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Well, I just checked up on my profile, and I must say it looked extremely drab. x_x So I'll add stuff here to possibly spruce it up a little. Speaking of spruce, happy holidays, everybody! I should hope to update this profile from now on, since I know how I use it now (x_o), so I wish you all a merry Christmas or a happy whatever-else-you-celebrate! n_n

Well, I suppose I should tell you all a little about myself (if you're not interested, please skip this paragraph. n_n). My name is Erin and I'm a helplessly stuck resident of the state of Indiana. I'm currently 18, and can now rent the "green labels" at the library. Go me! I'm an anime junkie. Or an OTAKU. I think I like the term "otaku" better... My stories aren't much, but I hope that you all are enjoying them. n_n I have four more Trigun fanfics possibly on the way, along with several other shorter ones for minor characters, but I have plans to update my older stories first ("Where the Wild Things Are" and possibly "Fallen Angel." I should soon be updating "Seeing Red" as well, if anyone is interested. n_n). I'm hoping that perhaps I can pull off a few new/updated writings, but that's pending school and such. As this is my senior year, things have been going...extremely fast. When I'm not in school, I'm on the internet writing with friends or at the arcade mastering the Time Crisis games. Yes, it's true. I consider myself the Elite, All-Knowing Goddess of Time Crisis II. (Soon to be Time Crisis III, if I work harder at it...).

If you'd like to write me personally, my e-mail address is, and you can reach me at the same Yahoo Messager name (xxmanifestdestinyxx).


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