Ryan Perreault and Neo Rabbit
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What do you get when you combine two of the best Action/Adventure Sonic fanfiction authors?

Ryan Perreault - a military lover and the highly aclaimed best Sonic crosscast author on the site.

Neo Rabbit - well-known for his nonstop use of Sonic the Hedgehog action in his stories, which are full of surprise, suspense, and tense action.

You get the two greatest Action/Adventure Sonic fanfic authors writing the best of the best Sonic action ever!

Enjoy the stories... they will blow you away!

Neo: Hey, all! This is our first partnership ever and we're about to make a hell of a story for you guys. We'll be making a schedule for stories if provided and come out with some new stories for ya. And as ryan says, enjoy the story cause they will blow you away!

Current Projects:

An Act of War
Seals Of War

Upcoming Projects:

Danger Zone
Course of Action 2: Terrorism on Floating Isle
Runaway Locomotive (changed from Wrecked)
E-2: Beyond Territory
Rabbit Season

Updates: 7-24-02

Rabbit Season

Release Date: TBA

Status: On the Horizon

Tagline: In a deadly game, you are the prey.

Cast: Bunnie Rabbot, Cream Rabbit, Kragok Echidna, Menniker Echidna, Saber Echidna, Enerjax Echidna, and more.

Rating: R for Strong Bloody Violence, language, and drug use

Premise: In tradition of The Hunted, and Surviving the Game, this action/thriller stars Bunnie Rabbot (The Enforcer) and Cream Rabbit (Sonic Xtreme) as best friends who were recruited by a militia group (led by Kragok) to track and kill their escaped enemies in the mist of of a training camp in Green Forest. It was an easier said than done mission when they soon found out that they were the prey and on the run for their lives in a deadly hunt of the season. A rabbit season. Now Bunnie and Cream must outwit these military hunters before they become next on the menu.

Background: Station Square, Green Forest

Genre: Action, Thriller

Danger Zone

Release Date: TBA

Status: On the Horizon

Based Upon: An original idea we had about a chemical warfare between the Dark Legionnaires.

Title Note: The original title was suppose to be "Time of War" but lowered it down to just Danger Zone instead.

Rating: R for Strong Violence, language, a sex scene, and drug use.

Cast: Bunnie Rabbot, Shadow Hedgehog, Manic Hedgehog, Sonic Hedgehog, Sonia Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, Tails Prower, Amy Rose, and more.

Cast Notes: We might make some fan-characters in the story if need to.

Premise: After a heavy machinery was stolen by dark legionnaires, the government calls in Ex- Navy SEALS who are husbands and wives (Shadow and Bunnie) to thwart out the problem before a chemical war will start.

Backgrounds: Station Square, Ice Cap, Chemical Plant, Metal Harbor, and more.

Genre: Action/Adventure

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