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Hello all, my alias is shattered glass lilies! I have actually been on this site previously, but the work was quite atrocious so the account was abandoned in favor of this one.

My writing is extremely far from perfect, but with practice I hope it will improve.

If you are curious to as what my favorite pairings are, look below. They are in no particular order really as it changes from time to time.

My tumblr: shatteredglasslilies dot tumblr dot com (Remove spaces and put . where it reads 'dot' of course).


ItaSasu/Uchihacest (Itachi x Sasuke)

NaruSasu (Naruto x Sasuke) I prefer Seme!Naruto most of the time

KibaSasu (Kiba x Sasuke)

KisaIta (Kisame x Itachi)

MinaKush (Minato x Kushina)

Fire Emblem

Ike x Soren

Harvest Moon

Vaughn x Chelsea

Skye x Claire

Jill/Pony x Blue

Jill/Pony x Dr. Alex

Gretel x Amir

Akari x Julius (I like this pairing just for the factor of how amusing I find Julius)

Akari x Luke

Hikari x Wizard/Gale

Hikari x Harvest God/Ignis

Lillian x Kamil/Cam

Lillian x Mikhail

About me:

Sex: Female.

Age: Not old enough to rent a car, let's just leave it at that.

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

OTP: Either NaruSasu or ItaSasu (I don't care; the affinity is THERE, if it bugs you just pretend they aren't really related)

Favorite Music (in general): My Chemical Romance, Falling in Reverse, Tonight Alive, Evanescence, The All-American Rejects, The Used, Three Days Grace, blink-182, Linkin Park, Britney Spears, Panic! At the Disco, ect.

Favorite things in general: Naruto, writing, reading (mostly Naruto stuff on here, but sometimes I divulge into Harvest Moon and Fire Emblem), music, not practicing my Spanish, video gaming, lurking on multiple websites...

Requests: I'm not an amazing writer, and it may take me a while to write it out, but if anyone has a request let me know! I'm willing to do anything for the practice (unless it is a disliked pairing... like ItaNaru...).


3/4/12: Working on a new chapter of MoA, although I'm not sure when it will be released (159 words and counting!). Mel.S, I don't even want to touch that with a 50 foot pole right now... I have no inspiration anymore! NI, that is just a side project (one that I'm starting to despise) so not sure about that either.

3/27/12: So, MoA probably won't be updated until I finish Rural Mentality, but I will try my best to crank out part 4 of the aforementioned piece before then (although I'm not sure about an epilogue as of yet).

4/10/12: I said to myself, 'I'm going to write part four of Rural Mentality over spring break so I can begin a new story!' As I am naturally a procrastinator, however, this did not get finished. I have quite a lot of homework due to it being the last quarter and having so many IGCSE/pre-AICE/EOC tests and finals, I write when I can. I have 4 and a half pages typed so far, but I do not want to rush because I already have tons of errors when I publish (I am planning to do a giant edit when part 4 closes out). I don't even know if anyone reads this, but I adore all my readers and appreciate you being so patient with me! I promise I will try to have it out soon.

4/28/12: I'm very much ignoring many of my stories... I keep staring these things then becoming uninspired (like MoA, I don't know what my direction for that was anymore). I am going to try to get Mel. Sus. updated soon by I kind of have Moiety on my mind currently!

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