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So as most people know i write mostly romance stories for Gale and Katniss, but i got a new idea where for every major holiday, i will do a short one shot about what characters in the Hunger Games are doing for that specific Holiday. I have only completed one--which was Valentine's Special but i am working on the next one which will be in Posy's Point of view and it will be the Hawthorne's and Everdeen's Easter!! :) I know i had originally said it would be April Fool's Day and Prim and Rory playing a trick on their families, but then i remembered that Easter was first, but i will do April Fool's Day after!! If anyone wants a sneak peak, just PM me and i will PM you part of it! So watch for the next stories!

So anyway, here's a little bit about me.

-I am an awesome person and the best friend someone could have(hahahah and i'm super modest!! could you tell (;)

-I love love love love love love the Hunger Games and Gale!! (Hence my user name)

-I absolutely HATE Peeta!!(He is such a wimp)

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE DIVERGENT AND TOBIAS and I am definitely obsessed and I admit it

-I was incredibly pissed off by the ending of the Divergent Series, and I cried for a good 3 hours after I read it

-I think FourTris is perfect and I will forever ship them

-I hate Al(he is a coward)

-I also love Twilight and Edward(Not as much as Gale and the Hunger Games)

-I like Jacob just not with Bella(he's also really cocky)

-I like Percy Jackson

-I am only reading the Hereos of Olympus series because i want to see cute Percy/Annabeth parts(hahaha is that sad?)

-I run Cross Country and Track(And am pretty darn good hahaha :D)

-I LOVE my friends!!!:) (Or do I...???) ;)

-I laugh at the most stupid stuff(You should hear my jokes)

-I love to argue(Some of my closest friendships started with arguements)

-I have spent many lunches yelling and screaming about if Gale or Peeta is better(Gale, obviously)

-My favorite colors are sky blue and lavender(Guess what colors my room is)

-My favorite animal is a monkey(because a monkey almost killed Peeta)

-I love steak

-I love to go shopping(Who doesn't?)

-I love going to expensive stores and trying on dresses and shoes and not buy anything(totally done that a million times and had the old lady get mad at you)

-I LOVE painting my nails and putting fancy designs on them!(If anyone has any cool things to do on nails tell me)

Alright guys, that pretty much sums up the facts, the stories!! :)

Ok so like i said, i love the hunger games, i also have two friends that are obsessed with them just like me(Except they are Peeta lovers :/ whats wrong with them right?!). So on opening night of the Hunger Games movie, the three of us went together. and so we were watching it and we all cried at the reaping and we cried when Rue died(actually i broke out laughing because i couldn't cry hahahah oops:) i think i got some angry words yelled at me (; hahaha)then, you know where Katniss finds Peeta in the river and she is like half carrying him while he limps? Well, when we got to that part...i break out into another round of full out laughing!! I am just cracking up while everyone is yelling at me to shut up and my Peeta loving friends who were sitting on either side of me, are looking at me appalled. i got lots more angry words yelled at me. Then, you know the part when Katniss and Peeta are sitting in the cave making out, and then they show Gale's face? Well when they showed Gale's face as he watched them make out, i started balling. I mean completely balling and sobbing(I was almost screaming)and once again everyone is looking at me and yelling at me to be quiet. and then there is my friends who are sitting there pretending not to know me!! hahahahaha i thought it was hilarious to be yelled at 3 times in one movie!! Hahaha am i too freaky?!?! :)

So anyway, next story, so one of my Peeta loving friends, HATES Twilight. and back when this happened i hated Percy Jackson. So we had a bet that if i could finish the Percy Jackson book by Monday when i got to school(i started it the Monday before)then she would have a Twilight marathon with me!! And of course i did end up finsihing Percy Jackson in time so we got to have our Twilight marathon!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! :D But anyways. So for the marathon we got 4 bags of chips, 4 liters of pop, and 4 boxes of candy.(we ate it all)So anyway(i say that alot don't i?)then when we were watching i was all like ahhhh this is so much fun and my friend was all like kill me now and then when we got to New Moon, i fell asleep(hahaha ooops :))but then they whacked me with a pillow like a million times to wake me up!! Hahahah it was soooooo much fun!!!! And we are going to be having another one in a couple weeks!!! !YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! :)

So anyways, i think that shows what a freak i am now here are some books i suggest to you all!!


-Twilight series

-Percy Jackson series

-the Beacon Street Girls series

-The Last Song

-Broken Moon

-Just Listen

-All the books in the S.A.S.S. series

-The Giver

-Once Upon a Marigold

-The Matched Series

-The Lucky One

ANd now, movies that i love...

-HUNGER GAMES(Cried in it! Just like everyone else)

-Percy Jackson

-All the twilights

-Life As We Know It(Soooooo saddd but also funny and cute!! I still cry every time tho)

-Made of Honor

-27 Dresses

-Just Go With It

-TITANIC(sooooooooooo saddd i cried so much in that movie!!!!)

-The Last Song(Cried in this one too)

-The Notebook(cried in this one too)

-The Lucky One(Cried in this one too--i cry in a lot of movies don't I?)

-Pictures of Hollis Woods(Cried in it)

-Mean Girls(HEY I didn't cry in it!!!)

-Meet the Parent's

-Jungle2Jungle(I think it is hilarious)

-August Rush(Cried in this one too)

-Pitch Perfect(Hahhahahahaha so funny...but i kinda cried in it too...HOW DID I CRY IN A COMEDY MOVIE???)

-Lord of the Rings(i cried in this are all probably thinking "how does she cry in Lord of the Rings, but it was just at the end when Frodo left, cuz that was saddd)

-Star Wars(Ummm...I cried at the end of this too!! I mean when you see Luke cremate Anikan, and then he look and see Obie-One and Yoda, and then the camera turns and you see Anikan, it's so sadd and touching, and i cry every time!!)

-Hachi-A dog's Tale(Cried...)

Ok, I know, i am such a sucker, i honestly cry in like every movie!!! It's depressing!! Sometimes my friends don't wanna watch movies with me just cuz i cry too much!! Hahahaha i need to learn self control!!

There are so many more books and movies i love, but for some reason, right now i am blanking! So sorry, but all of those books and movies are AMAZING!

One more thing, most of the stories i write will be Hunger Games cuz i'm kinda obsessed...but i might also do some Twilight or Percy Jackson if i find the time and inspiration! But if any of you want to read some really good Percy Jackson stories, go to to check out my sister's FanFics!!

So i hoped you all enjoyed my awesome profile! If you have any other questions, just PM and i will try to answer them!! Keep Reading!! :) and...LIVE LIFE, LAUGH LOTS, LOVE FOREVER!!

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on hiatus
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