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Author has written 10 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Vagrant Story, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

When games play so hard on my mind that the official storylines and products just aren't enough, I resort to writing fanfiction. Thus, what you find here under my name is simply an expression of my passions for games.

I try my hardest to be original with my fanfiction, so I hope you will not be disappointed if my work is graced with your interest.

The Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction here is rather old by now, and my writing style and level of maturity and originality have changed quite a bit since I wrote them. I'll leave them up for amusement's sake, however, and I'm still pretty fond of Death Beyond Death. My current fanfiction hotties are Spectrum Inversus and, secondly after it's finished, The First. FFIX is just so much more satisfying to write fanfiction for. Far more opportunities for original investigations into the concepts and characters in it.

-Individual Updates-

I took a break from Spectrum Inversus to work on some SatAM stuff. 'To Each, Their Own' has been sort of drifting around since summer last year, and it has been a ball to write. I absolutely despise Sonic's current incarnations in Sonic X and the recent games - every ounce of warmth and humanity has been stripped from his character in favour of making him a jerk parading around as 'cool', so this was partly a protest, and partly just mindless self indulgence of the old Sonic whom I absolutely adore; a hero character with no less an ego, but with an actual personality, vulnerabilities, doubts and emotions just like his companions. Far from being completely an OC, many of Safira's characteristics are drawn from a character in the Fleetway Sonic The Comics called Metamorphia, who was such a cool baddie-turned-goodie she totally deserved some kind of existence in the SatAM universe.

Now that I've got SatAM a bit out of my system, I hope to get back to work on SI :3

Next chapter of Spectrum Inversus is, like, totally up. If you want to see some really old concept scribbles of Kijo, the following links will get you there:

Kijo 1:
Kijo 2:
Kijo and Nuis:

Also, someone mentioned something about paragraph size in one of the reviews on SI. I love constructive criticism, but I have to say, in this case, I'm going to blame it on the width of the viewing window in XD The paragraphs don't look nearly so small in Word as I'm writing them, or on, where I also post my fanfiction So, I'm sorry XD They still look kind of shrunken.

Well, probably most people think I'm dead XD I'm not; my time for fanfiction has simply been minimal for quite some time now. But, I have a long summer ahead of me, and hope to get stuck into those fics I've left to gather dust - namely Spectrum Inversus and The First, but I have a couple of other ideas in the works that may end up being finished first. Ehh, who knows ; The First is getting old now, and I'll be handling SI first of the two, but when I get back to it, it will be getting some serious revision and rewriting for inaccuracies and general bad writing. So if you like the version that's up now, save it! It probably won't be around forever.

I've uploaded a short filler fic for the time being - something I did in one day just to get my juices going again. It's rough around the edges, but it'll do for a quickie

Part 1 of the next chapter up and running.

Okay, so I didn't manage to finish it. It IS a long chapter though. It will be done asap! But right now, I've a midterm to revise for _o

I've not updated in ages. I'm aware of this and currently working on the next chapter of Spectrum Inversus, even as I write this. If I'm persistent, I may even have it done by the end of the day, despite the fact that I should be working on my 1,500 word essay on Semantic Change throughout the history of English right now :P
So to those few dedicated readers I have, I apologise for the delay! I'll be serving up some SI action, hopefully, very soon.


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