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Author has written 2 stories for Danny Phantom.

I stumble over my words ;u; Hello thar my name is Noz or Nozzy *cough cough* Its actually Sylvia *cough cough* (: I am a very nice girl. I'm slowly getting more comfortable with this site, and sharing more of myself but I will not tell you my exact age or location anything like that. In general, am not a fan of social medias, and only have FanFiction. I'm a teen and in high school. My Avatar on this site is Rose from American Dragon Jake Long (ADJL). I am so the stereotypical blonde and I also have blue eyes...woohoo =D I am kind of shy and slightly awkward but I'm more sociable online. My favorite music artists are Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. Yes I still like him and I don't care if you don't! I'm not really into sports, My fave colors are pink and black. I am kind of crazaaaaay! I love fluffy love and cliche cute romances. I ship so much!! TOO much. I'm into old kid cartoons still and a few kind of cliche live action television shows. Not into anime because most of it is too violent. I hate gothic and tragic things or anything super violent really. I always like a happy ending. I am always more focused in the love story than the plot. I used to briefly be into Twilight and Harry Potter but only cause of peer pressure and I don't actually like them at all I realized. I have deleted all my older stories now because I rarely am online anymore. School has kept my life very busy DX Maybe I will write a nother story one day? I am better at making girl characters than guys. I like girl characters who are strong, loyal to family and friends, and most of all kind hearted.

My Fandoms: ADJL, Danny Phantom, Avatar The Last Airbender, Every Witch Way, iCarly, Victorious

My Ships: JakexRose, EmmaxDaniel, CarlyxFreddie, TorixBeck, DannyxPaulina, DannyxOC (specifically my friend's OC Cecelia Hazel she is really the best girl for Danny!!), AangxToph, AangxKatara. Don't drag me into your shipping fanwar, guys! I don't enforce my pairings on you, so please don't enforce yours on me, thanks.

Ships I hate: DannyxSam, KataraxZuko, DannyxValerie, DannyxVlad, FreddiexSam, JadexBeck

Index of my OCs:

Main: -Sylvia Gold, Jessica Sylph, Sheryl Wolf, Zyler Nicholas

Second Generation: -Brandi, Anette

Other Second Generation Shared: -Riley, Anthony, Genevieve

My OCs are a work in progress but here is what I will post for you. Most of them are multi-fandom. Sylvia is half based off me half based off Rose from American Dragon. Sheryl is a little based off me but mostly is her own person. And the rest are not based off any. Sylvia and Sheryl were once the same character, Silver Sheryl, but instead of her having an alter ego I decided to make two separate girls.

Sylvia Gold, ninja {15}

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Style: long, wavy, usually in braid

Eyes Color: Blue-Gray

Personality: serious at times and can act cold but only thinks she has to do that to become a great ninja, is really a bubbly kind of sweet girl who cares much about her friends, awkward around boy crushes, she kind of just wants to protect her friends

Skill Set: ninja-like reflexes, superhuman strength, can jump very high and run very fast, not well-skilled with fighting but is learning

Weapon: some kind of sword, I haven't decided yet

Fandoms: American Dragon: Jake Long, Danny Phantom

Jessica Sylph, witch {16}

Hair color: dark brown with green streaks

Hair Style: medium length, straightened

Eyes Color: Brown

Personality: girly girl, friendly, outgoing, energetic, flirty, excitable, happy, peppy, never angry or sad, can easily get tricked into doing things but is not a bad person and would never hurt someone on purpose

Skill Set: witch, pretty good with basic magics

Weapon: wand, and a spell book

Fandoms: American Dragon: Jake Long, Every Witch Way, Danny Phantom

Sheryl Wolf, human {14}

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Hair Style: medium length, wavy

Eyes Color: Dark Blue

Personality: sweet, shy, loyal, true friend, animal lover, caring, kind of wimpy, pushover, bubbly kind of person once you get to know her, basic kind of airhead but somehow good at math

Skill Set: no fighting skill

Fandoms: American Dragon: Jake Long, Every Witch Way, Danny Phantom, iCarly, Victorious

Karin Hansen, human {17}

Hair Color: Light Brown

Hair Style: Frizzy Curly

Eyes Color: Blue

Personality: cold, mysterious, defensive, reserved, but not shy, nerdy, bookworm, who hides behind her glasses, stubborn, doesn't give up, low self esteem, which she hides, she is Vlad's daughter who is born out of wedlock and doesn't have a good relationship with either of her parents

Skill Set: excellent ghost fighter

Fandoms: Danny Phantom

Zyler Nicholas, wizard {16}

Hair Color: Blue and Purple

Hair Style: Spiky

Eyes Color: Green

Personality: kind of wild, flirtatious, rude, dedicated, talented, quick to rush into something

Skill Set: makes punk rock music, also a good fighter

Fandoms: Every Witch Way, Harry Potter, iCarly, Victorious

OH! I completely forgot, my next generation OCs! I don't use them much, they were adopted by PrennCooder. But she don't use them either, hmmm... so they're still mine! But it's been so long, not sure I spelled their names right!

Brandi Fenton, human daughter of Danny Fenton and Paulina {17}

Hair Color: black

Hair Style: short, straight, up-do usually a ponytail

Eyes Color: blue-green

Personality: nerdy kind of overbearing and bossy, but motherly, stressed, responsible, mature, protective of Anette

Anette Fenton, human-ghost hybrid daughter of Danny Fenton and Paulina {13}

Hair Color: white

Hair Style: wavy, long-medium length

Eyes Color: red

Personality: kind-hearted, gentile, soft-spoken, sweet, timid, weak, shy

Skill Set: basically no skill, she is very weak and her only ghost power is a ghostly aura because she is mostly human

Next these are an alternate universe {AU} shared by myself, PrennCooder, and ImJustAwkward. Prenn made the characters but Lan and I will write the story. Prenn will beta it! That's the plan! Of course these OCs are with her character as the mom but she loves creating these extra second generation ideas and Lan and I just could not resist adopting these little babes. We hope to begin on the story soon!

Riley Fenton {13} ghost powers, son of Danny and Cecelia

Hair Color: black-brown

Eyes Color: purple/green eyes

Personality: dorky, awkward, kind, naïve, sportsy, playful

Anthony Fenton {15} electric powers, son of Danny and Cecelia

Hair Color: black-brown

Eyes Color: blue/green

Personality: serious, strict, cold, awkward, hunter

Genevieve Fenton {17} human, daughter of Danny and Cecelia

Hair Color: black-brown

Eyes Color: purple/blue

Personality: prima donna, girly, reserved, mythical fantasy reader

And that is about it for me. I love to role-play but my characters are still in development so they may change from time to time. Don't be afraid to chat me up even just to talk. I love reading so much especially ship fics so if you have one to read of the pairings I like TELL MEEE! Thanks for visiting (:

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EVIL reviews
What if two out of three of Danny Phantom's children turned out evil? Right under his nose, they go around with their own secret identities reaking havoc around Amity park! Will their brother figure it out? Will Danny? Read to find out! (Only bios for now but the story is coming soon!) Collaborative story with PrennCooder and ImJustAwkward. OCs are shared with them.
Danny Phantom - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 328 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Published: 1/31/2016
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My OCs, ImJustAwkward's OC, and PrennCooder's OC meet the girls of DP and get into arguments. Just a silly drabble from a roleplay! It's old but since they are posting their old works I wanted to post this one they hadn't posted yet! Tell me if its good! No boys are in it because I can't write boys well.
Danny Phantom - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 360 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 5 - Published: 1/29/2016 - Sam M., Paulina, Valerie G., Dani - Complete
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