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Fun fact about me: I'm a mechanical engineering major. That means lots of math and science classes, and I decided that it would be a good idea to take 18 hours this semester (12 hours of math/science and 6 hours of Chinese). Yeah, not smart, I know. That means that unfortunately, Frost is on hiatus until the end of the semester and any sort of update/oneshot will be rare. Sorry:(

'Bout Me (Spoiler Alert: I'm not an interesting person)
I'm 18 and a freshman in college. I've been on this site for about 8 years and have gone through two other accounts, whose usernames I will take to the grave because I'm honestly really embarrassed by the horrors I've inflicted on this site. My current obsession is Tales of Xillia, but there's not much to read and that makes me really sad. I am addicted to soda to the point that I've had to start rationing myself. I like cheese a lot, too. In case anyone cared.

Personal Motto for Writing

"If you dare to write about less-than-charming characters, you don't need to redeem them with an ending in which they see the error of their ways, mend their faults, and allow their flint hearts to be transformed into a choir loft of goodness. You see, Hollywood movies have greatly influenced audience expectations to such a degree that bad people are expected to become good, endings are expected to be tidy and hopeful, and outcomes are expected to be laced with sunshine. Fiction can, and should, mimic life, with all its messes and discomforts and disquiet. Fiction should also prove just how complicated and troubled people are."
--Jessica Page Morrell

What I Write

->I'm pretty much exclusively a genfic writer, specifically angst with a family/friendship twist. Tears are delicious.

->I do not (usually) write romance. Any romance I do write gets dumped in my 'Do Not Post' folder and sits there until I get bored and reread my old projects. I've never been particularly good in that department and I haven't really practiced at all, partly because I feel like there's already so much romance on this site and partly because I have other stuff I need to improve (grammar, ugh). I'll read pretty much any pairing, though, as long as the story is interesting and well-written.

->I'd like to write more humor/parody/crack fics in the future, but nothing I have right now is really post-worthy.

->I absolutely adore epics/action/adventure stories and would love to write one someday, but I simply don't have the time right now. I have a couple ideas in the works from various fandoms, but I'd like to get them planned out completely before undertaking a huge project like that...

(In the order of how I feel about them, best to worst)

Damage (Tales of Xillia)
I jumped on the Alvin-centric angsty oneshot bandwagon and wrote this--thing. Erm. It not sure what to call it beyond an Alvin-centric angsty oneshot. But feedback for it has been overwhelmingly positive, so... I guess I did something right. I'm actually really proud of this even though it's not perfect (grammar errors, English is stupid, etc.), so you should go read it if you're already reading my profile page. Yes, I am shameless. There are also a ridiculous amount of spoilers, so read at your own risk. Part 1/1 complete.

Frost (Jak and Daxter)
I had the feels from playing the remastered version, and this idea had been sitting on the back burner forever, so I figured why not? It's not going particularly long or epic, or any of those other cool things, but it's main point is something that I've always wondered about... And it ended up being a lot more popular than I ever thought it would have been. Why? Who knows. But it's not dead, I promise! No, I'm not a procrastinator. Just very, very time-challenged. And then college happened. Part 1/10 complete.

Look Closer, Listen Harder (Tales of Xillia)
Just one of my stupid little drabble things that I do for character stuff that I actually liked, and I need more stuff here so I posted it. It's mostly just a silly little headcannon that may or may not be cannonically correct, but whatever. Take it however you like. Part 1/1 complete.

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