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Name: [Withheld]

Age: 14

Email: kaelistari@gmail.com

Bio: I was born only fifteen miles from where I live now in southern Idaho. I was the youngest of three boys, and probably the least like the others. I was raised on old music and old-fashioned morals, so, as a result, I may seem more mature than most my age. (To be more succinct, I’m an aberration of my generation.) I had a face book page once (I don’t put much stock in social network sites) but I haven’t visited it for well over a year. The 2008 presidential elections opened my eyes on politics and news. (Better to be painfully aware than blissfully ignorant.) I’m considered the ‘braniac’ of my grade. (Ex. TEACHER: Where would you go to get reliable information for an essay? STUDENT: Connor!) I am not only intelligent (‘smart’ is reserved for those that only know the ‘textbook’ answers) but also musically talented (piano, bass guitar, pretty good vocals, and learning guitar.) I am highly opinionated, as you could probably tell from what I’ve written, and somewhat egotistical (But as David Eddings said ‘egomania is a requirement for any writer. You have to believe that you’re good and that people will want to read your stuff.’)

Favorite 5 (Or so)...

Books/Authors: Belgariad/Mallorean (Or just David Eddings), Chaim Potok, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Yes, I’ve read some classics), The Cat Who... series, and the Sherlock Holmes series

Bands: Rush (Yes, most are very old, but that’s what’s good), Steely Dan, Kansas, Dire Straits, The Dixie Dregs, Jim Croce, (like I said ‘ 5 or so’), Meatloaf, Evanescence/We Are The Fallen (When the band was basically the same. Look it up, then you’ll understand), Weezer (Before they were sellouts), and Shinedown. (Yes, I like ‘some’ current music.)

Games: The Legend of Zelda series, Xenoblade Chronicles, Army of Two, Civilization series, and Magic the Gathering card game.

Movies: The Christopher Nolan Batman films, The Hunt For the Red October, The Princess Bride, Salt, and the obligatory Star Wars the Original Trilogy

TV Series: Modern Family, Monk, Burn Notice, Warehouse 13, and Alphas

This is Kael Istari signing out.