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Hi! I am a teenage irish girl that is a huge fan of Watership Down and have started writing the fourth series :) and now fifth and sixth... and seventh hehe. I also love The Silver Brumby, Spirit Stallion of the Cimmarron and The Black Stallion, yes I love horses! I have three rabbits called Nibbles, Starsky and Primrose they inspired me to first watch the series of Watership Down then the book and then the movie and I really love them even though as a teenager I may be a little old for them... or maybe not...

My motto: If you really, really want something, do it yourself! thats what I did when i really wanted a fic featuring blackberry and campion and there was none. So I thought, i guess i'll just have to make my own!

Watership Down

Favourite Couple: Campion and Blackberry ( Obvious I think )

Favourite Character: am Campion or Blackberry?? am probably Campion

Least Favourite Character: Spartina and Hannah :/

Other Favourite Characters: Bigwig,Hazel,Blackberry, Hawkbit and Fiver :)

Favourite Series: I loved the third series because it featured my top favourite characters Campion and Blackberry the most, though I prefer the animation in series one and two.

I have a Deviant Art acount where I have been posting my drawn illustrations from Forgotten Enemy, there is also a few of horses :D http:///

Favourite Episode: The Homecoming

Favourite Baddie: Vervain

First Ever Episode of Watership Down Seen: Winter on Watership Down

First Year Seen Watership Down: 2008 summer

Favourite OC: Yew

Favourite Chapter of Mine: hmmmmmm...The Good and the Evil Part Three, because I managed to find a moment when I could make Campion's scars go away :D

Teenage Posts!:

I don't understand how Super Mario can smash blocks with his head but dies when he touches a turtle.

Lazy Rule: Can't reach what I've dropped, don't need it

Siting in class and wondering who would die if the fan fell down

Hearing noises when your home alone and just accepting the fact you're going to die

Changing the date on your homework to make it seem like you did it earlier

Laughing so hard no noise comes out so you sit there clapping like a retarted seal.

Admit it, we all tried keeping a diary and failed

The awkward moment when your in the mall and you see a pile of people from school and your with your mum -_-

That awkward penguin run you do when you have your schoolbag on

"Let's watch a scary movie!" Hours later "Dude walk me to the bathroom."

When the teacher erases the board, but sloppily leaves a mark or tow, i go a little insane on the inside

Dear studnet who finished the test in seven minutes... I hope you fail! Sincerely, still on the first question

You know when you walk into a room and forget your actions? That's god playing sims, he just cancelled your action

I wonder how police on bikes arrest people? "Alright, get in the basket."

Pretending to die infront of your pet, just to see if they would save you

Having those weird conversations with your friends and thinking, " If anyone heard us right now we'd b put in a mental hospital." ( I think my friends know what I'm talking about.)

I risk my phone's life in school to text you

5 minutes of extra sleep in the morning really does matter!

My level of maturity depends on who I'm with

Trust me, as you get to know me I get weirder

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