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Greeting and salutations all, and welcome to my page! Name is Christian, I live in in a small town called Moundsville in West Virginia. I'm 25 in July, and I have no life. xD

No seriously, I work in a steakhouse, and at home I watch anime and write this OoT fanfic. I almost never leave the house, and I just moved here so I have no friends to hang out except here on the internets. xP I'm a weird dude with antisocial issues in real life, but maybe that's because I can't be myself except at places like here. :) I promise I'm a nice guy, So read my stuff and talk to me! I have no idea what else to put here, any suggestions?

If anyone actually reads this, I have an idea I want feedback on. I've been wanting to start a side project for some time now, something I would update periodically while I still devote most of my time to to the adult saga. The idea for the story is actually probably a question any LoZ and OoT fan has toyed around with.

What happened in Hyrule during Link's seven-year absence?

Seven years is a long time, and a lot can happen in that much time. Vague events are hinted and given to us, but there is nothing definite as far as particulars go. This leaves a lot of room for imagination, and of course the creators did this on purpose, for us to imagine the cruelty and evil of Ganondorf spreading inevitably across the land. So, I thought to myself, why not show it?

I haven't decided if this would be a collection of short stories from different characters, or if I would make it an original story line. So, I wanted to ask the community. :) Drop in your opinion in a chapter review or a PM, And we'll see where this goes.

On a side note, vote in my poll! :P


Hello everybody!

Yes, Pen_Wordsword, the mighty procrastinator of this age, is returned!!


I am deeply sorry for my absence, I know I've done this a few times now, but it's hard to juggle life and my other hobbies with this one. Rest assured, I will be doing my absolute best to from this point on remain devoted to the completion of this series even if I have to sacrifice my other hobbies. xD For real, I will even be willing to take a pay cut and work part time instead of full time. I daresay I would welcome the balm upon my sanity, kitchen life is no joke guys. lol As always, hit me up, I am always willing to engage my followers and fans! :)


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