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Name: Absent/Jennyfur/Hundred/Jessyclaw. I prefer the first unless you're a close friend.

Age: Sixteen. Old, I know. I hate it, but alas, you can't turn back time.

Dislikes: Bullying. Abuse. Self-loathing. Hatred. Anger. Over-dramatic children. Stupidity and ignorance. Writing. Being a jerk, but that isn't helped. Oh, and allergies.

Likes: My friends. My dog. Music. Tigers. Food. Cats. Coffee. My girlfriend, most of all.

Pieces of Literature: Warriors (The first series), The Glass Castle, The Book Thief, Lord of the Flies, The Wingfeather Saga, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Animal Farm, The Odyssey, The Crucible, To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, Maus, Hum, The Disaster Artist, Bronx Masquerade, etcetera.


I wanted to open myself to PM's. If you're ever in need of a talk, I'm 'round. Anything really: advice, a conversation, I don't care. Don't be intimidated to do so.

This won't gain me any PM's but it's worth the shot.

Anyways, have a good day.


I was the mod of this forum for about three years (until I quit). It's certainly been a journey. It's gone through so many changes and aged well. It's a good forum, there's something for everyone there. I'm unfortunately leaving it, but fresh blood always helps diversify the forum. Join it, I'm sure you'll have fun.

TC, FC, LC, and CC RP

Wish to join the four Clans? Follow the Clans on their epic journey through the fields grass, trees with height, roaring waters, and caves with darkness. Join the Clans and become part of something different... Roleplay as YOUR warrior cat(s)! Join now to fight, hunt, and guard!

TFLC Pledge

I will remember TreeClan

When a forest sets ablaze.

I will think of FieldClan

When someone changes my ways.

I will remember LakeClan

When I conquer my vices.

I will think of CaveClan

When I'm left to my own devices.

I will remember Smudgefur

When I remain strong in the midst of conflict.

I will remember Blaze

When someone rebels to be a convict.

I will remember Applethorn

Whenever my world shifts dramatically.

I'll remember Shadowstreak

Every time I protect my family.

I will remember Beetlestep

When I work hard for the good of all.

I'll remember Nightblaze

When I survive a fearsome brawl.

I will remember Thorncloud

When a little thing becomes my obsession.

I will remember Poppypaw

When even the smallest thing leaves an impression.

I will remember Brackenheart

When I defeat the largest of evils.

I will remember Squirrelfrost

When I hold a grudge for something feeble.

I'll remember the many struggles

Whenever I see a dispute or fight.

I promise to always remember this forum

With all of my might.

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