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There are only a couple reasons you are probably viewing my bio.

1. You read my story and liked it.

2. You read my story and hated it.

3. I commented on your story. (Very unlikey, I tend to not comment often. I forget. *blushes*)

4. You are an internet creeper.

I really hope it's not the last one, for obvious reasons.

This account is to post my Avatar Amaya series, which is really just a different version of Avatar: The Last Airbender, with Aang replaced by Amaya, my Dragora Kyuri series, an extreme AU featuring dragon riders, and my Asuni series, an AU featuring the Royal Guards, a secret military group dedicated to bettering the Fire Nation.

I don't expect everyone to love the idea of Amaya, I know Aang is an amazing character. The inspiration to try this came when I read High Queen of Dreams rendition, where she replaced Aang with Artymis. Yes, I got the idea from her. Yes, my story will also feature ZukoXOC. No, nothing else is hers. I just wanted to try my hand at her idea.

I do expect everyone to be nice about it though, and not send me reviews and messages cussing me out and telling me how sucky my OC characters are. Okay, she may suck in your opinion. That's not saying I don't want criticism, I just don't want flames. You can just say 'I don't like Amaya/Kyuri/Asuni, because she...' and I don't mind. Likely, I will either adjust accordingly or explain why she is that way.

Avatar Amaya:

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Grey

Age: 15

Bending Disciple: Avatar

Love interest: Zuko (not at first)

Personality: She's scatter-brained and flirtatious, somewhat sarcastic. Amaya is very loyal friend, and tends to feel emotions very deeply, so she can shift emotions very quickly if something upsets her, or makes her happy. She's not good at accepting the bad things are happening however, and tends to try and joke to avoid the tension. She's playful, like Aang, but she prefers making jokes to doing things like riding koi fish, although she will attempt it. She can be very level-headed if the situation calls for it, but she's usually giggling and smiling. Contrary to her friendly personality, one of her favorite pass-times is sparring. She could be considered an adrenaline-junky, as she frequently does fairly reckless things.

Weapons: Her primary weapon is bending, of course. Amaya usually uses her staff if not bending. When on Kyoshi Island though, she learned how to use a fighting fan from Suki.

Noted possessions: She has very few personal possessions with sentimental value, only three. The first two are necklaces Gyatso gave her, one is diary filled with bits of wisdom. She also has her glider, though its value is more functional than sentimental.

Animal Guides: She is featured with Appa, who was trapped in the ice with her, and with Momo.

*spoilers below this point, so be aware*


Amaya, the Avatar

Mikazuki, a Northern Water Tribe priestess, friend of Yue

Pairings for the Series:






I've decided to tell you the song I listened to most, or rather though captured the story fairly well, for each part of the avatar Amaya series. I haven't figured out the one for book three yet, because I haven't started it yet, but I've got some ideas.


Dreams (Book 1) - I'm Still Here by Johnny Rzeznik

The Call (Book 2) - Romeo and Juliet by S.O.A.P

Dragora Kyuri:

Hair color: Black with a white chunk caused by the stress of Sankole, the dragon bond

Eye color: Ice blue

Age: 16

Bending Disciple: Waterbender

Love interest: Zuko

Personality: Kyuri is highly restrained and disciplined. She usually only shows emotions when in tense situations, such as irritation in times of stress or anger while fighting. She doesn't trust easily and can be mentally condescending when someone does something particularly idiotic, though she rarely voices those feelings. She has a strict moral code. Because of that, she tends to save bending for times when its use makes the difference between winning and losing a fight because she sees it as a skill one is born into, and therefore an unfair advantage. Kyuri abhors killing and finds it hard to express her caring for the Gaang. Instead she usually finds ways to show she cares rather than saying anything. She despises being deprived of control and vulnerable more than anything else and has been known to have a panic attack if captured, disarmed, or restrained. Emotions through her off balance more often than anything else, be they others emotions or, especially, her own, and she tends to try to reason out why she feel a certain way, usually to no effect.

