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Salut! Sunt ThatBoxThere! Imi place sa scrie povestie despre Hetalia! Pot sa vorbesht Romaneste! (Hello! I'm ThatBoxThere! I like to write stores about Hetalia! I can speak Romanian!)

So, yeah! I can speak (simple. Hey, I was taught on a farm. Literally) Romanian because I'm part vampire Romanian. The other part's mostly American, but, let's see, there's some Okinawan, Hungarian, Scottish and Irish blood in me, too. And a lot more, please don't get me into that. Yet I suck at foreign languages. (Though I can almost keep up with a simple French or Arabic conversation. Key word: Almost.)

So, who exactly am I?

Aside from being ThatBoxThere, I like to write and draw, yet I spend the majority of my time on the internet and watching shows on technology, explosions and astrophysics. It's so cool. *u* Anyways, I'm also just a girl who wants to make people actually enjoy their time in a fandom, but always ends up procrastination. HOWEVER, the main reason I procrastinate is because... well... honestly, writer's block. So if you guys could... Ya know... Not... Hate me forever? Yeah. That's what I'm looking for. Not hating me forever's a pretty good thing.

What do I write?

I'll write whatever comes to mind, as long as I know enough about the subject. Mostly I write Hetalia, and within Hetalia, I write ships. If there's a ship you like, feel free to PM me a pairing you like and I'll most likely write it! There is a limit to what I'd write, though. I do not write M-Rated stories. I just don't. Also FrUK. Or basically anything with England besides USUK. I DON'T KNOW WHY. DON'T EVEN. I don't even most of the time, so if we both don't even, even will get even and even even will not even then we both even never. Somebody please shut me up.

What do you aim to do?

Like I said before, I just want people to enjoy their time in the fandom, though some of my attempts may fail. Hard. But, seriously, I just want you to have a good time while enjoying something. It sucks when you're in a fandom, and you just can't find something that you want, I know that feel. So, you can PM me if you even want a specific story written! Of course, I have my limits, (see the paragraph above) but I'll try!

Do I genuinely like boxes?

YES. I love boxes. I've loved boxes even since I was a baby. One time, though... There was this box... It was the most beautiful box I'd ever seen... It was all... boxy. I loved it and it loved me. We were so happy together until... it... Just went away. I begged my parents to let me out of the house and try to find it... But they refused. A couple of days later the box came up to the front door of the house and- *brick'd* Hello. This is ThatBoxThere's inner voice. I'd just like to say I saved you a lot of space by knocking her out. Don't worry. She won't be waking up anytime soon.

... *sigh* I suppose that on her behalf I should say that she owns none of the characters she writes.

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