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Hi there! What could be said about me? Well, I'm a guy from Sweden with a big interest in language and literature. I currently live and work in London as a translator for an agency. I have academic degrees in linguistics and translation studies. In addition to my fondness for writing, I also have a huge interest in music. I play several instruments (vocals, guitar, and bass mostly) and I used to be a writer for various music magazines when I was younger. I appreciate most music genres to some extent, but the ones I love the most are hard rock and heavy metal. I also happen to be a bit of a collector of obscure death metal albums (mostly old school Swedish ones), so if you're into this subgenre, feel free to send me a PM!

All my fanfics will most likely be about manga and anime. I'm fluent in Japanese, and I have lived in Japan, so I take advantage of these skills when I write my stories. I usually read and watch my manga and anime in Japanese or in Swedish (rarely in English), which is a bit funny considering that the language I write in is English. Moreover, I also write a lot of reviews on this website, and I'm happy to help fellow writers improve their writing skills, as well as getting constructive criticism for my own stories. I always give both positive and negative feedback and never flame anyone, and I sincerely hope that my readers will do the same with me.

When I search for fanfics to read (and when I write my own) I usually prefer stories that add something new to the fandom and try to cover areas that we did not get to see in the original work, maybe a little like previously unreleased episodes or that sort of thing. It doesn't have to be a completely unique plotline, but rather something that shows the author's personal style and interpretation of the original work. At the same time, I need to mention that I also like it best when a story doesn't break the canon too much. I always favor new and creative stories, but I still want my fanfiction to feel like it could naturally be a part of the work it was based upon – keeping the settings, rules and character personalities as I recognize them from the original. Alternative universe stories and original characters are of course okay with me to a certain extent, but I feel that such stories too easily end up too far away from the source material.

Genre-wise, I'm a big fan of hurt/comfort and friendship fics, preferably with some dark elements, and you'll probably see a lot of those from me. The whole theme of conflicts and redemption has always interested me for some reason. Through all my life, I've found myself being the one among my friends that helps settling fights and is the person people turn to when they need to talk, so perhaps this is where this stems from.

In contrast, I'm generally not so much into pure shipping and romance stories – especially non-canon shipping. I don't really know why, but perhaps it's because such stories easily become cliché or stray too far away from the original universe for my taste, or perhaps I just don't have an overly big interest in romance fiction. However, after saying all of this, I want to stress that I can appreciate any story as long as it's well written, and I have in fact read some shipping stories and alternative universe stories that I really enjoyed. I'll probably also try writing a romance story of my own someday.

Favorite manga/anime include: Sailor Moon, Great Teacher Onizuka, Death Note, Elfen Lied, Love Hina, Akira, Tonari No Totoro, and many more.

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Not an angel reviews
Minako competes in an idol audition but is eventually voted out, leaving her broken down and unhappy. Shortly thereafter, Ami discovers that she has a hidden talent for singing and performing. The events that follow put the two girls' friendship to a serious test. Can Minako be the supportive friend she knows she should be or will the jealousy eat her up from inside?
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Black space, Blue oceans reviews
Tired of the antics of her fellow scouts, Ami goes to visit a close friend for a more intellectual moment. Soon however, she learns that there are things that are too complex even for her mind, and that happiness sometimes is closer than one might think...
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Ami Mizuno reflects upon her past, her present, her feelings for her friends and parents, and her beliefs in life. A short drabble I made that eventually evolved into a full story.
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A day after they walked together through the haunted house, Yoshito Kikuchi and Saeko Iijima meet by accident out in the Okinawan forest. In the peaceful surroundings, they decide to finally talk things through.
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When class 3-4 goes to Okinawa, Chikako Shirai stands alone without her leader for the first time. The interactions with her former friends bring shocking revelations, a search for a new identity...and an Onizuka experiment too! Manga based.
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