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Hi! I'm Sabrina, 13 years old, and I'm from Singapore (the coolest place on Earth besides China). I joined FanFiction.Net because of my obsession with Dramione and Teen Titans fanfics. XD But I am also an anspiring young author, and if I ever do upload anything, you can be sure I'll complete all of my fanfiction. I hate people who don't ... It gets so annoying sometimes, really.

A big thank you to anyone who reads my fanfiction! I really appreciate that you take up your time to read it! :)


"Maybe you don't need to keep up. I can turn into the biggest, strongest, fastest animals on Earth. But you know what, dude? Sometimes it's best to be a slow, tiny turtle." Beast boy

Beast Boy: British engineering. Finest in the world.
Raven: Can you please stop talking like that?
Beast Boy: You're just jealous because I sound like a rock star.

"Beast Boy had a brain?" Raven

"We've got a pinata shaped like Beast Boy. You know you wanna smack it. " Cyborg (To Raven)




3) Dramione is AWESOME! :D

4) Vampires do NOT sparkle

5) Fairies exist!!! O.O

6) I am a girl (cause they rock)

7) God loves you. :D

8) Me lucky number is 8. :)

9) Stubbing your toe HARD can spoil your whole day

10) Took me a long time to think of these facts


I have a crush on _ and my best friend _ is currently in another school. :( But my really awesome other friend _ gives me all the strength I need and I love her for that. So thank you. I write diaries and I really don't know what I'm going to be when I grow up. Recently, I have an obsession with Vampire Knight. I really hate the subject Math. I daydream of my life in a certain animated TV show sometimes and I love Ballet. Yes, I'm a dancer, and PROUD. I love eating the crumbs of any opened packet (Chips, cereal, twisties? Etc, etc ...) I ship Zeki in Vampire Knight. My deepest, darkest secret is ... _. I love Raven! She's like soooo AWESOME! I don't care if this movie is deemed childish, but I LOVE Kung Fu Panda! My secret obsession lies is spies, codes and ciphers. My favourite TV show, besides Teen Titans, is Avatar the Last Airbender. I currently have no idea what I want to be when I grow up and I am also eating Koko Crunch (without milk) as I type this now ...

If you read all of this, I love you.

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