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Author has written 13 stories for Forgotten Realms, and Shadowrun.

So, on the bright side, still not dead. Yay!

Writing is easy. Writing profile-thingies, less so. Suffice to say, I enjoy writing for this site, FictionPress, and a few others—in between college classes and the constant string of wonderful chaos that is normal life. Chapters are a little bit irregular due to this and health concerns. For the most part, I feel awkward using the characters of other writers and spend more time in their universes, which can be absolutely fascinating.

Reviews are always greatly appreciated, as I think most writers on this site feel. They also will kick me straight out of writer's block like really nice harassment. I hope I can give a few people something to read. I haven't replied to reviews in the past, but I think I will now that I've realized that's a thing. So if you review after now, 25 July 2015, and don't hear from me, I apologize. I'm probably dead. So, you know, no worries?

Also, these stories should also become available on WattPad at some point after I get around to shuffling them over to that medium as well. I like the formatting there somewhat less, so it may be a somewhat protracted battle to make stuff look better. It's the dashes that kill me.

Story Notes

People who review are amazing. I cannot emphasize this enough. You know who you are, and you are awesome. Thank you.

Spiders in Silver is currently undergoing overhaul.

A Gift of Malice and Chasing Darkness may be overhauled. The story-lines will not be changed, but as a whole they will be longer and better fleshed out. That will probably be a project down the road, but who knows what I'll be able to actually get done.

In a similar vein, Falling Grace and Out of Abysm are done. At least some of those characters will probably show up again.

Lover Mine has turned from a one-shot to a small, vaguely connected set of shorts that appears to be growing. It's listed as complete, but it will likely be added to more than it already has been.

Shot in the Heart and Knife in the Dark are finished. They were a crazy ride, but I think that's the extent of Khal and Thalion's story.

Fine Print is complete, but there will be another story following it to finish out the story of Sabal and her companions. It will probably be the last one.

Met By Moonlight just happened. No explanation for it. It may be added to in an effort to explore Laug and Valaina's story.

The Prisoner of Memory is under construction. Some of the characters from Knife in the Dark reappear here, so it may be worth a read.

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Sequel to Fine Print. Separated from her lover by the twists and turns of fate, Alystin has finally healed enough to search for what she treasures the most. Accompanied by faithful allies and a great deal of hope, she plunges into the darkness, knowing full well that survival and return may be impossible. After all, what is love but sacrifice?
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As a soldier of House Baenre, Khaless Dryaalis has had many opportunities to be cruel and cold. But now she has found a way to step out of that life and into the graces of the Dark Maiden. Between Shevarash and her own world, however, life is much more complicated than she'd like. M/F
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Stand-alone shorts. Most priestesses don't bother to ask, and Solaufein is used to that. Teasing and waiting? Less so. But when it comes to his priestess, it's worth it.
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Sequel to "A Gift of Malice" and "Out of Abysm". The Abyss has shifted nearly on its axis with the ascension of a new demon lord. But while Alystin and Sabal seek to investigate a new cult cropping up, their efforts are constantly bringing them across the path of its servants and an old secret. And the forces of light are there to stop them.
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Sequel to Chasing Darkness. Sometimes allies come from the most unexpected places and dash the best laid plans to pieces. But staring her own darkness and a bitter homecoming in the face, Valyne will need all the help she can get. Particularly since this seems part of a plan crafted aeons ago by players no one knows or understands except those entities themselves.
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The price of power is often incalculably high, but rarely does it seem so at the beginning. Valyne Duskryn follows a road that is dark and winding-the only route to freedom.
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Life is not ideal even for a female drow in Menzoberranzan, particularly if not a priestess. And even more so if one has a gift that is poorly understood but so easily used.
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