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Hi. -.-

Yeah... cool.

Name: Not telling creeps :P Soo call me 'GoddessOfZombies'
Nicknames: 'monkey' ( I LOVE CLIMEING TREES!), 'toto'(kittykatty1216s)
Age: 15
Born: October 15th
Gender: Female (Have been since born)
Likes: I cant answer this one without lieing.
Dislikes: To many to list.


Books: Pission apple books, Hunger games tirlogy, Harry Potter books, Twilight books and Percy Jackson! House of Night.
Movies: The hunger games, soon catching fire and mockingjay and Percy Jackson!
Color: Bood red, black, midnight blue, dark purple and seaweed green
Songs: Unbreakable by Fireflight, Welcome to the show by Britt nicole, Run devil run by Ke$ha, Monster remix by Casada This is halloween byPanic! At the disco and many more...
Food: Shrimp, sushi, and mint ice cream

Thing I like to do on my free time...

I like to read, write fanfiction stories, finish a FF story, just go on my laptop, sometimes talk to friends. Thats it... ok it's this bad because the only life i have is on my laptop???? I NEED A DOCTOR!!!

The Youtube video that got me into Soul Eater


It is freakin amazing!!! The person used the song This is Halloween!!

You Will Know you are a Soul Eater Fan if You exhibit these following bad habits like I do:
-You actually call yourself assymetrical garbage when you are feeling self-hatred.
-Have a habit of tracing down "42-42-564" on any fogged up mirrors you encounter.
-Will frequently declare yourself as being "unable to deal with" things around your friends.
-Take relevant public action to make yourself 'cool'.
-Have your earbuds constantly in and blasting music like Justin Law.
-Pretend to have issues with symmetry just for the heck of it.
-Your inner fangirl is in love with Death the Kid.
-You find yourself shuddering as you realize how similar the characters' personalities are to yours.
-You actually fold the end of the toilet paper into a triangle.
-Ask your friends questions that you don't really care about, then cut them off when they start to answer by saying "FOOL!"
-You walk up tp your friends with a creepy smile on your face and ask "Guess what? My blood is black."
-Will sometimes interrupt a conversation my shouting "SHUT UP, I AM GOD!"
-Don't read alot, because you know you get mushrooms if you read too much.
-Have never hated anything more than an amazing song that they just had to write in JAPANESE.

„ ºø„ „øº„øº


„øº IS AWESOME!!! ºø„


PJO quiz: Find your godly parent.


You like being in charge.

You often wish you could just zap someone with a thunderbolt.

You were voted Class President.

You do what’s best for everyone.

You think you have what it takes to run for President.

You think every problem has a solution.

You love showing off.

You like plane rides

You are hydrophobic

You're never afraid during thunderstorms.



You feel at home in the water.

Your favorite vacation place is at the beach.

You enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, etc.

You want to do something about the marine species being abused today.

You visit the local pool on a regular basis.

You swim professionally.

You hate seafood.

You never get seasick

You’d rather ride a boat than a plane

You are acrophobic



You’re not that much of a people person.

You like staying in the dark and writing poems.

You experience bad moods on a regular basis.

You like listening to loud, angry music.

You spend most of your time alone.

You think parties are sometimes loud and annoying.

You like to keep to yourself.

All your closets are padlocked. (I wish)

You write in diary/journal.

You feel most active at night.



You own a garden.

You like the great outdoors

You have a green thumb.

You’re an environmentalist.
You have a special connection with animals.

You’re a vegetarian.

You like going hiking, camping, and looking at the natural wonders of the world.

You always check a product if it’s environmentally-friendly.

You love going to flower shops.

You think global warming is a threat that must be dealt with.



You often start fights.

You’re a very aggressive type of person.

You like watching wrestling. (UFC/MMA The real stuff)

You’re competitive.

You like reading about war. ( it's reading)

You don’t take crap from anybody.

You have anger management.

You never back away from a fight.

Everyone does what you say.

You don’t always think before you do something.



You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

You’re probably the only person who visit the library on a regular basis.

Half of your Christmas presents last year were books.

You like reading about war, mostly about the reasons and controversies behind it.

You’re the valedictorian in your class.

You've never gotten a grade below 90 in your report card.

You get political jokes without asking people to explain them.

You think it would be better if you were the President.

You have a huge shelf of books at home.

You think vinyl pocket protectors are useful.



You’re very creative and artistic

You like listening to all kinds of music in general.

You always feel sunny and optimistic.

You are talented at drawing.

You like writing poetry.

You can play at least 3 musical instruments.

You like going to art museums.

You almost always win 1st Place in Art Contests.

You have straight As in Art on your report card.

Your school notebook has more doodles than notes.



You dislike boys in general. (No, their are cute jackasses! I'm sorry Lady Artemis!)

A deer is one of your favorite animals.

You can shoot targets.

You like silver.

You like the moon better than the sun

Zoe Nightshade is awesome

You love wild animals

You spend most of your time outdoors.

You love to move around the place Hunting is not cruel, if it's to hunt down monsters.



You have a way with tools

You build awesome things during your free time.

You’re the best at Woodshop in your class.

Metalworking is your forte.

You have your own toolbox.

You often search the Internet to look for pictures of robots.

You’re a techie.

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You dream of being a carpenter.

You aren't afriad of fire.



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Your motto is ‘It’s never a party without me.'

You look in the mirror on a regular basis.



You like pick pocketing your friends.

You’re a prankster.

You’re a speed demon.

You consider yourself restless.

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You often start arguments.

You've never lost a debate.

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You’re the life of the party.

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You’ve probably tasted every alcoholic drink out there.

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You like trying out new food.

You feel that you’re abundant in life.

You think that too much of anything is never bad.


I am the daughter of either Apollo, Athena or Hades...Oh, I see where they all fit in. I've got this!
COPY AND PASTE... If you like.

You have a short temper.
You often act on your emotions without thinking first.
You are very competitive.
You like to play with fire.
You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all.
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People have often called you insane.
Total: 5/10

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You are good at breaking up fights.
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You have a close connection with nature.
You don't mind getting dirty.
You form strong opinions on issues that concern you.
You could easily survive in the wild.
You care about the environment.
You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted.
You rarely get depressed.
You aren't afraid of anything.
You prefer to have a strict set of rules.
Total: 4/10

You have a free spirit.

You hate rules.
You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces.
You hate to be restrained.
You are very independent and outgoing.
You are quite intelligent.
You tend to be impatient.
You are easily distracted.
You can sometimes be hyperactive and/or annoying.
You wish you could fly.
Total: 4/10
I'm Fire!

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