Weapons: Kyuri is a weapons master, skilled in knife fighting and throwing, dual swords, and the meteor hammer. She is a Waterbender from the Southern Tribe and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, although her style of fighting uses her arms less often than her legs, which are particularly dangerous. She keeps acid powder on her person as well as poison, which she is not above using in an emergency, though she finds it rather dishonorable.

Noted possessions: Kyuri has one personal possession with sentimental value, which is a carving of a polar bear her father gave her before he was killed. She also has her swords which belonged to her predecessor, Sangilak's last Dragora, Yoshio, though that tie is admittedly one more of practicality and preference.

Animal Guides: Sangilak, her dragon, who is also known as the Living Glacier

*spoilers below this point, so be aware*


Kyuri, a Dragora, a woman who is bound to a dragon

Sangilak, Kyuri's dragon, blue, 3000 years old

Zhenzhu, leader of the Dragora

Hua, Zhenzhu's dragon, purple, age unknown

Myeong, Dragora, bound to an orange dragon

Qin, Dragora, leader of the 4th Wing

Chay, Dragora, bonded to a red dragon

Alignak, a dragon, bonded to *Yue, 100 years old

Pakak: member of the Northern Water Tribe, nonbender, takes over Kyuri's classes when she leaves, older brother of Akna

Akna, member of the Northern Water Tribe, nonbender, younger sister of Pakak

Pairings for the Series:





LongshotXMai (it works in my strange little mind)

Since Yue's death Alignak has vanished and not been heard from.


Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Blue

Age: 8-16 (varies throughout story)

Bending Disciple: Waterbender

Love interest: Zuko

Personality: Asuni is a member of the Royal Guards, and as such can be very disciplined and serious when the need arises. She's very intelligent and good at reading situations around her and finding the best response. Usually she's a very happy and caring person. She holds positions as a cook in the Fire Nation palace and as a member of the Royal Guards. Her favorite things to do are spend time with her father, train, spend time with her father, and cook. Most of all she wants to one day be acknowledged as her father's daughter without disgracing him. (She's a bastard) The easiest way to annoy her is to treat her with disrespect. Asuni struggles with the fact that as a member of the Royal Guards she is one of the biggest defenders of the Fire Nation, and wants to be recognized, but their secrecy makes that impossible.

Weapons: Her primary weapon is bending, if she's in a position where she can use it without revealing herself as a Waterbender in the Fire Nation. If not, she will try to simply avoid attacks. If that's not optional, she prefers to use the three-clawed hook affixed to a chain that is unique to the Royal Guards at a distance, or her sword in close quarters.

Noted possessions: Royal Guards uniform, Royal Guards necklace/key, segmented sword, clawed chain. Most of Asuni's possessions are functional only, used in fighting or in relation to her position as a Royal Guard.

Animal Guides: None

Other Abilities: Asuni is a talented cook. Thanks to her training as a Royal Guard, she is also a skilled tailor, jeweler, blacksmith, pai sho player, qin player, and singer, so that she can hold down a number of covers with ease during missions. This is standard training. She's also a rather good diplomat, but isn't above resorting to threats. She's also trained in field medicine and healing.

*spoilers below this point, so be aware*


Asuni, lieutenant in the Royal Guards

Hikari, major in the Royal Guards, Eiji's best friend (designed by TheDivines)

Eiji, major in the Royal Guards, Piandao's son, Yu Yan archer, Hikari's best friend (designed by TheDivines)

Lo Shen, general in the Royal Guards, Asuni's father

Shito, private in the Royal Guards, very unskilled

Kaieda, sergeant in the Royal Guards, Piandao's daughter, Eiji's half-sister (designed by RKamelot)

Rei, head cook and 'ruler of the kitchen'

Hinote and Atsui, best friends who work in the kitchen with Asuni, troublemakers

Kikaku, Rei's assistant, heavy drinker

Pairings for the Series:





Disclaimer: The story images and my profile pictures were made with the Avatar Scene Maker game from, made by Alisa Christopher.

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