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News: School's out, I'm totally free for the Summer, and I'll be updating much more frequently. I'm so sorry that I have not been writing much, this year has been rough. Also, apparently my The Binding of Isaac story has already gotten flamed. If those two people who will remain nameless ever return here, I'd just like to ask if you've ever stopped to think that MAYBE the story wasn't finished yet? I checked the box for "In Progress" for a reason. On a happier note, I'm back! And I'll try to update as frequently as possible because I love each and every one of you that reads my stories. :D


Hello everyone, and welcome to insanity. I'm xXDarkRiftXx and I'll be your guide. I guess I should say some stuff about myself, so here goes.

Fanfiction name: xXDarkRiftXx

Real name: Hugh Cares (If you catch my drift)

Gender: Male

Likes: Pokemon, Paper Mario and a few other Mario games such as Super Mario RPG, LoZ, more specifically Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword and a Link to the Past, Epic Battle Fantasy 3/4, Okami, RotMG, VG Cats, I Wanna Be The Boshy, RubyQuest, Game Grumps/Steam Train/Steam Rolled, Pokemon Mystery dungeon blue/sky/gates to infinity, Dark Cloud/Dark Cloud 2, a multitude of Final Fantasy games, Bravely Default, Yu-Gi-Oh!, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Soul Eater, Sword Art Online, Sgt. Frog, Fullmetal Alchemist, being nerdy, and laughing at people doing/saying stupid things.

Dislikes: Games with cheap difficulty, Berry Juice (If you know me IRL you know my conflict with Berry Juice), Jynx, Level grinding in RPG's, When something makes me ragequit (I'm looking at YOU Mario Party!), jump scares, screamers, and creepypastas (God I hate Lavender town, Ben, and Tails Doll.), those nightmares where you cant do anything and are forced to just stand there. I mean its bad enough that you're most likely going to get killed by god-knows-what, but then you get insulted by not even being able to fight back.

Heh, funny how most of those are video game related. I have no life.

Some random facts:

-My OC Jagger came to be when I was playing Super Mario RPG. His name came from Jagger, the Terrapin in Monstro town. (NOT Moves Like Jagger! I swear, I will find the Azure Flute, Climb the mountain, and get Arceus to send you to distortion world if you say I got his name from that!) and him being a Lucario... I just like Lucario. And besides, I think that name fits a Lucario well.

-On the subject of OCs, I was originally going to have a character named Jinx, a Ninjask. He was going to be Jagger's sensei much like in Super Mario RPG. But I decided not to. Mostly because I don't have that much creativity.

- Jynx freak me the hell out.

- My 3ds FC is 0731-5278-5237. My Friend Safari has Gyarados, Octillery, and Azumarill.

- Sometimes I obsess over Lucario a little too much

-Did I mention I hate Berry Juice?

- Me and my friends IRL actually turned Berry Juice into an insult

- You're a Berry Juice

- The inner machohisions of my mind are an enigma. *Milk falls over*

- Pokemon makes me happy

- I wonder if Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe are edible... I'm hungry and I want ice cream.

- I love VG cats. I caught a Luxaray and a Ninetales and named them Leo and Aeris.

-There was originally something about Epic Battle Fantasy 3 here, until it decided to wipe my save file! So yeah.

-It's Boshy time


- It's a Pumbloom

- Luna is best pony

- My favorite Pokemon of each type are

Bug: Ninjask

Dark: Darkrai

Dragon: Dragonite

Electric: Raichu

Fighting: Infernape

Fire: Ninetales

Flying: Skarmory

Ghost: Giritina

Grass: Roserade

Ground: Flygon

Ice: Regice

Normal: Porygon-Z

Poison: Nidoking

Psychic: Meloetta

Rock: Regirock

Steel: Lucario

Water: Suicune

- I have a multitude of characters that are unused. Including:

The previously mentioned Jinx the Ninjask

Zoe the Ampharos

Cari the Lucario (Replaced by Luna)

Samantha the Floatzel (Replaced by Ashley)

Shar the Hydriegon

Xiao the Zangoose (If you can guess where I got the name then I love you :3)

Who knows? Maybe I'll add them in future fanfictions... Maybe...

- You can find me on TPPC, Deluge RPG, Pokemon Battle Quest, Armor Games, Cheezburger, gpx plus, Totaljerkface, Dueling Network, and DevPro YGOPro, as xXDarkRiftXx, JaggerTheCario, or in rare cases, Unholy Shadow. Oh, and you can also find me on Realm of the Mad God as Dumbash. (Don't ask about the name. I wont have an answer)

- I am now on Omegle! Just put xXDarkRiftXx, or Dark Rift as your interests and your up for a chance at finding me! I'm usually on every night so say hi if you find me!

So thats about it. I'll try to update my stories as often as possible so I dont keep my few fans waiting.


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