia until 7 years of age
Background: As leader, Moira likes to get things done her way, but she would still bend to accomodate her band's happiness. Due to a tragic accident when she was a child, Moira tends to be a bit insecure about letting new people in. Exactly how and why she hated Nathan in the beginning is still a mystery, but she has warmed up to him considerably to the point she scares herself. As the second youngest and shortest in her band, Moira is not to be taken light. With the ability to perform 'death growls' and still hit high notes, she is one of the most talented women on earth. An other thing many don't know is that she's very smart, a year before her time at the age of sixteen with Susanna Bloodyfist.
Cartoon: IMAGE
Reality: N/A

Cherry Coke 'Marashino'(Reunionklok Pseudoname: CC Woodrow) Drummer/Guitar/Vocals
Birthday: April 3, 1980
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Background: As the middle daughter of nine children, Cherry knows how to spread the love, even if she ran away from home when she began to come down with a case of middle child syndrome. Like Pickles the Drummer, Cherry enjoys excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs and has several body piercings from tradition ears, her brows, lips, belly and unmentionables. Back before she met Moira and Bloodyfist, she was in a group called the Whore House Band, which ended for reasons unknown. As a talented vocalist and drummer, Cherry has no problem keeping up with her boyfriend Pickles. Whether or not if she can give birth to a child is still unknown.
Cartoon: IMAGE, IMAGE2
Reality: Before (Whore House Band) After (Cancerous)

Susanna Elenor Bloodyfist: Bass/Cello/Standup Bass/Vocals
Birthday: August 1, 1980
Birthdplace: Papers claim she hails from Sunny San Diego, California
Background: From foster home to foster home, Bloodyfist's travels landed her in New Orleans where she met Implosion during their sophmore year in high school. Unlike the rest of the girls in Cancerous, Bloodyfist doesn't care for her personal appearance of the ways of being a lady. Her passion for music out shines her skills at wrestling and fighting. Bloodyfist takes it upon herself to act as a stand in bodyguard for her friends when they're out and about. After meeting Murderface, no one is sure if their relationship would ever step over the boundaries of being more then friends even if the two obviously like each other.
Cartoon: IMAGE
Reality: Close enough (Just lop off her hair and give her a broken nose and you got Bloodyfist)

Lucy Asta Peacetong: Guitar/Cello/Piano/Violin
Birthday: November 23, 1987
Birthplace: Teplodar, Ukraine
Background: From a small town with barely 8,000 people, Lucy is the youngest and childish one of all. As a child, her mother taught her to play piano, violin and cello because of their association of being feminine. Her mother remarried to a man who eventually abused and molested Lucy. When her mother ran away, leaving the young girl behind, Lucy was visciously raped, but that didn't stop her from gaining enough courage to follow in her mother's footsteps and run away at the age of ten. Eventually Lucy ended up in Finland where Runa Hathor found her and took her in for a while until both could escape to the United States to hopefully start a new life.
Cartoon: IMAGE
Reality: More so for Reunionklok

Runa Sigrid Hathor: Guitar/Cello/Violin
Birthday: February 14, 1979
Birthplace: Oulu, Finland
Background: Unlike Skwisgaar, Runa was very much loved by her father. Growing up around sex, Runa eventually went into the adult business after a short lived modeling carrier. However, due to circumstances that no one knows about, Runa left that too. After finding Lucy in the streets and taking care of her as best she could for a while, eighteen year old Runa got both of them passports and took them to America. With no money for food or shelter, the two played their violins to hopefully earn something, but sadly Runa had to prosititute herself until she and Lucy were discovered by Implosion, Bloodyfist and Cherry.
Cartoon: IMAGE
Reality: Perfect (OMG, these two are alike in height and beauty)

Andrew Munittrick: Cancerous' Manager/Leader of UNDERTAKERS
Birthday: June 10, 1965
Birthplace: N/A
Background: Not much is really known about Munkittrick's past, only that he and Charles Ofdensen were college classmates and had gone to the military together. As Cancerous' manager and CFO, the man was rather laid back until Dethklok became favorite. When finding out Ofdensen was their finacial advisor and manager, Munkttrick became jealous and devised a plan to get rid of him by creating the Undertakers to take down Cancerous as a set up to get Ofdensen's help. He staged his death eventually to take over the Undertakers.
Cartoon: N/A
Reality: Yikes

Javier Van Winkler: Second in command of UNDERTAKERS
Birthday: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Background: Van Winkler was a military man who was court marshalled for stealing military secrets. During that time and the formation of the Undertakers, he became an extreme Dethklok fan, vowing to kill Cancerous to perserve Dethklok's fame. Where and how he met Munkittrick is unknown.
Cartoon: N/A
Reality: Creepy

Yakov Lebedev: Head of Dethklok Russia
Birthday: June 9, 1955
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia
Background: N/A
Cartoon: N/A
Reality: Close

Ivan Korshunova: Lebedev's Bodyguard/Right Hand Man/ Successor
Birthday: February 1, 1980
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Background: N/A
Cartoon: IMAGE
Reality: Just think blond hair

The girls used are my friends, so be nice. They're as close as to my ideal Cancerousklok characters. Be nice :)


Angtoria: God Has a Plan for Us All, I'm Calling, Six Feet Under's Not Deep Enough, Do You See me Now
After Forever: Face Your Demons
Apocalyptica: Master of Puppets, Angel of Death
Arch Enemy: Burning Angel, Heart of Darkness, Kill With Power, Nemisis, We Will Rise, My Apocalypse, Enemy Within
Asylum Street Spankers (Cherry in Whore House Band) Shave 'em Dry
The Birthday Massacre: Blue, Lover's End, Happy Birthday, Red Stars
Disturbed: Guarded (COVER)
Doro Pesch: Hear Me
Emilie Autumn: All my Lovin, Bach Largo for Violin, Be Silent Be Still, Gothic Lolita, Let the Record Show, Misery Loves Company, Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches, Syringe, Juliet, I Know Where You Sleep, Marry Me, Opheliac, The Art of Suicide, Liar (Brendon Small Murder Mix)
Epica: Never Enough
Eths: Bulimiarexia
Evanescence: Call Me When You're Sober, My Last Breath, Surrender
Eyes of Eden: Pictures
Girlschool: Hit and Run
Godsmack: I Stand Alone (COVER)
Imperia: Norway
Kittie: Brackish, Breathe, Funeral for Yesterday, Charolette, Paper Doll
Korn: Evolution (COVER)
Lacuna Coil: Enjoy the Silence, Our Truth
Midnattsol: En Natt I Nord
Nightwish: Amaranth, If I Had an Angel, The Escapist
Otep: Battle Ready, Confrontation, Menocide, Noose and Nail, Eet the Children, Perfectly Flawed
Rammstein (ft. Tatu): Moskau
Rasputina: Barracuda, Dwarf Star, Gingerbread Coffin, If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love, Transylvanian Concubine, Leech Wife
Sirenia: My Mind's Eyes
Within Temptation: Forsaken, Running up that Hill, Stand my Ground, A Dangerous Mind, Our Farewell, The Howling


Horrorpops (Bloodyfist in Ovary Override): Psychobitches Outta Hell, Crawl Straight Home
Metallica: That was Just Your Life (DETHKLOK)
Sarah Brightman: Ave Maria, Time to Say Goodbye (with Andrea Bocelli)

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