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I'm a professional author with two published collections of short stories, Odd Lodgings and The Silent Garden & Darker Places. Besides my salable fiction, I couldn't resist the lure of fan fiction. My completed fan novel is The Call, a continuation of Digimon Adventure 02.

Whether I'll write any fan fiction in the future has yet to be seen, but I have a number of ideas. From the Afterword to The Call:

If you'd like me to take another whack at fan fiction, let me know, and you may be able to tip the balance. As I said, I have a number of ideas for Digimon stories. Of the definite conceptions, there are potential sequels to Tamers, Frontier, and Savers, an alternate universe version of Savers, a short story set in the timeline of The Call, and two ideas for novels taking place in my own, original universes (or "OUs"; I'm hoping the term will catch on). I am definitely not prepared to start on any of the three sequel novels at the moment. The announcement and release of Digimon Adventure Tri turned The Call into an AU, which wasn't my original intention, and while it's unlikely that we'll be seeing official sequels to other Digimon anime series, there's a possibility, so for the moment I'd rather wait until we find out what Toei's got coming next.

That leaves four possibilities for my next fanfic (if I ever write one), which I may as well say a few words about here.

1.) "Summer Memory"

A short story about Wallace and his partner Digimon, set mostly between the events of the third movie and the events of The Call. Just by virtue of its being a short story, I'm a little more likely to write this fanfic than one of the other, more ambitious ones.

2.) [Digimon Savers AU – title to be determined]

A rather different version of Savers based on some of the early conceptual ideas for the fifth anime series. From Yamaguchi Ryota's notes: "The counterplot I submitted to beat the first presented proposal was about banchou all over Japan who have partner Digimon, and the hero accomplishing nationwide conquest through fights with Digimon (of course, this was rejected immediately). If circumstances permitted, Yoshino, the Kansai, nunchaku-wielding female gang leader, and Touma, the American lone-wolf who crushed New York's mafia all by himself, would have possibly appeared."

3.) Gunman

An "OU" story that would basically be a Digimon Western, featuring only Digimon with no human characters. Its hero (or possibly antihero) is MagnaKidmon. Widely known as "the Kid," he's a wanted outlaw and famous gunfighter whose past isn't entirely known even to himself. The novel would follow his adventures as he wanders through the Digital World.

4.) [OU novel – title to be determined]

In a Digital World without gods or rulers, six armies struggle for global domination. Each is led by one of the Big Death-Stars, and behind each of them is one of the humans known as Anarchs. Basically you'd have six Digimon Kaisers warring with each other, with various developments arising from that.

If one or more of these sounds particularly interesting, you can let me know in a review or private message, and maybe someday I'll return to the medium of fan fiction.

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