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Hello. I suppose I should do one of these now that I am writing a story. That's kind of weird.

Well, I use this profile name for everything. So if someone I know from life finds this... I can expect some shit I suppose.
And if you ever see this profile name on anything... Well it's probably me. There have been very few cases when I haven't
been able to get this name. It's actually a purposeful misspelling of Aspire. I was trying to think of a character name,
look to my left at my computer which was an Acer Aspire. I tried Aspire, it didn't work, tried again (server for the game
could be iffy), and it worked and I made the character. I only realized afterwards that it was 'Apsire', but whatever.

Since anyone who finds this will probably know who I am anyway...

Born March 14. 1996 (don't feel like constantly updating age every year).

Live in Georgia.

Things I read/like reading Fanfiction for:
Harry Potter
Code Geass
One Piece

I'll occasionally dabble in other fandoms, but I mainly stick with those three. I watch a lot of anime, but a lot of the anime I
watch have a relatively small following. For each fandom, pairings I like:
Harry Potter:
One Piece:

Code Geass I don't care for pairings, I like to read for the stories, (for the plot, lol). Those aren't the only pairings I like,
I just particularly like those. But I tend to avoid Harry/Hermione and Harry/Ginny. I don't know, something about them
just bothers me.

Umm, that's all I can think of. If people like me enough to ask me more questions, ask away, if there's something you
(for some reason) would want to see on my profile, I might depending on what it is. Cya.

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