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Hello... Somehow you have found me so read and PM or review if you dare ;)

Well I got FanFiction because my friend couldn't stop going about it! I love writting short storys and reading, but I am best at poetry. I was'nt always great at English, to be honest I quite frankly sucked at it but once I found a genre of books that were really cool I couldn't stop reading and writing. I like you to know that most of what I put up here is all based on true feelings, espically my poems. Maybe not so much on the storys.

My name is Hannah and I am from England. Sadly I don't drink tea in fancy cups with idde bidde sandwiches, talking about the weather and ending my sencetences with darling all the time. Though I do love tea, it's soo much better then coffee. I am a goth and my black hair is awesome no matter what people say but it will be blue black at some point because I can :P I live in band t-shirts and combats also lacy black things too.

When people write storys with the perfect, pretty Mary Sue in it ( unless it's to make fun of them) I don't like it because they are soo God damn boring.Yaawwwnnn... Blah Blah I'm soo pretty, I'm so powerful Blah blah. LOVE ME!!- Kinda like some girls at my school...

I love bands like The Pretty Reckless, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Nirvana, Evanescence, NightWish,Sex Pistols, ACDC, Guns 'n' Roses and Bad Pollyana! etc. Tv shows are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Buffy the Vampire slayer, Supernatural, Merlin (which has finshed :'( sigh..) and The Simpsons. I can't do books because it would be shorter to write the books I don't like. Movies, I'm quite relaxed about but I hate when the movie kills the books and makes it shit but somehow is more popular the the book! -_-

My name "Ladder In My Tights" is because I adore that song by Amy Studt (cheesy I know), but the song is about how you should never follow the popular people, always be yourself and tell them to get lost. :)

Ok I'm going to help a few friends with some advertising! Secret Agent Codename Bob was the one who got me addicted to Fanfic, she writes My Baby Sitters a Vampire and other stuff. If like ainme then go into search and then Type into search Gunpowdercookies. I am also helping Neddiesmurf with her story.

Also look out because me and Meg (gunpowdercookies) are writing a Fairy Tale story which will be funny and ... dramatic! So yes do look out for it and read.

I know this isn't great but oh well! I hope you like my stuff. If you review mine then I will read some of your stuff and i'll tell you what I think. Unless there's 100 reviews but that won't happen.

P.S I also have FictionPress but it is ALL poems so if you like them and want more then go! XD My name is the same so go and check it out...

Ladder In My Tights. :)

"Take your time, hurry up
The choice is yours, don't be late."- Nirvana "

"I took my time, I hurried up, The choice was mine, I didn't think enough"- Blink-182

"Don't take life so seriously. It's not like you're going to get out alive"

'I've been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?'- Evanescence

'I'll numb the pain
'Til I am made of stone
I'll numb the pain
'Til I am made of stone'- Evanescence

"Here comes the darkness,
It’s eating at my brain.
Now all the lights,
Are driving me insane.
The fire is blazing,
And I’m still inside..." Burn-The Pretty Reckless

"Even as a broken mirror, which the glass

In every fragment multiplies; and makes

A thousand images of one that was,

The same, and still the more, the more it breaks;

And thus the heart will do which not forsakes,

Living in shatter’d guise, and still, and cold,

And bloodless, with its sleepless sorrow aches,

Yet withers on till all without is old,

Showing no visible sign, for such this are untold"- Lord Byron

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