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Note: As you can no doubt tell, this profile is pretty old. Read at your own risk.

Update: June 22th, 2012

Guys, You know how i said i have a youtube account? (407Gabyr if you forgot) Well, I would like to annouce that my First Video Is up. It's Called "Pikmin 2: Olimar's President is an idiot". Look it up if you like. if that doesn't work, look up my account name.

Well Thats it. Later

Update: June 17th 2012

Hey Guys, Im Gonna Tell You guys about my characters:

Character: Fuse

Gender: Male

Side: Good/Either Way

Type: Bom-omb

Usually Wears: Red bandana, white Gloves, and orange shoes

Special Move: Self Destruct (Fuse Explodes and Then Rebuilds himself) Copy (can use abilites of other Game characters)

Super Form: Fuse Gains a yellow glow around him, He also Turns yellow and his bandana turns orange and can Explode with The power of a nuke, can fly, And Can Throw fireballs

afflitions: Bombette (Crush), Smashers, Rayman, Mega man, Etc (Friends)

Character: Dark Fuse

Gender: Male

Side: Either way

Type: Shadow Clone

Usually wears: Purple Bandana, (whatever Color Blaze's fur is) Gloves, Purple Shoes

Afflitions: Fuse (Rival) King Dark (former boss) Protoman, Shadow, Dark Link, Etc (Friends)

Specials: Same as Fuse, Dark Powers (can use Dark abilites for variety of things)

Character: King Dark

Gender: Male

Side: Evil

Usually Wears: Purple Bandana

Type: Dark Sorcerer/Warlock

usually Wears: Black, Dress like Robe, Witch hat, and holds Secpter

Afflitions: Grunty (Best Friend), Mr. Dark (Brother in Law)

Special Move: Dark Barrage (Throws a barrage Of Blasts, And Can Fly)

And Theres my Charaters, Also I would like to Annouce that i am now Extending "Smash Vacation" For Summer

Well Thats it, Later!

--Update: June 11th 2012

Hey Guys! Im Just gonna Say that i also have a youtube account Called "407gabyr" So yeah, I havent put anything on yet so wait.

Hey everyone! SmasherG Here! I will now tell you some stuff about me.

Some of my favorite video games (not in order) Are The legend of Zelda: Four swords, Kirby Super Star, Pokemon (any game), TF2, Jet Grind Radio, and of course, Super Smash bros. Brawl.

Some of my favorite shows are Family Guy, The super mario bros cartoon, Adventure Time, Pokemon (any), Mad, and Sonic X.

My hobbies are playing video games and animating (Well, i want to animate)

I have a Nintendo Wii, A gamecube, a Dsi, a 3DS, a xbox (Original), A Game boy Advance, And a Nintendo 64.

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