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Mhmm... if you're reading this you are probably wondering what I like or dislike about whatever...OR you're just so bored that you're reading the profile of some random person on the internet...probably the latter.

Anyways, I like reading fan-fiction (a LOT to be honest) and this profile page will mostly be used to display my thoughts on things related to Naruto and Harry Potter fan-fictions, so that once I have written a story (which will happen in the next months, probably) and people want to know what I like and dislike they can visit this profile to see if they will like or dislike my stories xP
(I may rant about certain things, you have been warned)

I guess a bit about me first (if you're interested):

I was born in Germany and I live in Germany, but I have spend 5 years in America (attending a german school though).

As I am writing this, I'm currently 17 years old.

Beside fan-fictions I like to play computer games, program computer games, play the piano and do sports

Oh, and I'm a guy btw

Things general fan-fiction related:

I don't like yaoi, nope!

I detest incest! Way gross in my opinion, ew!

For pairings I like the more unusual ones, which most of the time are the most interesting (more on pairings later)

Generally, I like a story with a good mix of romance and adventure.

I'm not a fan of Harem stories. Most of the time they're terrible unrealistic and can often ruin a what would have been a good story for me. Harem-writers seem to be the male 'fangirls' to me. Just like fangirls will write stories where they're actually just writing down their fantasies using some fictional characters, these 'harem-writers' will write down their fantasies of having multiple girlfriends, who are ok with having a threesome (or better yet, who are ok with having a one guylots of girls-orgy). Sometimes stories with a harem will actually be quite fun though, with lots of humor etc.

Things Harry Potter related:

Pairings I like are:

Harry/Daphne (A Gryffindor and a Slytherin, makes an interesting story)

Harry/Bellatrix (Again, this parring practically guaranties an interesting plot, although Bella is a bit old, I just ignore that tho =P )

Harry/Tonks (Tonks isn't THAT much older than Harry (6 years I think), I generally like her, which I guess is why I like this pairing (I dislike reading about someone else than Harry, as all 7 books are written in his perspective)

Pairings I dislike are:

Harry/Hermione (I'm not sure why this is so popular to be honest. Personally I find this pairing to be very boring)

Thoughts on certain characters:

Albus Dumbledore
Ok, seriously? Canon Dumbledore was WAY nicer than about 80% of the fan-fics here portray him! I don't think he was manipulative in any way to be honest (ok, maybe quite a lot actually, with the little amount of information he was giving his followers), but he always did what he thought was best (which it was, mostly).

Severus Snape
I don't really DISLIKE him, but I don't like him either. Sure he was a good man in the end, however he did hold a childish grudge for James till the freakin' end and tormented poor Harry for it. I mean come on, that's just really stupid if you think about it...

Ron Weasley
Generally bashed on, for letting his friend down two times (one time really, I wouldn't count the one where he was under the influence of the medallion/horcrux) in the span of SEVEN years. Yes, THAT'S why he's being bashed in 50% of the stories here! (end rant)

Thoughts on certain popular overused plotlines:

The 'Azkaban' story...
There are SO many of these (generally stupid) Harry goes to Azkaban stories it's annoying. The plot can be summarized in very few lines:

Everyone betrays innocent, framed Harry and he goes to Azkaban. - Harry feels miserable.
A few years later they realize their mistake and get Harry out. - Everyone feels sorry.
Harry kills Voldemort like he's nothing. - Everyone is happy.
Harry doesn't want to have anything to do with them anymore. - Everyone feels miserable.

There and that's it. I really don't see how so many people seem to be able to read this over and over again (these stories get gigantic amounts of reviews). I don't know why, but many people seem to enjoy reading about people who made mistakes being miserable and 'getting what they deserved'. It's kinda creepy, tbh.
There are of course exceptions. There ARE good Azkaban stories and the general idea of Harry going to Azkaban is actually quiet interesting, but there are SO many bad ones as well and since they get just as many reviews it's hard to find the good ones.

The 'Overpowered' story...
Also widely popular is the story where Harry finds out he's the heir to all four Founders, has 10 different kinds of special abilities (which he never uses throughout the story) and has his magic 'blocked' 90% by one Albus Dumbledore.

Popular with these kinds of stories are the 'themes':

Manipulative Dumbledore
Weasley Bashing (often except the twins)
Harem Harry
Abused Harry
Super friendly Goblins

Now these stories are just really f*cked up in my opinion. Not only do they make absolutely no sense, but more importantly they are popular as hell.
WHY would Dumbledore block part of the magic of the person he wants the world to be saved from? I mean, manipulative Dumbledore letting Harry get abused I can at least PARTLY understand, but block his magic?! ...the fuck...?
WHY would the Goblins help Harry? They are greedy as hell! Unless they would get any kind of profit from this they give a shit on how unfair the life of one wizard has been.

Things Naruto related:

Pairings I like are:

Naruto/Anko (She's such a fun person. Stories with these two tend to have great humor. Much like Tonks she isn't THAT old)

Naruto/FemHaku (In the scene of the forest where he says that he's actaully a boy, my reaction was quite similar to Naruto's tbh (WTF?!?!). Later, in the fight he DOES look male, but not in the forest. Anyways, I don't really know WHY I like this pairing... but I do...)

Naruto/Tayuya (Much like Anko it brings great humor... imho opinion I think her swearing is hilarious xD)

Pairings I dislike are:

There aren't really any pairings I DISLIKE, I just don't like any yaoi...

Thoughts on certain characters:

Another heavily bashed character. I don't really DISLIKE her... much. Ok I DO dislike her before the time skip actually. Calling Naruto and idiot all the time while being pretty much useless... quite the hypocrite. After the time skip she becomes at least tolerable, in my opinion anyways...

Other Thoughts:

Something about many Naruto fan-fictions that has been...well not bothering me per say, but what has come to my attention is that many seem to believe that Naruto was beaten by the villagers...? Often this is described, more often it is said that he was always beaten on his birthday. Many also say that he hadn't been allowed in shops or was overcharged. Now I don't really have a problem with this... but I think why many people put this in their fiction is because they don't quite understand how hard the life for Naruto was even in Canon, where he wasn't beaten or anything. I don't think they understand how hard the life of child is, when that child has to live alone from the age of 6 on, being constantly pointed and whispered at and having only one person (until Iruka came along) who cares about him and that person being busy most of the time. Not having any kind of friends (parents telling their children not to play with him was actually true in canon). Many writers seem to want to show that Naruto's life has been hard, putting in these extra hardships in combination with canon, not understanding that even without being beaten or overcharged his life had been extremely difficult.

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